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Our Intentions
Our Intentions for This Work

We intend to provide an accurate, fun, safe, loving, easy, and elegant venue for people to learn about and claim their divinity and power.

We intend that this work awakens and empowers as many beings as possible, in the highest, most loving, and gentle way possible.

We intend that this work is imbued with the energies of love, light, freedom, peace, fun, security, safety, healing, empowerment, and joy.

We intend that this work magically draws to it all those who are ready for this information and who in alignment with its delivery.

We intend that this work is assisted by unseen friends in all levels and dimensions who also hold an intention of empowerment for this planet, the humans on it, and beyond. We ask for and intend to receive clear and loving guidance and assistance on all levels.

We intend that Inner Art® (the company behind the work) embodies an essence of love, growth, freedom, creativity, abundance, and fun – in its team, in its products, its impact, and its day-to-day activities.