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The film, “The Secret” grossed over $65 million at the box office. The book by the same name sold more than 19 million copies.  A lot of people now know about the Law of Attraction.


Why are 60% of Americans so unhappy with their work life they would choose a different career?

Why do one in three women suffer from anxiety?

Why do one in five women have clinical depression?

Why would only half of the women polled choose to remarry their husbands?

Why is 93% of the US populace dissatisfied with their financial situation?

Why do only 39% of Americans consider themselves very happy?

Clearly we should, as a nation, be on the upswing of happiness, fulfilling love and financial security, given so many people now know about the Law of Attraction, right? Wrong.


Because the Law of Attraction always works—100% of the time, everywhere, for everyone.

And here is the Shocking Truth:

Knowing about the Law of Attraction does nothing for you.

That’s right. Read it and weep. Or celebrate. Whichever you choose. Because once you realize nothing is changing simply by knowing the Law exists, you can begin to consciously apply the Law to your life. And then everything can be different.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you know about the Law of Attraction or not. It is working 24/7 regardless. It is what you do with that knowledge that matters.

And lets face it…although it was a great book to get the word out and excite people about the possibilities, ”The Secret” didn’t really teach folks what to do. And there is a lot to do, if you really want to transform your life.

Shocking Truth #2:

Knowing about the Law of Attraction can actually be a detriment to your life.

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve seen it many times. People hear about LOA and think they know how it works. They dream, vision and hope…but no cigar. Their realities don’t change.

They stop believing the Law of Attraction is true. They feel stupid for having gone there in the first place. They become cynical, disgruntled and disheartened. And it doesn’t take long before they return to victim mentality.

Yet, other times it does work…people create phenomenal realities all over the place! But they get ahead of what they believe they deserve and it all comes tumbling down like a house of cards.

The bottom line is this:

If you don’t understand how to make the Law of Attraction work, knowing about it can leave you in a worse place than before you knew it existed.

It all comes down to…not understanding how to consciously create your own reality.

Because, you see, it’s easy, but it’s also complex. The steps, one by one, are not difficult to do, but there are intricacies involved that make it more of an “ongoing life skill set” and less a “one time thing to apply.”

It is possible to get very good at it, and your life will show it, but it does take commitment and perseverance.

So what are the steps? (I thought you’d never ask!)

Step One: Acknowledge who you are.

You came to this planet to remember who you are. You thought it would be a fun challenge to forget…and then remember. Who are you?

You are a spark of God, of Goddess—a piece of everything. You are divine.

And you came here with the ability (a gift from God and from Goddess), to create your own reality. Remember that.

Law of Attraction - Acknowledge Who You Are


Step Two: Know what you want.

Begin to create your personal and unique delicious life by writing down your intentions. Even if you don’t know what you want, you do know what you don’t want and you do know how you want to feel.

That’s really all you need to know.

Law of Attraction - Know What You Want


Step Three: Flow energy towards that desire.

It’s one thing to know what you want. It’s another to create it. If you don’t put some energy towards your desires in the form of positive emotion, your dream may never manifest. Do techniques often to keep the dream manifesting.

And be aware of what might be stopping your flow— such as beliefs, other aspects of you, and negative emotions—and change them.

Law of Attraction - Flow Energy


Step Four: Take action towards your desire.
Taking action towards your dream strengthens it on so many levels. If you don’t feel like taking action, you may be giving yourself a message about your dream or your beliefs.

And if you don’t know what action to take, no worries, there is a simple way to tell what to do and when. Law of Attraction - Take Action


Step Five: Notice the response from your reality. Respond to the response.

How do you tell if your dreams are manifesting? Simple. Look at your reality.

If you are doing the work (i.e. writing intentions, focusing energy and taking action), you should be receiving signs that your reality is changing. Learn to first see, and then to respond positively, to those changes.

Law of Attraction - Respond to the Response


Step Six: Be in joy, in the moment, as if you have the dream.

Wondering what to do with the other 23 ½ hours in your day when you’re not working on your dream?

You’ll be creating the perfect “dream machine” if you simply stay in the present moment and feel joy as much as possible, while pretending the dream has already manifested. Not easy, but oh so effective!

Law of Attraction - Be In Joy


Step Seven: Request help from your unseen friends.

We tend to believe what we see is what’s real. The truth is, what we see is what isn’t real. The “more real” isn’t physical.

Much of who we are is beyond this earth plane. And scores of assistance lies beyond this reality, waiting to be called upon.

We are each unconditionally loved and we have an enormous support system simply waiting for us to give them the signal to help us.

So ask. Ask for help.

Law of Attraction - Request Help

These are the steps of “The Map

And if you want to learn to consciously create success, these steps work.

And if you’d like to know more, check out my book, The Map – To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really DO Come True” or read the posts that are linked to this post to learn what to do at each step.

But whatever you do, don’t let this knowledge of the Law of Attraction go un-applied in your life. You know it exists…you owe it to yourself to learn what to do with it.

In joyous creation,

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2 comments to " The Shocking Truth About the “Law of Attraction” "

  • Sagar

    Really very helpful article, I have no doubts for LOA anymore. I will follow steps definitely.

  • Gretchen Little

    I’ve started to study the Law of Attraction in depth because of a coaching program I’m enrolled in. I bought your audiobook The Map without realizing it was about the Law of Attraction, too. That led me here to your website. I have to say that step one – acknowledging yourself – unlocked something huge for me. I’ve been trying to define what I want by knowing who I am, but who I am encompasses too much (I’m a big picture type of person). Something about the word “acknowledging” helps me distill it down easier. I can just look at the things around me and say “yes, I am that and that”. It’s weird how one word can make such a big difference. So, I want to acknowledge you for helping me over a hurdle! Thanks!

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