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Hi Boni,

I recently became interested in the law of attraction. Then, I found your page! I was ecstatic to find a method to help me move past the negativity in my life.

A few days later I felt like the darkness hit me (times 10!) and has put me in a funk the last couple of weeks.

I’m not giving up! I just thought you might have some thoughts to help me change this huge ball of negativity into positivity and to learn to live, love, and succeed.

Thank you for your time.



Dear Nathanael,

I hear you—and I feel your pain. I remember it well. I went through a very similar roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows when I first began to consciously create. I was on cloud nine when I discovered the truth that we create it all. I was happy, singing, smiling and didn’t want to do anything but learn about conscious creation. I was also ecstatic about the possibilities that lay before me.

Then the car would break down, or I would bounce a check, or I would see a beautiful new outfit that I absolutely couldn’t afford, and I’d be rudely reminded that nothing had really changed in my reality, despite the fact that I knew the truth that everything could change. And the darkness would descend on me, too.

Except that at that point the darkness was even scarier because I knew that emotions create reality. I thought, “Knowing about the Law of attraction may be worse than not knowing about the law of attraction. Now I can’t help but focus on the dreams I gave myself permission to dream (because of LOA) but can’t seem to manifest. The disappointment (and fear that it may never happen) is bigger than ever.”

Sometimes I wished I’d never heard about the law of attraction.

Oh boy, you have no idea how happy I am to have made it through those times. And you’ll make it through those as well, Nathanael.

Here are some things to remember as you navigate the (sometimes bumpy) road to truly creating your dreams:

You won’t get your dreams overnight

Don’t you think that if it were simply a matter of knowing about the law of attraction that nearly everybody would be living their dream lives? It’s not.

Yes, your life can change merely by knowing you have the power to change it.

Yes, simply changing your thoughts can result in good things happening in your reality.

Yes, you can expect to see positive things happen as you begin to do this work and some can be instantaneous.

And …

In order to sustain those wonderful new realities, you have to sustain the energies that put them there. So, if you slip back into your old habits, your reality will slip back into its old form.

There is a time lag (the time between energy out and reality manifesting) and you have to learn to remain positive and expect what you want even when you are getting what you don’t want.

There are subtle, hidden energies creating your reality, which are called beliefs. Beliefs can be tricky to discover and change. Like any skill, it takes time and practice to become adept at the artistry of belief changing.

It takes dedication, perseverance, knowledge, and time to consciously create a truly beautiful life. Be patient. And also …

Get a Map

Conscious creating is easy. But it’s not simple—it’s complex.  You need a good map to show you the way. There are a lot of books and courses out there that tell some of the truth, and that give lots of anecdotal evidence, but precious few that will take you step by step through exactly what to do to create your reality.

Buy The Map or read it for free with 365 Days of The Map, because in order to become an expert creator, you will need to get the education required to create expertly. And the very first thing you should do is …

Change your foundational beliefs

You will come across the most amazingly, wonderful, magical information imaginable, but part of you may feel it’s too good to be true, or that you won’t be able to pull it off, or that it may work on some things but not all things—or some other equally fatalistic belief. Sound at all familiar?

Foundational beliefs are beliefs about the nature of reality and as well as the nature of beliefs themselves. And if you have negative beliefs around any of these, they will sabotage you before you even get started. Discover them. And change them. And if you can’t figure out which foundational beliefs are yours, change them all. It won’t hurt to strengthen every last one of them. You can learn how here. Then …

Change your daily habits

Most self-help philosophies focus narrowly on just one idea, and once you’ve read the book and hopefully gleaned a few golden nuggets of wisdom, you’re on to the next idea. Not conscious creation. Conscious creation requires you to change your entire existence—literally the way you function in your world. To be a successful creator you must change:

The way you think.

The way you talk.

The way you look at everything—life, relationships, yourself, the planet, spirituality, purpose, meaning, basically the whole enchilada—both day by day as well as the big picture.

What you do.

How you feel.

Changing these habits takes time. It’s like learning to walk again after a stroke or injury—it won’t happen overnight and neither will learning to change the way you live your life. It’s a process. And it will sustain what you create. You still have to …

Do the creating work

I’ve been consciously creating for 30 years and I’m really good at it. My life shows it—it is exquisitely beautiful and becomes more so all the time. It takes much less consciousness and effort for me to sustain my reality these days, because staying positive, expectant of good things, happy, and focused on the dream and gratitude for what I have, happens quite automatically. But I still do the work.

I still dream dreams.

I still change beliefs.

I still flow energy towards my dreams.

I still take action on my dreams.

I still look for signs.

I still ask for help.

You’ll never stop doing the work if you want your life to keep getting better. It will get easier and more fun, but you’ll always have to do the work. I’m glad you haven’t given up, Nathanael. But you may find it easier if you …

Find some support

In the beginning it can be lonely doing this work. It feels foreign and you can feel like an outsider and kind of wobbly, desiring to keep to yourself so no one knocks you off your happy. So, finding others whom you can talk with about your process, successes, and even failures is important. Here are some ideas:

Write, call, email, or meet with one of the people signed up on our Support Page. These people are familiar with not only LOA, but The Map, and have indicated interest in either starting a support group or working one on one supporting each other.

Join my private Facebook group: Consciously Creating a Life You Love.

Simply ask your unseen friends to support you. They are there, listening, and hoping you’ll reach out for their help.

I hope this helps Nathanael. Sending you (and all of you) lots and lots of love and light—to make it easier.


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4 comments to " What to Do When Darkness Envelops You "

  • Beth Dolan

    Such an eloquent and kind response, Boni. I’ve had some emotionally bumpy moments lately myself as I step into some quick-moving and richly risky waters with promoting the release of my film — come to find out that I held a belief that “risky” is somehow negative, rather than just something I’m not familiar with, yet intend to become more familiar with and master. This piece was a soft reminder to be easy about what’s new and therefore unknown. Thanks and love for your caring writing.

    • Thank you Beth. I love love love your way with words and the kindness and love with which everything you write is encased. Sending you so much love and light for more insights to surface so you may be free to create the success you deserve.

      Much love,

  • Wendy

    This is a great article! It goes right to the foundational elements of changing our lives!

    • Boni

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and your kind words Wendy! And yes, it does!! Anything is possible–most people just don’t know what to do or do what needs to be done!


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