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Hi, I'm Boni.

I’m here to help you create an amazing life.

Whether you’re new to conscious creation or like me, you’ve been playing with the law of attraction for decades, if you’re ready to get serious about learning how to consciously create a life you love, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you... Make. It. Happen.

I was born for this work.

I’ve created an amazing life for myself—filled with abundance, love, joy, peace, creativity, and a crazy amount of fun. But it didn’t come easily for me at first; I struggled—a lot.

When I initially heard about the law of attraction I was so freakin’ excited! This is my ticket out of here! I thought. Here being stuck in scarcity, struggle, a co-dependent relationship, and deep frustration that I didn’t have all I wanted in my life. Back then, I spent a lot of time in tears. In retrospect, at some deep, deep level I knew that a life I loved was possible, but I also knew I wasn’t living it. In fact, I had no clue how to live that life—and that fact made me crazy.

I was determined to change whatever I needed to change in order to love every minute of my life. Right off the bat, some things did change. I began to manifest a little more money. I began to study with a remarkable spiritual teacher whom I still study with to this day. And I was dreaming big for the first time in my life.

But a lot didn’t manifest right away…

I wanted to be happy in my work. I wanted to be free, creatively and financially. I wanted to deepen the love in my relationship with my husband. But those parts of my life just weren’t working. 

I tried to create those dreams, but it was like a bright flashlight shone on everything I thought was good in my world, and revealed the terrible truth beneath the surface.

First, my career plans fell apart. 

I’d been pursuing a joint JD/MBA when I suddenly realized (after a particularly difficult year in which my mother died of cancer and my brother lost his leg in an industrial accident), that corporate law was not my idea of a fun career. The two tragedies in my life highlighted the fact that life was too short not to follow my bliss. 

Next, my marriage fell under the spotlight. 

After I discovered that I’d been sexually abused as a toddler, I realized I’d avoided true intimacy with men. I pleaded with my husband to expand our intimacy, but that wasn’t what he’d signed up for, and we divorced soon thereafter.

During this time, my teen and pre-teen sons were acting out and after much soul-searching I agreed to let them move in with their dad. A week later I received a letter from my ex-husband’s lawyer letting me know he and our sons were moving across the country. 

At the same time, I was financially on the verge of bankruptcy (which I did declare shortly thereafter). My house was in foreclosure. I had no idea how to make money or what it was that would fill me with joy. I felt ashamed, hopeless, and totally helpless.

That was when I gave up on the law of attraction.

I was living a life I hated. The law of attraction had failed me and I was fed up with feeling like a failure. At that point I was afraid when the mail was delivered or the phone rang because it was always about another bill that needed to be paid. I stopped focusing on my dreams and I began focusing on one and only one thing: being happy in the moment.

Little did I know, that that choice was about to change everything. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, making happiness my priority allowed me an “emotional reset.” The truth became crystal clear: it’s your emotions that actually create your reality. When I stopped feeling like a victim, stopped feeling afraid, hopeless, and powerless, my reality stopped being unhappy.

I became a policewoman of my emotions. 

Only gratitude and happiness were allowed to be felt. It didn’t take long for my reality to shift. Within a week I was offered a job—as a temp—so no huge success there. It only paid $10 an hour. But the energy was moving, and more importantly, I was happy.

I wasn’t happy because my house was saved. I wasn’t happy because I found a new husband. I wasn’t happy because my sons came back. Those things didn’t happen (not then, anyway).
I was happy because
I decided to be happy.

Then I thought, “What if I just played with the idea of the law of attraction—just for fun?” And that’s what I began to do. 

I would get to my temp job a little early each day (I was unsure of where the offices were located and I wanted to give myself some extra time). I’d sit in my car and do a short meditation while I waited for my start time. 

I’d imagine myself sitting in a little outdoor café in the south of France. My higher self was there with me, as were my future self (the one who loves her life), and my subconscious mind. I would talk to them about what I wanted my day to be like. But I didn’t talk about the things I wanted. I explained to them only how I wanted to feel.

I told them I wanted to feel prosperous— 

 and because I didn’t think they understood what I meant by that (after all, I’d been asking for prosperity for years!), I felt it for them. I imagined receiving a bank statement in the mail, opening it up, and seeing a ton of zeros! I felt absolutely abundant! 

 I also wanted to feel excited, creative, happy, appreciated, and like I was making a difference in the world—and I felt each one of those emotions so my manifestation team would know the essence of my desires. I also did a few other things, and before long my entire life was transformed.

What I’m about to tell you sounds like I’m making it up— but every single word is TRUE—I promise.

  • Within two weeks I was offered a full time job at a great salary. It was a little further than I’d wanted to drive so I initially said no, but then they said I could work at home four days a week!

  • Within two years I was offered the vice-presidency of a startup and given a percentage of the company.

  • When that marketing company closed its doors (only six months later, but no worries, this is where the story gets good), a friend and I took $50 each to incorporate a new marketing company. I ran it out of my home and she was the silent partner.

  • I bought her out six months later and within five years the company was grossing $5 million a year.

From there I manifested my love life, my beautiful homes, incredible health, a job I love, beauty all around me, supportive and nurturing friends and family, and daily, peaceful, bliss.

So, what would you
like to create?

make your dreams real