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Dear Boni,

Is the Universe working on my dreams?

Signed ~ Beautiful Dreamer

Dear Beautiful Dreamer,

Yes. The same way you could ask, as you send a document from your computer to your printer, “Is the computer working on my document?’” The universe has no choice but to work on your dream, the same way your computer has no choice whether or not to send your document to your printer.

The universe is like a computer. Garbage in garbage out. Fear, scarcity, struggle, lack and disappointment in; fear, scarcity, struggle, lack and disappointment out. Love, abundance, joy, creativity, ease and elegance in; love, abundance, joy, creativity, ease and elegance out.

Of course, if you believe the universe is a scary, difficult, malevolent place, your beliefs will seem to prove you right. So if you think of the world as difficult to navigate, dangerous, and inhospitable, I suggest changing those beliefs.

Ultimately I think the more important question to ask is, “Are you working on your dream?”

In my experience, a lot of people like the idea of creating their own reality, but few people actually do anything about it.

Be the exception. Begin. Today. Begin by writing down your intentions. Then do a focusing technique. Take action. Do something.

Don’t settle for a life you like. Create a life you love.

In joyous creation,

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