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You create your own reality. Whether you believe it or not, it is a fact. If you think it’s all a bunch of hooey… it matters not. You still create it all.

On the other hand, knowing you create it all doesn’t really change anything either.

I have known hundreds of very ‘spiritual’ and/or ‘metaphysical’ people, who knew they created their own reality, yet lived lives of scarcity, fear and lack. These people can recite the elements of conscious creation verbatim, but can’t create themselves out of a paper bag.

Why? It’s one thing to know theory. It’s another thing altogether to apply the theory.

Why else? Conscious creation is a lot of work.

Don’t get me wrong. It gets easier. But even after you’ve proven to yourself you know the steps and can change your reality, it is still a lot of work. Every new dream, every new day, requires you to stay in the resonance of accepting what you desire.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! Your life can be heaven on earth… of course it is worth it.

But you have to be willing to put in the effort. And where does it begin? It begins with a dream.

Now there are lots and lots of ways to dream and even more ways to state that dream. After many years of experimentation I am convinced that the most effective and elegant way to state a dream is with intentions.

Some teach stating your dreams in the future, “I will have…” The problem with that is the subconscious mind understands that as you are always “in a state of becoming”, never realizing, the dream.

Some say to state your dreams in the present, “I now have…” The problem with that is the subconscious mind believes it… ok you are abundant or whatever. No need for more.

But an intention is open ended. It takes now into account and the future. It says to your subconscious, this and more… such as this overall intention:

I intend to experience greater and greater levels of magic, fun, creativity, connectedness with the divine, peace, prosperity, abundance, safety, elegance, ease, health and healing, Divine Grace, Divine Guidance, joy, freedom, beauty, trust, wisdom and love.

Can you feel the power? The strong commitment? Intentions aren’t wishy-washy. They mean business. One way or another, you will create what you intend. It is a strong and powerful message to give your subconscious mind.

What should intentions include?

Intentions should include any area of your life you want to improve upon or even maintain. Intentions can include categories such as:

•  Partnership

•  Other Relationships

•  Work

•  Physical Body

•  Spiritual

•  Physical Surroundings

Mental & Emotional

•  Intentions for Play

•  Creative

•  Financial

•  Intentions for the Earth & Humanity

•  Cosmic

The sky is the limit when you are creating your intentions. Just be sure they are worded as concisely and cleanly as possible. Your subconscious mind should not be confused as to what you really want.

It is also important to have some excitement around your intentions. If you are not excited about the possibility of creating these things, why even include them in the first place? Emotion creates.

And if you really want to kick it into gear, ask. Ask for help. Each and every time I write my intentions I close with this statement:

Request to my Unseen Friends:

I request and intend to receive help from all of my unseen friends to manifest all of my intentions even greater than stated, with harm to none.

Want more inspiration? Read some sample intentions.

OK. I wrote my intentions, now what?

Read them – daily. Change them – weekly. Be inspired and excited by them – constantly. And focus energy on them. Desire is only the first step of the Map, remember? I never said it was easy, only that it was worth it.

In joyous creation,

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19 comments to " The Magic of Intentions – it all starts with a dream. "

  • Sarah Woolley

    Wow, Boni … This is one of your most helpful posts EVER for me! It addressed things that have been on my mind and disrupting my thoughts on a regular basis. Now I am very clear and have made notes. I intend to print these words as a regular reminder for myself and my manifesting. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love and light, Sarah

  • Naho

    Hey Boni.
    Thanks for all of these posts , I feel like I am on the right track thanks to your help.
    One question that I have always had , even before knowing of the LoA , is it possible to achieve anything really ? Something that doesn’t really contrast your beliefs , but it seems to people , and you too , out of reach ? Let’s say for example becoming the ebst soccer player in the world while you’re 18 , signed no professional contracts and never even had any tryouts ? Will you be able to achieve that with the help of the LoA if you TRULY believe you can achieve it ?
    That was just one example , there are many oter things that people dream of but still seem out of reach.
    Please help me !

  • Babuni

    Hello Boni,
    Love ur articles.
    Im 25 years . Doing job . but my life has become so much….. Im taking anti -depressant every night. Once i used to be happy , love eating , love shopping but now im almost doomed .Im in love with a person who is married .i cant even focused in may career, my study nothing . My dream for study in abroad . everything ….:(

    • Boni

      Dear Babuni,

      I know it’s really challenging when life doesn’t seem to hold joy. But you are not on this website by accident. You can make up your mind to pull yourself out of this emotional abyss and create both the love and the joy that you seek. It’s not always easy, I truly know that by experience. But whether we admit it or not no one is doing it to us–we are creating our world either unconsciously or consciously. And that is GREAT news, Babuni. So if you haven’t done so, write your intentions and begin to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.

      Sending you love and light…

  • Bridgy

    Dear Boni,

    question: the LOA states, that “like attracts like”, so if I say: i now have the money or whatever, it will attract MORE money.
    Am I wrong?

    Yours Bridgy

    • Boni


      It’s more about feeling than saying, but yes, in a very general sense you are right. You may want to read this to learn more:


      • Bridgy

        oh yes of course, I read your great article, but I refer to your sentence:
        “Some say to state your dreams in the present, “I now have…” The problem with that is the subconscious mind believes it… ok you are abundant or whatever. No need for more.”
        That confuses me a bit-
        So, when I say, believe and feel: I now have abundance (for example): then I get more money.
        Then I will attract more money.

        I hope its clearer now.

        With love


        • Boni

          Hi Bridgy,

          Thank you for the clarification. I think affirmations are tricky. Yes, they can work, but one needs to be very conscious of the wording and emotions that come up when you say them.

          I would encourage forming them as Lazaris suggests: “I am abundant and becoming more abundant every day.” That way it is clear that you want more.

          But as always, I can’t sign off without emphasizing, the power is in your emotions. If you really and truly feel abundant, THAT will bring more abundance to you faster than anything.

          Hope this helps!


  • thank you so much! great content, great job. you are appreciated

  • Thanks for a VERY insightful article on intention. It’s such a powerful process and (with practice!) creates magnificent outcomes. I have written several books with Intention as a central concept (“Living With Intention,” and “The Law of Attraction in Action”) and I love what you add to the concept. I’ll share the post with my Facebook community. Looking forward to enjoying more of your work!

    • Boni

      Hi Deanna,

      Thanks for reading and sharing! I will definitely check out your work… LOVE the topics!!

      In joyous creation,

  • Umida Akram

    Hello Boni, as always I enjoy all your posts. I’m thankful for your help every time I thank the whole universe for everything. As you post to ask “unseen friends” who I can think of ? Real people or nature?
    Thank you,

    • Boni

      Hi Umida!

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks also for your question. When I refer to unseen friends I refer to those who love and support you who are beyond physical. For some this would be The Divine, or God, or Source; for some Soul; for some Higher Self; for some Angels; for some Counselors or Guides. For myself, I work with all these beings and more.

      I hope this helps Umida! It’s always a pleasure connecting with you here and on Facebook!

      with love,

  • Boni

    Thank you Julia! I did check out your blog and really enjoyed it!! Thanks for being here…

    In joyous creation,

  • Boni, Do you have any “sample” intentions lists?

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