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Who doesn’t love a technique that you can complete in 60 seconds? And my friends, this isn’t some wimpy, no results technique. THIS technique is powerful!

The proof may be that this technique, in different forms, has been recommended by various channeled beings for years. Lazaris, Seth and Abraham all teach versions of this technique. And for good reason—it works.


Choose something you would like to manifest. You do not need to know what it looks like. You only need to know how you will feel when you get it.

Then, imagine seeing yourself, having just realized this “dream” has fully manifested. Obviously you are smiling, maybe even laughing. Perhaps you are on the phone telling someone about it. Maybe you are holding the money, a letter, or an engagement ring.

Just get this picture in your mind—as if looking at a photograph of yourself, as joyous as can be. And you realize you are so joyous because this dream has just come into your life.


Set a timer for 23 seconds. At the very start of those 23 seconds, close your eyes and visualize this picture of you. And feel that joy, that excitement, that unadulterated happiness…knowing you have the dream. Hold that picture, and that “over the top” emotion until the dot of 23 seconds. Then quickly open your eyes.

And, after two deep breaths, repeat.

The result:

You should see “signs” of your dream manifesting within days. Watch for them, and respond to them positively (more on how to do this in The Map).

And for goodness sake, keep doing the technique!! No excuses not to do something that will literally change your life and takes just one minute from your day! If you want to do this several times a day, by all means do.

Would you like an even easier pre-recorded version?

It is easier for most to listen to a recording of this technique, rather than use a stopwatch. Check out Boni’s audio recording of the “One Minute Manifestor” (available for instant download.)

And keep us posted!!

When your “signs” begin to manifest—and especially when your dream becomes a reality, please share it with the rest of us on our Successes page.

Happy creating!

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15 comments to " The “One Minute Manifestor” Technique "

  • Fernando

    Hi Boni, I love this technique. I bought the recording and listen to it several times a day. My vibe is so high. Any ideas on how to do this in a place I can’t be closing my eyes, like work? I’d really appreciate to be raising my vibe here too.

    • Boni


      Thank you for your kind words. I suggest you do this on your breaks. And don’t forget your belief work. The combo will result in creating workdays that are peaceful and positive.

      Sending you love and light for much success in that regard,

  • Jack

    This technique does not require one to BE in a visualisation “movie” for this to work ,as you stated. Believing it by seeing you having…. I have used this for others,actually! people coming to me with fears of getting fired,wanting a good deal on electronics,etc. I would put your mp3 on and see them happy at work,or telling me of this deal they are surprised at getting! I smile and give gratitude to the universe and you,Boni .

  • deb

    Thanks for this technique and demonstrating your positivity with Diane M Byron. At 50 I am desperate for vibrant role models to show what I have to look forward to, so thank you for presenting such joyful abundance…

    • Boni

      Hi Deb,

      Thank you for commenting! Each of us creates our own reality, so aging can be the absolute best years of your life, if you believe it, intend it, and choose it.

      Wishing you much abundance, joy, and success!


  • Danyelle

    I like this technique. I also want to make a vision board but do I necessarily need pictures or images in order for my visions to manifest?

    • Boni

      Hi Danyelle,

      No, you don’t have to have pictures or images for your visions to manifest, but if they get you excited about it they are useful. It’s your emotions that create.

      Have fun!


  • JC

    Boni, I would like to share something with you. Can I send you a PM?

  • Lisa

    When I did this technique, I asked to manifest perfume. Two days later I was in a PIZZERIA (of all places!) and there randomly on the counter were free samples of perfume!! Woo Hoo!!

  • Archit

    Hey, can you help me getting my girl by manifesting live in our life if I send u pictures of both of us…..its currently one sided

    • Boni


      My specialty is helping YOU learn to consciously create. There are several posts on this site that can help. Sending you love and light to create your dreams!


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