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The Map
Once you understand what conscious creation is, the next step in creating a life you love is to understand the process of conscious creation. There's no better place to begin than an overview of Boni's multiple award-winning book, The Map.
“An amazing book. Anyone who is interested in conscious creation will find this book invaluable! It addresses so many concepts in such depth & in easily understandable & livable ways. It has truly changed my world.”
Lisa B, Amazon Reviewer
When I first heard the words, “You create your own reality,” I literally got goosebumps.

I knew in my heart and soul that those words were completely and absolutely true. I remember sitting up in bed, just after I finished reading that sentence, and thinking, “Oh my god! My life as I’ve known it is over.” And I was right.

Since that moment I have created an amazing amount of abundance, great love, wild adventures, remarkable successes, and fabulous health and vitality. But it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I had a few successes early on, but I also had many dismal failures. It took me over a decade to get really good at conscious creation. Once I could duplicate my successes with others, I knew it was time to teach.

I sat down with a pad of sticky notes and a marker, and I asked my guides to outline an easy to follow, step-by-baby-step plan to create anything under the sun.

I wanted a map for people to refer back to, when their dream wasn’t manifesting. I wanted a map whose elements were the underlying reasons for every creation on the planet (whether consciously created or not).

Remembering how I created the amazing successes in my life, and with the help of my unseen friends, I wrote out seven steps to consciously create anything, which would later become the basis of the book, The Map – To Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True!

This map makes the entire process of conscious creation easy to understand, implement and troubleshoot. Why troubleshoot? Because if you aren’t getting what you want, you want a system to figure out why, so you can change what needs to be changed and ultimately create what you desire.

So, where do you begin with
The Map?
You begin by...


You are a divine being—a manifestation from and of God and Goddess.

And because you are created by the Divine and are of the Divine, you have been given the gift of being able to create your own reality.

Let that in. You create your own reality. You don’t need to learn to create—you already do it flawlessly. But, like most people, you have likely been creating your reality unconsciously.


Conscious creation is understanding how the process really works, becoming aware of how you have created what you have, taking responsibility for it all, and directing your energy (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) to create exactly what you want.

The next step of the map is to…


The question to ask yourself now is: What do you want?

You need to know what you want before you can manifest it. Even if you don’t know what you do want, you probably know what you don’t want. Start there.

For example: I don’t want a job where I have to work as hard as I am working now and getting paid so little.


This translates into a desire: I desire a job where I work fewer than 40 hours a week and receive twice the pay I do now.

Next, state it as an intention: I intend to create a job where I work part time and I am paid double my current salary (or more!).

It’s hugely powerful to write intentions for every aspect of your life. Your intentions should include:

An overall intention. This might be something like:

I intend to experience greater and greater levels of magic, fun, creativity, connectedness with the divine, peace, prosperity, abundance, safety, elegance, ease, health and healing, Divine Grace, Divine Guidance, joy, freedom, beauty, trust, wisdom and love. 

Next, write your core intentions. Ideally include intentions for your:

  • Finances
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Physical surroundings
  • Health & vitality
  • Romantic partnership
  • Emotions
  • Mental state
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity
  • Play and adventure
  • Earth and humanity

Don’t worry if you don’t know the specifics about what your dream looks like. You don’t need to know the details (and it’s sometimes better if you don’t). The only thing you really have to know is how you want to feel when you have a life that truly makes you happy. A sample “loving relationship” intention that focuses entirely on how the relationship will make you feel might look something like this:

I intend to create a loving relationship that provides ever growing levels of peace, safety, fun, freedom, ease, joy, intimacy, vulnerability, trust, play, creativity, expansion, positive activation, tenderness and love for us both.

Once you have your core intentions written, then write some intentions that you want to manifest as soon as possible. I call these Immediate Intentions. An immediate intention might be something like:

I intend to create an extra $1000 to take a mini-vacation in two months.

You may want to take a look at some sample intentions before you write your own. Once you have written your intentions, it’s time to…


What does “flow energy” mean?

Your reality (every bit of it) is created as a result of your emotions. Your thoughts are important, because every thought you think generates an emotion. And your beliefs are critical because your beliefs produce emotions 24 hours a day (and, therefore, are constantly flowing energy either for or against your dream).

Flowing energy means making certain the emotions you feel regarding your dream, consciously or unconsciously, are positive. You can accomplish this in four ways:

1. Techniques

Techniques proactively generate positive emotions (i.e., excitement, joy, anticipation, happiness, expectation, curiosity, peace, safety, security, and fun) which help your dream manifest and also speeds up the process. From the easiest technique, such as simply reading your intentions, to the most involved meditation, it’s vital to flow energy to your dreams in order to help them manifest. It doesn’t matter which techniques you use as long as the techniques you choose are exciting and fun for you.

2. Being aware of your energy on a day to day basis

This step of the map requires becoming conscious of your thoughts and feelings to ensure they are in alignment with your dreams. Even when you aren’t thinking specifically about your dream, if you’re feeling angry, sad, hurt, judgmental, etc., the future reality you are creating in that moment will not be one you want. It’s imperative that you begin to monitor how you feel, and when you see a trend, trace it back to the thought or belief that created it—and then change it!

3. Changing beliefs that oppose the dream

While flowing positive energy in the form of techniques is awesome, it’s just as important to make sure you are not flowing energy towards what you don’t want. You may be stopping your dreams without even realizing it. How does this happen? Well, for example, let’s say you want to create more money in your life, but you have a subconscious belief that:

I am being greedy when I desire a lot of money.

This belief sends out its own flow of energy that limits the amount of money you will unconsciously allow yourself to receive. Like two forces in opposition, the strongest one will win.

We all have subconscious beliefs, many of which may be the total opposite of what we consciously believe. Looking for beliefs that oppose your dream and then changing them in your subconscious mind is a huge part of manifesting your desires.

4. Bring your other “selves” into alignment

There are aspects of you that you may be unaware of, who also flow energy and have an impact on your reality. Your past selves (child, adolescent, and young adult versions) can sabotage your creations in the blink of an eye. It’s important to get in touch with these parts of yourself to heal them and discover their beliefs—because their beliefs are your beliefs. I know it seems a little airy-fairy, but trust me, this works.

This flowing energy part of the map is where most of your time and attention will be focused. There is always a reason you are creating everything in your life and if you can figure out why you have created what you have created, and then change the energy you flow (your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs), it will absolutely change your reality.

What do you do after you have massaged your flow of energy (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) to be in accordance with your desires? Ideally you then…


Acting on your dream tells the universe you’re serious about having this thing you want. Actions tell your subconscious mind you intend to receive it. And ideally, taking action is part of the fun—if the action isn’t joyful you may want to take another look at whether you really want this dream and whether you really believe you can have it.

There was a man in one of my seminars who was lamenting that he had a speaking business and couldn’t get any gigs. The fact that he was bemoaning his fate was my first clue as to why he wasn’t more successful. Our conversation went something like this:

Frank: Can you help me manifest some speaking gigs? I started speaking a year ago and I can’t get any jobs.

Me: Frank, I know from my own experience in this industry that there are lots of clubs and associations that would love to hear you speak.

Frank: Yeah, I’ve called many of them but they all want me to speak for free.

Me: What’s wrong with speaking for free? You could hone your skill, make contacts, experience the joy of the work…

Frank: Well, the thing is, I don’t really like the speaking part. I like the money part. I got into this because speakers make a lot of money.

Sadly, it’s unlikely Frank is going to ever be a highly paid speaker. Given what he was creating, his beliefs (flow of energy) were likely:

  • I don’t have enough money.
  • I must find a career that makes me a lot of money.
  • I can’t do what I love and be well paid.
  • I must martyr myself in order to prosper.
  • Money is hard to make.
  • It’s hard to build a successful speaking career.

His actions were neither joyful nor were they bringing him closer to his desire. Frank would have been best served to examine his beliefs and reevaluate his dream.

When it comes to taking action, remember—to take inspired action. Not any old action for the sake of crossing it off the list. Inspired action!

What is inspired action? It is action that feels good, right and true. Inspired action feels exciting and fun. This inspiration to act generally comes after you flow energy in the form of techniques.

Have you ever wished or desired to do something that was a bit past your comfort zone? Have you ever talked yourself into thinking you could have it, gotten all excited about this idea or concept and seen it fully manifest in your mind? From that place, taking action is fun and exciting.

On the other hand, have you ever had a dream that seemed to fall apart in your mind before it even got started? From that place, it is nearly impossible to act at all, let alone out of joy.

Why does this happen? Because the positive energy flow gets disrupted and you begin to imagine failure, not success. And inspired action stops.

Inspiration to act comes after you have cleared out the opposing beliefs and have become excited. At that point, you begin to expect the dream to become reality. You will actually become aware of a knowingness or certainty that it will take place. Taking action will almost always strengthen the dream and the flow. And then you get to…


This is my favorite part! Let’s say you have a desire—you’ve fed it with positive emotions and you’ve tested and supported it by taking action.  How do you know whether it’s working? Your reality lets you know it’s working—with a sign that your reality is changing!

It doesn’t take much time to receive feedback when you change your resonance (by changing beliefs and/or doing a technique). Often you see your reality shift within hours. Sometimes it takes days, but generally it takes fewer than three days to see a sign.

When I first began working on manifesting monetary abundance, I did a short (less than a minute) visualization technique. Two hours later I walked out to the mailbox and there was a check in the mail. The check had been delivered to the wrong address, and it wasn’t made out to me, but it was a check in my mailbox! That was a sign that my energy was changing and my conscious creating was working.

Within a month the exact amount I desired (over a thousand dollars) did come into my reality, but if I hadn’t responded to the initial signs positively, it may not have.

Watching your reality respond in this section of the map means that you both:

  • Look for a response in your world, and
  • Stay conscious of how you respond to that response

In this case, I responded with excitement! My techniques were working!! I celebrated! And so should you when you see a sign that your dream is manifesting.

What do you do if you don’t see your world changing, or, heaven forbid, your world changes in the opposite way – less money, etc.?

You respond accordingly. You go back to the dream, clarify it further, go back to what you are flowing and look for hidden beliefs. You respond with “Hey, I’m not perfect and I’m new at this to boot, but I feel in my bones this is real and I will figure it out and heal what needs healing, change what needs changing and I WILL consciously create a life I love!” You forgive yourself for not doing it perfectly. And you keep trying. You can create your world consciously. Know that. Commit to doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

Those five steps are what you do when working on your dream. What do you do the rest of the time? If you want to create your dream with elegance and ease you…


While feeling as if you already have the dream

Most conscious creation newbies spend five minutes working on their dreams then spend the rest of the day worried, doubtful, or afraid the dream won’t happen. Remember that we flow energy all day long—which means we create all day long, even when we aren’t consciously thinking about our dream.

The happier you can stay the better (for you and your dream). And if you can imagine that you already have the dream, even better. Your creation can manifest super-fast!

How do you do that? Well, for instance, during the years I was learning about manifesting abundance I was driving an old, junky car. Knowing my thoughts and feelings would create a new car, whenever I drove I imagined I was driving a new, jazzy convertible. I drove that old clunker as if it were the most expensive car in the world. I took care of it, kept it clean and treated it like it was worth 100 times what it was. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I was driving the convertible I had imagined.

Stay conscious of your feelings throughout the day, and if you can stay in a positive state you can rest assured you are supporting your dream, whether or not you even think about that dream. There’s no need to monitor every thought—just stay conscious of how you feel. If you feel good, you’re creating positive futures.

I guarantee that those six steps will manifest your dream—unless, you want it to be easier, more elegant, and more fun. Then…


You can do this alone—but you don’t have to. You have unseen friends—scores of them. And they want to help you. But they won’t interfere unless you ask. So, invite them in—and be willing to receive their help, their guidance, their support, their love, and their healing. They won’t do it for you, but they will give you a leg up.

How do you “ask?” Simple—just say something like, “Higher Self (or Guide, or Guardian Angel, or Soul) I’d like your help creating ________. Please assist me in every way possible, whether it’s bringing beliefs to my attention, adding a little bit of extra positive energy, or pointing me to a resource that I need. I promise to do my part and take responsibility for creating my world. Thank you in advance for your help—I’m grateful for you in my life.”

Request help before going to sleep at night and you may receive guidance in dreams. Ask for it first thing in the morning and you might receive it from another person, something happening in your world, or an “ah-ha moment.” Your unseen friends are special superpowers you have at your beck and call. Use them.

These are the bare bones of the map.
This basic map can be used to create anything under the sun. But conscious creation isn’t really this linear. Sometimes you’ll get to action and then realize you need to go back and change your dream. Sometimes you’ll see a response and get so excited you’ll go back and do more techniques. Creating is more of a dance than a true map. But this map gives you a template to begin your process. And it works. It works. Isn’t that awesome? The exciting thing is…
There's more to learn

The map outlined above will absolutely impact your life as it has tens of thousands of lives before you, but there are nuances to creating. There’s a lot more to learn, and you can become an expert creator. Here are some suggestions:

  • Read The Map to Our Responsive Universe, Where Dreams Really Do Come True
  • Use The Map Workbook to help keep on track

You are more powerful than you can even imagine. Commit to learning how to consciously create your world. Life will never be the same again.

You are more powerful than you can even imagine.
Commit to learning how to consciously create your world. Life will never be the same again.
Read The Map