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The law of attraction is the best-kept secret in the world. We’re not taught about it as children—most of us grow up believing our world is a result of simple cause and effect.

And then we come across the astounding information that we create it all—and we are amazed, and excited and quite honestly, stunned.

But what if it isn’t true? What if it’s all just wishful thinking? Won’t you feel silly believing in a fairy tale?

Well, the crazy part is, if you don’t believe it will work, it will seem not to work—because your beliefs will create it appearing not to work.

So which is it? Yes or no? If you’ve ever wondered about the validity of the law of attraction, this video is for you:

It’s so important to honor where we are in our beliefs about creating our world. And if you want to strengthen the belief that you do create it all, change the belief that says you don’t create it all.

Remember, you can hold two beliefs at the same time. Changing the negative one strengthens the positive one. You can learn how to change a belief here.

And for those who want to read the article referenced in the video, Skeptical? Join the Club, you can read it here.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below…

Did any of you have similar doubts when you were first beginning to consciously create? If so, how did you overcome them? What you share could really help someone who is facing his or her own doubts.

Thanks so much for joining me here.

With love,

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16 comments to " Does the Law of Attraction Really Work? "

  • Charles Horne

    Boni does a beautiful job of responding to Amy’s question by pointing out that while it is ok to be skeptical, the law of attraction works so well that skepticism will attract more “reasons” to be skeptical. Amy indicated that, in her experience, quantum physicists say that that the law of attraction has nothing to do with quantum physics. It is true that many quantum physicists are resistant to applying quantum theories beyond the level of the sub-atomic particles, which have been the subject of most of the experiments in quantum physics, partly because it is considered very controversial. Yet there are a number of quantum physicists that have had the courage to say what many are thinking–that the powerful effect of the observer on sub-atomic particles (which has been proven over and over again in quantum physics experiments) does extend to physical reality in general. Among those is Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has written several books and leads workshops all over the world. According to Dr. Dispenza, there is a quantum field of all possibility (non-local matter) of which we are all part, and it is our thoughts and feelings that interact with this quantum field and produce the reality that we experience. Thoughts are the electrical charge and feelings are the magnetic charge that we send out into the quantum field. Dr. Dispenza is also a neuro-scientist, and has conducted numerous experiments that demonstrate the power of individuals to heal themselves of various health conditions, including cancer, through meditation and changing their thoughts and feelings. Gary Zukav has also written extensively about quantum physics in a way that supports the law of attraction, as has Gregg Braden. I invite anyone is who interested in learning more about how quantum theories actually support the law of attraction to read any of the books they have written or check them out on youtube.

    • Boni

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge about LOA and quantum physics Charles! I appreciate your sharing some authors who have explained it with scientific proof. Since science is not my area of interest I seldom go there, but I appreciate that some people like to know that “proof” exists. :)

  • Your Name

    Awesome! Keep talking!!

  • Bluewater

    I have a story but am limited here so my most recent sign was, I have always thought the mini Cooper car is such a fun looking car, I’ve glanced in one a time or two and thought it would be nice to have one on a beautiful day, top down to enjoy getting around town. I was doing create work on my way home one morning, passed a car lot with nice vehicles and reasonably priced ones when I thought about possessing that mini Cooper in a cream color or black with rag top and would love an Escalade to go along with it. Not a mile down that same road a mini Cooper in cream color pulled out from a side street! I saw at least 5 that day in this not so large of a town. In my quiet time, meditation time a black Escalade drove past my home on this quiet street of mine. I was full of joy to know, yes, it is true, the universe hears us. We do create!

    • Boni


      It’s so much fun, isn’t it?


    • Moonsparkle (ZM)

      Great story! Thanks for sharing. :) I love Minis and a yellow Mini was a “sign” of mine. I wrote it on a list of 10 things I wanted to manifest in 2012 (an exercise of yours, Boni) and within a few hours I’d seen one. I saw 4 during that week! At one point I was seeing 2 or 3 a day. Think it’s time to try that exercise again. :)

  • Shubhaangi Kundalkar

    Since the publication of my poetry collection, I had a wild idea of writing songs. I have doubts about who will listen to them, who will give music to them, etc. etc Even then, not giving much thoughts to my doubts, I am continuing my work of penning down songs in English and Hindi which have really come out well. I am filling my mind with all the positive thoughts that one day, I will hear them in movies. I had written down poems over last 5 years, and when I set the intention of finding a publisher for it, I had found the publisher and my book is in my hands today. So, I continue to believe that some day, my songs will be famous.

  • Curtis Fredericks

    Please help me get started.

  • Amy

    Hi Boni,

    Thanks for answering my question…

    • Boni

      You are so welcome Amy. Thanks you for asking it.
      Wishing you amazing success in every area of your life!


  • Mary

    I grew up being raised with the law of attraction. I am 43 now. And it has made a difference. My life I will say is different that many of the people I know. I still struggle, obviously, but it is different. It is not a struggle. I became a life coach over than a year ago, and my passion is to pass this along. I have some strong beliefs about other things, but oh yes we create it all!!! Thanks for the article. I would love if we could ever collaborate and share my story. Thanks!

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