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The universe responds and sends you messages all the time. Everything you see “out there” is a response to what you are thinking, feeling and believing.

But here is the really exciting news—you can make your world change within hours.

That’s right. You can do a technique and watch your world respond—immediately!

How cool is that?

The universe responds, and will give you a sign (within hours) that you are creating your desire.

Now, if this doesn’t excite you, you don’t understand how this works.

You don’t have to wait for days, weeks, months, or years to find out if you’re getting your dream. You don’t have to wonder if the law of attraction is working for you. (I know—it always works—but you know what I mean.)

Even though a creation may take longer to fully manifest, we can know we are on the right track, simply by paying attention.

We constantly receive signs that our magic is working, but the problem is, most people don’t respond to the signs—because they don’t realize they are signs.

Or worse, they respond negatively—which flows energy towards what they don’t want.

So, the first step towards understanding signs and responding to them positively, is to recognize…

What a sign looks like

A sign is something that changes in your world around the issue you are trying to create differently. Signs will show up within a few days after completing any powerful technique.

Here are some examples of signs:

If your desire is to create a job you love with a company you believe in and one that values their employees, a sign might be:

• You open your Facebook page and see a post on an article entitled, “The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For.”

• Your brother calls to tell you about his new job.

• The company you currently work for decides to implement a new “employee friendly” dress code.

If your desire is to create elegant and easy weight loss while feeling full, satisfied and beautiful, a sign might be:

•  While watching the news, a segment comes on about women healing their body issues.

•  A friend calls—excited to tell you about the new Zumba class she is taking.

•  You notice an article at a newsstand about a famous actress—formerly overweight—who has lost 50 pounds.

If your desire is to create a vibrant and fun new friendship with someone you love to hang out with, a sign might be:

•  You meet a stranger in line and a conversation ignites about a book you are both reading. She suggests coffee to discuss it further—although you are pretty certain she is not someone you want to become friends with.

•  While channel surfing you become engrossed in a movie about two best friends who are there for each other their entire lives.

•  You receive a postcard in the mail from a local spa with the headline: “Bring a Friend – Get 25% Off!”

Now the problem is, not everyone notices these little changes and even if they do notice them, they don’t see them as signs. And if you miss the sign, you miss knowing that you are a powerful reality creator and that you are shifting your world and creating your dream.

And worse, if you respond in a negative way towards these signs, you’ll literally stop the creation. Ouch!

How you respond to a sign from the universe is critical. But the first thing to understand is how you are likely to respond, and how you could improve your response.

Typical responses and “flow strengthening” responses

Take a look at the same “signs” described above, with both a typical (negative) response and a response that will strengthen the flow of energy—thereby manifesting your dream even faster:

Desire: To create a job you love with a company you believe in and one that values their employees.

Sign: You open your Facebook page and see a post on an article entitled, “The Top 100 Best Companies to Work For.”         

Typical Response: “Lucky bastards. I wish I could work for a company like that.”

Flow Strengthening Response: “Whoa—just yesterday I did a technique to create a job I love, and look at this! I am getting excited about my new job already!”

Sign: Your brother calls to tell you about his new job.

Typical Response: “Geez, why did he get the new job when I’m the one who wanted one?”

Flow Strengthening Response: “I can barely believe this—someone close to me getting what I am consciously creating is a HUGE sign that it’s just around the corner for me too!”

Sign: The company you currently work for decides to implement a new “employee friendly” dress code.

Typical Response: “How sad is this company? Too little, too late. I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Flow Strengthening Response: “Wow—I started programming for a better place to work and my current place becomes a better place! A sign if there ever was one.”


Desire: To create elegant and easy weight loss while feeling full, satisfied and beautiful.

Sign: While watching the news a segment comes on about women healing their body issues.

Typical Response: “This makes me feel depressed. What if my issue is more than skin deep? I’ll never lose this extra weight.”

Flow Strengthening Response: “Hey, that felt like a little sign. Those women healed, and no matter what the underlying cause, I can too.”

Sign: A friend calls—excited to tell you about the new Zumba class she is taking.

Typical Response: “Exercise classes come and go—and I never, ever find something I stick with—neither will she.”

Flow Strengthening Response: “Hey—maybe this is a sign? I’m creating healthy, fun weight loss and she found exercise she adores! I’m going to try a class—maybe I’ll love it too!”

Sign: You notice an article at a newsstand about a famous actress—formerly overweight—who has lost 50 pounds.

Typical Response: “Yeah, she probably had a trainer, chef and personal coach to pull that one off. I wish I had that kind of support…”

Flow Strengthening Response: “Ha ha…everywhere I look, I see signs. I had better start imagining my body skinny—because it looks like that is what I’m already starting to create!”


Desire: To create a vibrant and fun new friendship with someone you love to hang out with.

Sign: You meet a stranger in line and a conversation ignites about a book you are both reading—she suggests coffee to discuss it further—although you are pretty certain she is not someone you want to become friends with.

Typical Response: “Damn. I want to draw new exciting friends to me—not clingy, complainers. Where did I go wrong in creating this?”

Flow Strengthening Response: “SO cool! I put out the vibe for friends and they come out of the woodwork. It won’t be long now before someone perfect for me shows up.”

Sign: You are channel surfing and become engrossed in a movie about two best friends who have been there for each other their entire lives.

Typical Response: “Oh this movie makes me feel so sad. I really want a friend like that—and now, with half my life behind me, I know I’ll never have that.”

Flow Strengthening Response: “This movie is beautiful, and a perfect sign that I’m on track in creating the friendship I desire. I think I’ll go do another technique.”

Sign: You receive a postcard in the mail from a local spa with the headline: “Bring a Friend – Get 25% Off!”

Typical Response: “That figures. You only get discounts when you have a ‘friend’. Way to rub it in that I’m alone and lonely. Stupid spa.”

Flow Strengthening Response: “Hey, I’m holding onto this. It’s another sign that new friends are on their way to me. I must be pretty powerful if I can simply choose and imagine for awhile and then see my world reflect a sign back within hours, letting me know it’s on the way.”

You see, it’s not difficult to learn to recognize the signs and to respond positively. It just takes some practice.

If you are super excited, you DO understand.

It only takes one little (yet powerful) technique to shift your reality. A sign will show up within hours (generally within 2 to 72).

Start looking for signs that your resonance is shifting and your dreams are coming true. Respond to them in ways that strengthens the flow of your dream. And begin to prepare for your new life.


P.S. If you’re interested in a place to record signs and other successes in your life, check out our Success JournalThere is nothing that motivates like success.  I would also love to hear about the signs you have created. Tell me about them in the comments below.

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153 comments to " The Universe Responds (Within Hours)—But Are You Listening? "

  • Khameelah

    I wrote a letter to The Universe three days ago, I was in a situation where I needed some to leave my life even though I loved them, there were substance abuse issues in their part and I had tried and tried to help but they kept dragging me down and taking my energy away from my own life. I asked the universe for what I needed and for a way out of the situation. I wrote it on Friday, a few incidents occurred that made me think this might not work, but I kept faith in the universe and by Monday, everything just fell into place. The Universe really does listen. Three days! Write in green pen and burn it afterwards, this was the most giving the universe has been to me after a request.

  • Shipra

    I loved this piece. I believe in the power of universe but lately I am getting exhausted by seeing unnecessary obstacles popping up onto the path of even the smallest tasks I work to accomplish. I would be sitting in an office to get my VISA work done and just the moment when I reach at the main table, the server fails for the whole day. More disappointing is hearing that no such thing happened in past 5-6 years. I’ll be all ready to board a train for my exam and it would get cancelled. Not a single task seems to happen smoothly and I don’t understand what is happening!

  • About Gone

    Does the universe respond to the very old or just the young? I’ve heard nothing from the universe, and no one is coming forward to help and soon it will be too late.

    • T

      The universe response to souls full stop, age makes no difference.

      Clear out any doubts, come up with a strong mantra or vision you can repeat constantly during the day and BELIEVE the good stuff is coming for you! It helps if you do this whilst decluttering, cleaning, reorganising or gardening etc.

      Keep an eye out for little signs it is working and stay on track.

      You’ve got this, and you are worth the focus it takes to make the change 💖

      Expect results in a day or two.

      • Cory

        Thank you for this. I believe I needed to see your comment…just as I did just now. Here’s to believing…

        • Steph

          Well Im putting this out there. I NEED $5017 to pay my rent and I need favor frombthe office to geve me more time to gather it up.
          Ill let you know how ot goes.
          Thank you and God Bless.

  • Brenda

    I wanted a spot near the beach and when I finally admitted that would be nonnegotiable my old cottage I used to rent was for rent exactly when I needed to rent! It just showed up in Facebook as I was scrolling.

  • DayDreamer

    I have been seeing signs in the form of repeating numbers for about 1 – 2 yrs now. Sometime in my mind I would think of something and that something would appear. For example, recently I wanted to learn a specific topic and I thought about it in my mind to go search a tutorial about it on Youtube. And moments later, that particular topic pops up in my Youtube feed and it has the repeat numbers on it, such as 4:44min long video or it might have 123 likes, or 11k views posted 11hours ago etc…I take it as a sign I’m on the right track and follow the breadcrumbs…

    There was this 1 time I was doubting my decision to quit my own business and start something new (of which I have basic knowledge about and that I felt call to it lately). I was doubting if that is what I was meant to do at this point in my life… Then as I was just scrolling on social media, a post that is related to the new venture/path that I wanted to take, has my birthday as the number of Likes for that post! So I take it as a Yes from the Universe.

    Moments ago, while I’m trying a new way of affirmation, I said “I have more money to support myself and to help the stray cats” (but in my mind I initially thought of “to help those in needs”) and then pretty immediately, my phone rang, and it was a call from volunteer from a centre for the handicap!

    • Blueapple

      That’s exactly what those numbers are, affirmations of being on the right track. People like you and I are all over, and very strong minded. Watch out for your heart, it’s very fragile. Keep it up, you’re on the right track!

  • Mark

    So I have been trying to grow taller with LOA and initially when I tried it I completely believed and I think I grew a tad but I couldn’t believe it and since then haven’t grown at all, nowadays I see my friends taller than me and I feel like I’m stuck here forever what can I do to change that?

    • Work on your beliefs Mark. Wishing you much success!

      • Michelle

        I have been using those perspectives, manifesting but more devoted to being more open to the universe and it has def showed me signs and had been working. I’m usually always positive (everyone has bad days) but I’ve always been kind, appreciative, giving because that is just who I am. The last 3 days, every place I’ve went, I’ve had to wait. Yes even with no lines. Stores, on the phone, mail I have been suppose to receive, at work, everywhere with different instances! Then I’ve been confronted by disrespectful strangers everyday whether verbally or in passing. I don’t give off mean vibes and I am always kind even when stressed & always turn into an understanding and not a negative. But this is so frequent back to back for literally the last 3 days and has never happened to me especially so often. It’s so bizarre that I have been asking what the universe is showing me. Speaking to the universe. But if I’m already a patient person and have in my mind there is a lesson in everything so I don’t take things so literally. I keep calm when things around me aren’t. I take the high road and if need be, kindly stand up for myself and keep grounded I’m confronted. For the first time in a long time, I have no idea, it’s like I usually see signs, it comes to me or gives me a ideas of what could be until I get the sign. I keep speaking out and thinking deep and being so open to what this could possibly be that the universe want to teach me or wants me to know so I can remove and elevate myself and I have no idea. I’m staying positive in knowing it will come but want some insight if you guys could help me out. I ran across this page on accident so maybe I’ll find the answers here or how to go in the right direction :) Not sure if this was meant to be a question and answer session but if anyone would love to help, it would be appreciated!

  • Michael L

    I have been manifesting through specific affirmations that I now have the car of my dreams, a brand new corvette, I would envision it with all the senses like I already had it, this went on for about 3 nights, last night I drempt I was driving an expensive car to work, funny, I did not see what the car looked like but in the dream my heart was racing, ill take that as a sign,what do you think?

  • Poncho

    This is a beautiful piece of writing… Keep at it please… Keep influencing and showing the light to those in need…. 🙌

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am currently manifesting my ideal boyfriend and I am seeing a lot of signs. I’m seeing a lot of black camaro cars, Angel numbers, and I had a dream that we were already dating. Today two tall men couldn’t stop looking at me. On Tuesday I was laying down and my watch beeped. I checked to see that it was 5:55. By the way,I received No notifications. I feel like he will be here very soon.

    • Anonymous

      Forgot to add this, One of my friends had stopped talking to me. She just disappeared without an explanation. I spent weeks trying to find logical reasons. I came across another website and it was a eye opener for me. It stated that “Since my energy is high, people who don’t align with my energy would fade away”.

      • Big fat loser

        I’ve tried my best to find a boyfriend but at advanced age and having 2 young children, there’s just no way that this will ever come about. You can’t change the way men think I don’t care how close you are to the universe

  • ceecee

    I was on a dating app and was having a great connection with the guy. However something made me feel as if it would not work out due to his past circumstance I allowed it to intimidate me and make me think negative so I unmatched him and lost all connection and communication with him. I have done that before however with him I immediately regretted it the next morning I tried to restart my profile in hopes I would rematch with him again but no luck days went by two weeks went by I assumed he was off the dating app at this point. I remember thinking God please let me run into him some way somehow I looked on his badge in a picture he had sent me I could not make out his last name I only had the first three letters of his abbreviated first name I knew where he worked and decided yesterday to drive down there and drop off my business card however because of so many employees they did not know who I was in reference to I just had a nickname with no last name a needle in a haystack the gal told me she was very sorry. I still walked away feeling good that I had made an effort that at least I tried every possible way to reconnect and find this guy I remember driving home yesterday leaving his workplace which was a massive huge building with hundreds of employees and I thought please God you have to reconnect me with him there has to be a way but at this point I felt happy and light I felt like something good was coming. It was weird I could not explain it even with no luck after driving down to his workplace I still felt like something good was coming. I forgot to mention that morning in the shower before I left to find him at his workplace I remember feeling dreadful and sad and the need to find him and that it was a huge mistake I had unmatched him I felt a void within my heart very weird right?
    Well yesterday as I arrived home from driving almost 2 hours to find this guy I set on my couch and a few hours went by I decided to get back on my app again and stretch the miles on my location for search of matches as I had tried this once and I had no luck finding him I remember swiping left on 10 different profiles then all of a sudden I look down in this picture and profile appeared I immediately began to cry it was the weirdest thing ever I swiped right on him very slowly I took my time to do that I wrote him a message and hopes he would still want to communicate with me within 2 minutes I could see he was already typing me back long story short late last night we ended up talking on the phone for almost 3 hours so that same day I was sent out to go find him with no luck did not expect that later on that night we would be on the phone for 3 hours I never thought I would even see him again I live 2 hours away from him the mind is powerful indeed it is….

  • Kare

    Love this, thank you!!

    I thought about living and working in Japan and pursuing a different career at my company. I work in customer service where I handle customer tickets. The other day, I was working on a a ticket that someone else had worked on and I needed to ask a different team for help. The person who had the ticket saw the conversation and reached out to me asking if everything is okay and then asked me if I was from Taiwan.

    We started chatting more and I mentioned studying in Japan and how that person used to teach Japanese people. I got excited about teaching people in Japan and a few days later I brought up the topic of changing careers with my lead … I needed to look at job postings at work to talk about and one was in Japan!

    That same night, I checked my YouTube feed and noticed all these Japanese culture and food videos were on my feed and I hadn’t watched those channels in over a year. I also had an urge to watch Japanese anime this week.

    I then saw a Facebook post on how my friend’s trip to Japan was cancelled but they can go next year.

    I know these are signs that I’m getting closer to living in Japan and I can’t wait to go!

  • Rebecca

    Wow I saw my ex over the weekend and I have never been able to feel her vibes and I did. I left after 2 weeks and she said we have growing to do and she just feels that right now is not the right time to try again. She asked what I wanted to do and I said work on us and myself. Then she said ok. Then on my way home on every channel it seemed to be ever love song was playin!! We live 12 hours apart but y’all everyday. I have a powerful gut feeling and I am thanking the universe for these powerful signs

  • Monica

    And what about, when I’m being grateful with the universe , giving thanks of the beautiful day I’m having … and just after that, a dog tackles me down from the back almost breaks my left ankle, and right toe and injures my wrist.. I have to go to hospital to get x rays… nothing broken.. but still I cannot walk and my vacation ends .. I have to come back home..
    wan kind of sign is that?

    • Allison Paige

      Sometimes things just happen, animals are more sensitive than we are…maybe the dog felt your vibe & wanted to show you he felt the same way…because someone was as hopeful as he is….Good Luck

  • Zeezee Sara

    Could someone help me with this dilemma before I sink further into depression.I feel like every time I desire,try and create a life of how I see it, I very often don’t get what I want but the universe gives me signs that someone else has got it. I have read the article but the question is, why am I still nto getting what I want, it seem like the Universe is mocking me, seeing it is possible for others in a big way, but for me I get crumbs or nothing at all. I don’t believe it’s me thinking negatively, I don t give up quickly, but I’m sure most people would agree there is only so much you can take, So is it possible that not getting what you want is a sign that it’s not for you despite wanting it?

    • Zeezee,

      There is nothing that is “not for you” in and of itself. You create it all. That others in your life are getting what you want is a sign and ideally you celebrate that. I suggest you read The Map for a deeper understanding and tons more direction.


    • Allison Paige

      …Consciously, you’re probably right…BUT unconsciously,?? What is your mind doing behind your back?? Our subconscious, trips us up with it’s actions because it’s programmed to save us from harm. If you ever get “we cant”, ” it won’t” in the back of your mind…it’s probably your subconscious at play…Subliminals have helped me ALOT…..I’ve been “clinically depressed”, since I was 10 years old…they’re helping me to loosen the grip of childhood trauma….I can recommend some if you’d like?….Sit in a quiet space & REALLY ask yourself what is holding you back???…You’ll get an answer…GOOD LUCK

      • Jeweski U Cabuang

        Hi I’m Jeweski Cabuang From Philippines. I’m not a fluently speak in English but I try to speak a little bit Hope u Understand.
        I Try all of Trials but nothing Happened. I don’t have a work I trying to apply being a Company Driver or Delivery Rider No matter How I Try I’m so Lonely I Have a Three Kids but never heard my Wife it’s OK to me. Because it’s My Faults. The only I need is to be a father to my Three Kids and to my Relatives like a Mom Tito and Tita. I wish Someday I got a Money in My Pocket and give him to all. I’m think the Money it’s the Only way to key my Happiness to all. Thank u for support again Thank you.:)

    • Anne

      Maybe try being happy for others. Because the happier you are for others, the happier you will be as welll. Don’t give up! This will not only raise your vibration but I’m sure the universe will give you what you asked for! Good luck and I really hope this helps!

  • Dan

    So I have been manifesting a foundation and my logo was going to be to hands open to heaven. I was doing a meditation on this and after I was done I opened facebook and wallah an image of two open hands with butterflies flying out. God Is Listening.

  • Y

    Universe…I need my lover to chase after me for a change…I need to become a priority again…please show her unconditional love and move her to show it to me, as well…

  • Kami Russell

    What happens when the Universe opens the doors I so desperately wanted, only to find that IT ISN’T WHAT I REALLY WANTED? I can hardly believe it!! I am a firm believer in manifesting and giving it up to the Universe, as it has been ever present in my life. I am still dumbfounded that the opportunities arose that I thought I wanted, but I cried instead of throwing my hands up in joy. What does this mean to you? Insight from others would be much appreciated.

    • Kami,

      To me, it means you are powerful and can manifest what you focus on. And that now you are more clear than ever about what you want. Keep creating!

      Also, have you read The Map? I talk quite a bit about focusing on the feelings and not the form.


  • Glayne Simpkins

    Hi Boni

    Thanks so much for commenting.I worry about misinterpreting signs and thinking that something is a sign when it’s really not. It all comes down to trust and confidence though that I am manifesting and not letting that doubt creep in.



  • Glayne Simpkins

    Hi Boni

    If we see something we feel is a sign is that the message? And if we flow positive energy to this it is a good way of manifesting something?



    • Hi Gem,

      It can be the message. You get to choose. And yes, flowing positive energy to anything helps it to manifest!!


      • Allison Paige

        I have a specific person….who came back in my life..about a year ago..(I was manifesting someone else) .I feel he was divinely put back in my life…I mean its been years…We began reconnecting & its been a talk/disappear, here/gone…long distance thing…I am moving back home soon, & its like my subconscious is sabotaging my financial ability to go home, due to how things worked out 30 years ago….urggghhh

  • Stephie

    I am a tutor and I’ve been manifesting more students, but it gets worse. The few students that I have are quitting one after another… My income is decreasing…

    • Stephie,

      You are powerful. Stay out of fear and learn how to create your reality. You can read The Map for free if you don’t have the money.

      Sending love and light,

      • Charlington

        I need to no how to see my sign for my desire in nead reach life with love happy ‘helping people to be great man like something

  • Paul Hill

    I have been doing techniques for 26 years and things have only gotten worse each time instead of better. And I have tried so many different things

    • Paul,

      Look at your beliefs. Oftentimes that happens because we are paying attention (giving energy) to our dreams, and if we don’t believe they can come true, the disappointment is worse for our reality than never having dreamed at all. But you can find your beliefs and change them.

      Sending you love and light for that to happen,

      • Fabiola

        I am very happy to have the opportunity to choose between 2 excellent job options. Staying in my current job (a new position with a promotion after my previous role was terminated), or going to a new company with a very exciting role but more relaxed job environment a maybe more certain future. I got mixed signals, but at the end of a very hectic day with a couple of incidents, made me realise that choosing the new company felt better. I always said that staying in any of them was a great choice. ❤️

  • Bobby

    I want to win the lottery jackpot. I’ve been trying for years using similar techniques, but nothing works. I’ve never won anything of any real value and I’ve never gotten anything I’ve ever wanted in life. I try to feel grateful, but I really don’t know how. I’ve been seeing myself winning for 7 years, but I don’t know how to feel it. I’ve never been successful at anything I’ve undertaken. Any suggestions?

    • Bobby,

      I have a TON of suggestions. :) I wrote an entire book about creating abundance and many people have transformed their lives using it. It is available in english and Spanish. You can buy it on this website or on amazon. Sending you lots of love and light for unlimited abundance!


    • Jauliey

      I’m in love with this man who portrays most characteristics of my dream man. I know he feels the same about me. I really want a forever with him. Wish I’d get a sign.

  • S S

    I fervently want to deeply connect with a person not in the conventional romantic sense, & also mean something to that person.
    Saturday, I read a teen novel about a deep connect friendship between a shy, slightly awkward child, & a damaged, but immensely affectionate teen. At the end, the teen writes a postcard to the child, but without a return address. But the child, missing the teen as she is, is also 100% confident that she will find her friend/teen idol/guardian (fallen) angel when she “grows up”.
    It was such a beautiful story, I cried out of sheer intensity of emotion.

    • Rose

      I’ve been asking the universe can I just have people to love me in life or on social media but every time I manifest or believing that such things will come true. It’s like the universe is not hearing me out. All I wish for is to be famous and people loving me. I know I suffer from depression but it hurts me seeing people ignoring me or not following me of liking my stuff. I don’t know what to do anymore

      • Bon

        Wow amazing. It’s like we go directly to the evidence of it not manifesting instead of the idea it is!
        I’ve just started manifesting and I’m in the zone, joyfully waiting. This was the piece of the puzzle that’s going to get me over the line and into the reality! Thank you. Much love.

  • Eric Biren

    I hope the word wasn’t azlea but really only can interpret the use of whatever the word was and if it stood out as an answer, then there you go.

  • Eric Biren

    I typed this into my browser and the first result led me here. “Dear Universe, Please stop”. I suffer from CPTSD and my life is full of bizarre indications of the universe messing with me and I realize this sounds completely insane but there have been way too many instances for it to be a coincidence. When I say way too many, I mean more than a statistical anomaly, so many that the odds of it happening so often would be probably in the billions. So, in my desperation I write this in a the hope that the universe will utilize synchronicity to actually do some good and allow me to find some sort of place in this world.

    I don’t want to trigger anyone, so I will not go into my unbelievable life with all it’s unspeakables. I can just say that it is unbelievable and I don’t want hear anyone say I’m looking for attention nor do I have some sort of mental problem that has led to a pattern of pain. I truly do believe that everything we do outwardly grows a new branch, so when we do something bad, that negative act or the negative act imposed upon us branches out either looking to cast shade or to collect light. The things I have experienced throughout my childhood were not the source of the branch but its consequent growth has had the effect of casting shade rather than collecting light.

    I am pleading with the universe to give me rest from this all. I just want to keep doing good for other and not taking anything without paying it forward. I have done this for decades to try and change what this universe keeps putting on my shoulders but the weight is too much right now and I am 58 years old with never having a crewel bone in my body and a philosophy of leave more than you take.

    Why universe? Why haven’t you let me and mine simply live a life without predations ugly eye? I just want to live a simple life of a consistently kind outward branches so I can find solace and move beyond my past trauma and the branches of devastation it has caused my children and their mother. What else can I do to change the trajectory of the badness forced upon me?

    I boycott every company that harms the planet and others.

    I don’t eat things with a mind.

    I go through great lengths to not consume…anything.

    I support others around me in any way I can, even if I weary of them.

    I help seniors and bear witness to their life story before they can no longer tell it.

    I bring food to those who need it.

    WHAT MORE CAN I DO to live a good life without you challenging me at every major intersection I enter?…!

    I feel that I must leave everyone I care about to protect them from my anti-fortune thus living in solitude and music till my last day. I need a break and my family needs a break from my collateral pattern misfortune.

    Dear Universe, Please stop.

    • Boni


      This website is about conscious creation. It’s a way of taking your power back and creating what you desire. I suggest you spend some time here and discover the power that you have to create a life you truly love.

      Sending you love and light,

      • Tan

        I liked one guy and he liked me too but as he wasn’t sure about relationship because of few situations i decided to end things. Even when he was trying a bit i was trying to push him away. After i ended completely i had been missing him terribly and i had been praying every single day that i want to be with him. Suddenly one day I was like why am i giving up so easily? I usually don’t give up so easily for the things i love. I talked about it to a friend and thought may be i should take one more chance but decided that I will do that later. Suddenly i started to see all the posts about not giving up and i usually do see all the types of posts but this time i felt like may be it’s some sorts of signs. I still ignored it as i was not sure. Then someone just told me something so similar to my situation but for the different context and how it takes time to change things and all i could think of was how is it related to my situation and i was like that’s it,let’s do it. Because i had been confused about it for a quite long time. And when I finally decided to take one more chance for one last time,his name started popping up everywhere. Initially i was very confused that first i got the signs of not giving up and then these signs. One day i told that no matter what,i already decided that i am not giving up now. So please universe stop confusing me. I wrote down everything and thought may be it is to show me that i am on the right path as it had happened to me years back too but i had not understood it. And when i thought that may be this is to indicate me that i am on the right path,these signs Slowly stopped. I don’t know if it stopped because i asked or because i realized. But i still feel like it’s not going how the signs were showing me. I don’t know if i should have patience that it might work out but might take time or that my interpretation was wrong.

  • Loga Priya

    When I opened the post I was shocked on seeing pic. This was the one my bf posted and we are about to break up. Mean while I was seeing 11.11 also. So I believe universe sends me a message he is the one for me thing soul. If it’s yes someone will reply to this post. I m asking to universe again.

    • Eric Biren

      Hi Loga, I think the universe has given you the ability to understand that only someone who will actually compliment you, in that together you yourself can be as good and whole a person you can in this life. I hope the universe led me to your post here and you will find deeper meaning to your need to have another that you can “together” become larger that just yourself. You can become greater goodness through the goodness of others you choose to to live your future story with. Make it a happy story filled with generosity and outward happiness. Look into the person you consider to be with and ask yourself if they admire and respect you and would support any life change that would change your life and those around you for the better.

      Good luck Loga, I hope you find love and happiness.

  • Kyle

    The only thing that makes me feel dumb is when I noticed a very huge sign and I just didn’t respond to the universe back, while I already knew about the law of attraction ohh this makes me feel so stupid I just hope I didn’t ruin it by not answering.

    • Boni

      Hi Kyle,

      The universe doesn’t hold grudges. You didn’t ruin anything. You are always creating day by day and if you miss an opportunity today there will be another tomorrow. Forgive yourself and be compassionate and loving with yourself–you deserve it, and if you are your reality will reflect that with more realities that make you feel loved and cared for.

      much love,

  • Martin

    I just recently learned about the concept that “The Universe is Listening”. So I asked for a couple of things I would like to happen. Then I asked for a sign. I thought of an uncommon word and waited. Within a week I was walking into Walmart and the employeed at the garden center smiled and said the word to me. Any thoughts? Thank you….

    • Jody

      Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved traveling out west. I have always felt compelled to be out west. Currently, I live in Indiana. I feel life is an impending doom here. I had 4 children here. My father died here when he was 41. My sister died here when she was 44. All of my paternal relatives die in October, November and December. So the fall/ winter months are very hard on me. Not only because I can no longer stand being in a cold area but also because of the memories I have within that time frame. One thing I do know is I don’t want to die here.

      When I was 16, my dad moved to Nevada for a job. He loved it out there but ultimately came back. During this time, I was in the 9th grade. I went to school with a kid from Vietnam. I have always been drawn to the Asian culture. I don’t know why. Fast forward to December 2015 and the same kid from Vietnam and I crossed paths. We are both single but he lived in Nevada. So, we decided to be in a long distance relationship. In May of 2016, we had miscommunication via text and did not talk for 46 days. We reconciled on May 5th, 2016 on my daughters birthday. He ended up getting laid off and moved out to Indiana to be with us.

      Fast forward to May 3rd, 2017. My daughter had a spontaneous lung collapse. The best that Riley Hospital could tell is the issue was brought on by the humidity, dust mites and possible asthma. Her and I were in a class at Riley Hospital, trying to learn as much as we could for her condition. It was brought up by a doctor that some families seek a drier climate and it has worked for some of their previous patients. So we started planning to move to Nevada in the summer of 2019.

      We are 2 months away from our move. My car suddenly had a series of things go wrong with it. Just this past week, I’ve doled out $3900 in repairs. Only to leave the repair shop today and I’m now having some type of transmission issues. It could be an easy fix. It could be costly. I won’t find out until this Friday. At this point, I don’t even know if I can afford to move now.

      I’m stressed and wondering if the universe is trying to tell me something. Has the universe been aligning me to be in Nevada since I was a kid? Traveling out west, my dad living there, my boyfriend living there and my daughters lung collapse? IS it all a coincidence? Or is the universe putting all of these car issues in my way to guide me away from making this move that I am so desperate for?

      When I got home today, I got online and started looking up guidance from the universe, signs and such. One site said to create a specific sign for me only. I chose the number 46 specifically because my boyfriend and I didn’t talk for that 46 days and 46 shouldn’t be a common enough number to just pop up left and right. I get on another site to do more reading and decided to leave a comment in hopes someone would read it and give me their 2 cents. As I scrolled further to the bottom to leave my comment, I noticed a number. It was 46. 46 people had left comments before mine. Is this my sign? Is it a coincidence? What do you think?

      • Boni


        You create your own reality. All of it. You can choose what the signs mean and you can change your beliefs so that nothing interferes with your dreams. Have you read The Map? I highly suggest it and you can read it free over a year’s time if you like. You can sign up for that here:

        Wishing you an easy, fun, glorious journey!


      • Eric Biren

        Dear Jody
        You can interpret a sign in a million different ways but ultimately the universe wants you to do what is right. What is right? if the two of you are happy together and the move would compliment that aspect, then you should listen to the goodness that comes from your decision rather than the fear that could motivate you to act differently. I’m not the Universe but I feel you and I hope you find a answer that leads to happiness.

    • Serena V Miller


      Of course that is a sign!

  • jonah

    I am on my way to my destiny I love LOA thanks for your page.I was sitted in my room thinking of the upcoming soccer trials and suddenly i thought of a friend i was with in primary school 7 year’s ago his name is Felix,he was not even a soccer player but he just came up on my mind i could see him in trials with me which was to take place two weeks later, woow it’s been 7 year’s why did i even think of him? i asked if this is it so let me met Felix at the trials.two weeks later i woke up did my morning rituals and headed for trials as scheduled. upon arrival i changed to my soccer kits the coaches were ready for their selection and immediately we started warming up as a team i had someone shouting Jonah! as turned back to see who it was guess what? Felix was right there standing in front of me! guys I was very happy. sending you love from Kenya

    • Boni

      Hi Jonah,

      Yours is a great story about your friend. I love this universe! And I’m thrilled that you are on your way to your destiny!


  • Michael

    My love and I parted ways after school was over and now i have no way to directly contact her. I believe that “if destiny has it, we’ll surely meet again, although I have never confessed this to her.”
    And indeed, it seems to be working. Often, at least once a week, there’s a newspaper advertisement placed by the realty developers in the area where she lives, accompanied by the image of a happy couple.
    It is a regular issue, but after reading this article, i believe this could be a sign that should not be taken lightly.
    Also, there’s an auto garage near the place i go for tuition, and once there was a dusty car in the garage, on whose rear window pane, somebody had written two names on the dust with fingers. And surprisingly, they were our names, with a heart sign in between.
    I am sure, the universe will not disappoint me. I also believe that living far from each other may also be a part of the universe’s ultimate plan.
    Thank You.

  • Anjolie

    I did a ritual to attract the truck of my dreams and virtually within hours, I saw the very same truck while driving! Same color and everything! It was so amazing!

  • Alexandra

    My dream is to be with the person I love, this is all I want and I would do anything for this. So as I was thinking about my dream, our song atarted playing on the radio but I never thought this is a sign. After this, I logged on facebook and the first thing I saw it was a link which sounded like:The best relationship based on zodiac Libra+ Gemini. (I’m Gemini and he’s Libra). So thank you, now I have much hope and I know how to react to those little signs.

  • Your Name

    Yesterday night, I was being nice to my sisters friend Ayden, cause she chose someone else over him and he was crying so I comforted him, this afternoon I found a bracelet of the mickey ears and head connected with purple beads and im going to Disney in 4 days, I think that’s a true sign!

  • Mo

    Your Comment Here…It is so surprising. It really works. I have had a celebrity crush for over 4 years now, I’m a big dreamer so of course I kept dreaming for a whole 4 years until recently I decided to verbally ask for it. I said it loud and clear to the universe that I wanted him and sealed it in the name of Jesus, being the higher power that I believe in. The next day I saw a picture of someone on his team and followed him, I said hi and we became friends. I smartly made him comfortable with me, before I knew it, he invited me to where they live! Now I had 90% chance of meeting this celebrity so I took it. Dressed up, did my positive thinking, prayed to Jesus and just like a dream I was there at their house. I was around for about 6 hours and this celebrity didn’t leave his room, but I was still positive, I left when it was time partly angry and partly not. Two days later the celebrity sent me a hello on IG. Mind you I wasn’t even following him,my IG is private he sent a request to follow and I accepted, replied him and immediately followed back. So I called my friend who worked with him and asked if he gave my contact to his boss and he said no. At this point the celebrity didn’t give more than pleasantries and I left it that way, for I knew I shouldn’t seem desperate I let him text last. I started asking the universe in the name of Jesus to make him talk to me again, after 4 days he replied to three of my stories and I replied with a joke. I kept on with the prayers at that time he had not replied. I asked the universe more intensely and 5 days later he replied, we talked for a while and he asked me if I was doing anything later that day, I said No and since we were in the same city we hooked up and had the best sex ever! This was a dream come true for me I couldn’t have imagined it to be so easy. We talked for a long time, made love again and in the morning I left, but he had already left some money in my bag. I took it and said thank you. At that time, I already got his phone number and he asked me to text him when I get home, I did. I said he was amazing and he said thank you. I left him and told the universe that this time, I want his love. Two days later, apparently surprised that I wasn’t all over him, he texted me out of the blues “hey u OK?” I waited 20 hours and replied “sure thank you” and asked how his trip went since according to his social media he had travel. He replied 26 hours later saying yes thank you and I replied with a smiley. I’m not sure how this will end, but I’ll keep sharing with you. Thank you Boni.

    • Kate

      This article was so helpful.I was having so many signs and I was thinking that it may mean something but now I am sure of it.My dream is so crazy but every day universe show me so many signs. I hope for the best.

  • a Woman

    Very revealing bless you, I do think your current audience might want a whole lot more content such as this continue the excellent work.

    • Bella

      Hi, thanks for your post it actually helped me tonight to think back and right down the signs I’ve received the past 2 days. Some days ago I asked universe to show me signs in order for me to know I’m on the right track. What I reviewed which I definitely think is a sign has nothing to do with what I asked for but very very strange signs!

      Yesterday I was watching the series Friends on Netflix which by the way is the first to e in my life I decided to watch this sitcom series, during 90’s I just disliked this program I swear I didn’t even watch 5 minutes of it during that time, while everyone was giving up their life to watch each episode! Anyway to my disbelief after 25 years , here I am sitting watching seasons after season.. and it’s one of the most hilarious programs I’ve ever watched. lol

      So anyway yesterday I was watching an episode, and suddenly in my mind I said cats and dogs, have no idea why I said it, five minutes later Monica ( a character) said the words cats and dogs!! Immediately I though, What??! What was this so I thought it must be a sign.

      Today I was watching another episode and before turn on Netflix to watch it the word Armageddon came to my mind I have no idea why, so ten minutes into the episode Chandler and Monica again we’re talking and it was about 2 movies one of the movies was Armageddon!!! I actually jumped when I heard the name of the movie!! It was a very beautiful feeling definitely a sign! But I’m not sure what is universe is trying to tell me?!

      Any suggestions?


      • Boni

        Maybe that you have all the knowledge you need in life? Start dreaming dreams and trust in yourself and the universe to manifest them?

  • Teame

    It excites me.before knowing this i tried to rent a hotel with out paying first.and the owners still didn’t declare it was for rent.Then with in few weeks they declared.but me still i haven’t taken the was the sign.

  • Zeni

    I have read your book and most of the articles on blog. I have been trying to lose weight and get a new job and some money ,but inspite of asking , visualising and believing in universe, i don’t seem to get what i want. i have not lost a single pound and job seems out of sight..I am very frustrated, what should i do?


  • Chrissi

    Hi Bonni,

    Whilst the article are good and interesting, comments noted, thats it. So many comments listed asking for advice or similar and none to one or two get a reply, people out there just arent bothered- so its a paradox to the site. Nah im unsubscribing, it could be a good chance to share ideas, to share opinions but no-one is set to support. Yours and one or two others. Some comments are searching for help, opinions, guidance and there is so little in return. Think about, out there.

    • RAY REED


      • Rebecca

        Capitals are like shouting. :) don’t think you meant to shout? :). Perhaps you did and wanted to shout the positive back into the thread. It’s easier to send love than harbour anger. Nice work.

      • Susanna

        I AM, I DESERVE, I WILL, are all powerful words when asking the Universe for what you desire.
        My problem is visualization in my mind and seeing I received it. My mind wanders off.
        I know we are to only use positive words when praying. To be careful to not say things such as I hope this doesnt happen, or I cant do it.
        I need to practice visualization. Any advice?

      • Ane

        How can I manifest a releationship/soul mate?

        My dream job?


        What signs to look out for. For the freindships my freinds are always short term but I want long term and healthy.

    • S m

      When they give out advice, but nowhere to be seen to back it up.

  • Eve

    Recently, I have restarted my consulting services and I had been putting into the universe that I wanted to attract more clients. I happen to be going through my email and I had received a list of jobs from Indeed and saw a job posting for exactly what I have the skills to do as a independent consultant. To me that was a sign from the Universe to apply or get in contact with the organization to inform them about my services. Now I am hoping the Universe will respond by giving me an independent contract position with this organization. I have an initial screening interview this week.

    • Boni

      Hi Eve,

      Remember YOU are the one creating your life. Don’t “hope” the universe responds. Dream a job you love at a wage that is more than you dreamed you could receive. It’s not just about signs…signs are the beginning. You can have it all, but you have to do the work.

      Good luck with your interview!



    Dear Ms Boni

    Recently I am very much attracted to the LOA.
    I really wanted to meet my ex and celebrate his upcoming birthday with him happily. I asked the universe to show me a butterfly within 24 hrs as a sign. And Guess what…. I saw a black butterfly flying across my car while I was driving. I was shocked and I was in tears of happiness. His Birthday is in another 2 days time…. I really hope the sign is true…. I am waiting eagerly

    • FAITH

      Dear Boni
      I bought a piece of cake ans waited
      I trusted the sign
      Unfortunately I didn’t get to celebrate his birthday with him
      I asked for sign twice and I saw the sign I wanted too but now my heart us shattered

      I did ask a few signs for my other questions and I saw it but I am scared to trust the signs now

      Why the signs doesn’t work ??

      Please help

      • Kira

        Maybe you manifest the signs, not spending your time with your ex? You ask Universe for butterfly and Universe gave you what you wanted to see – the butterfly.
        Just my guess.

      • Rebecca

        Be patient. And remember you have to do the work too. Black butterfly- are you sure that means “go ahead with the meeting”? Perhaps black means Wait awhile. Butterfly could mean continue thinking about this- you asked for a butterfly and got one but didn’t specify the meaning of the butterfly. What did your ex say when you extended the invitation to meet? Start there. Sometimes the signs mean different things than we think- keep thinking and moving towards your goals….if things don’t work as you intended- look around- “if the door doesn’t open……its not your door”……but if you look around….other door will reveal themselves- try one of them- see where it leads…..follow your butterflies for now….they may lead you to an adventure you hadn’t Eben know was possible…..

      • Cal

        Because ur desperate and u have anxiety in u..Ur supposed to trust the sign and know inside ur heart it’s a done deal and let it go.

  • Amber

    I’ve been going through a lot in the last year my husband died of 17 years and was one month pregnant well time has gone by slow but I got through it with god and knowing I’m strong woman. Then recently I’ve been having my one true ex name pop up everywhere and hands everyone hands look like his . I’ve reached out but no response I also feel like I’m being pulled in three different ways of a path which they all lead to my ex and I’m wondering which one it is . Being positive but I know with out a doubt that I’ll get married to one of the three guys Chris.A ,Brad.J,or Chris;e and somehow I know the other guy who is a stranger never meet I know when I go to meet him it’s going to one of the four guys I love and adore. I’m ready to start the new adventure

    • Your Name

      Please choose the one who is ready to do anything for u, the one who treats you wd respect, love n u mean the world to him.

  • Yarlini

    Hi my daughter had some blisters on her tongue and I have been up the hospital with her. She has had this a few times. They gave some meds but this time they said there is a mumrmur in her heartbeat. I have been very worried. They said kids forget this sometimes. They did ecg all ok. Ger murmur is unusual they said. She has probs with bad back pain before n it was just low vitamin D. I am thinking it is just a lack of something nothing major. I don’t want to worry as I don’t want to project that emotion into the universe.

    I told my brother how I felt I have been treated personally by him which was feeling bullied and I kept this within for 15 years. Anyhow in sept when I told him he was angry hurt and rejected my feelings and disowned having me I his life. Since then he has not spoken to me and unfortunately the kids have not been able to play together. I am banned from seeing my nieces. I thought about last nights incidence with my daughter’s heart incidence I wonder if it was related to my brother that tells me he has a broken heart. What do u think or do you think this is not really the case. Would love to know your thoughts.
    Much love
    Yarlini xx

    • Koalamaiden

      Yarlini, , I’m mixed up- whats the problem? I also have and had a heart murmur as a child, I’m fine at my age, yes the murmur is detectable and now in midlife it is still there which I am informed is v f. Your child has a heart murmur, which was checked out. Move on if you believe in LOA or there will be more to come. It is there, don’t dwell, don’t fret. As for your brother, I have a broken family, mental illness has all but destroyed it- my father has disowned me, again, why? Well that is him, a number of his family are disowned. I was angry and upset at first but realise, that’s his choice, and safest for me. Leave your brother alone, first tell him the children are not involved, grow up and deal with what had happened, in a mature way. Then leave him alone. Move on, there is worse out there. Don’t force any of your insecurities on the next generation.

  • Concerned

    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Feeling good vibrations or bringing vibrations up to a good level – feeling good, these two words have gutted me. If you are doing well, going along good- have bi pola but feel numb in the soul or heart or which ever chakra, its a balanced feeling which in the scheme of things is great for a bi pola person. Still feel sad at sad stories laugh a funny ones, but all else feels like its gone. I tell myself the Universe – God – Angels wont punish me for this, (although easy to say the illness is punishment enough) that my desire and manifesting will adjust- right about now, the tears come- that emotion and hurt is real.
    2. Ive read/heard that you must match your desired, vibration. How in the heck do you do that? They, well mine isnt even in Aust. Or in the Sthn hemisphere, hes surrounded by snow and ice, im in fires and near 50d c heat.
    3. Is it true that you can cancel the manifestation and need to start again? By doing something wrong or blockages or so on and so on.
    4. I liked the subliminal messages, then become cautious my mind jumped to- what is in this am i playing with my conscious and unconscious- i stopped.
    5. I know my blockages, and im trying left right and centre or find how to deal with this. I wont write it here, which suppliers, but ive read- meditated- begged for Angels- i have had experiences with angels, youd think id be better prepared for LOA- i am a scared person when it comes to hearing or seeing things go bump in the night, after a big, metre x metre orb was sent for me, i ran through the house sceeching and slept with the light on for a week. I can tell you many true faithful stories of my guardian angel- or visits from angels, i asked they not return as it frightens me, i asked for a touch on my cheek if they want to- as God is my witness, i have felt that many times. Yet i just dont feel it on my inside- the fear i do. I dont want a angel or guide to materialise.
    6. I have turned from “organised religion” and im sorry i ever got involved- my fear of the “unknown” at church they would say- its Satan. And many times over the past time, youd be amazed how i have had to pull myself up from thinking that. People passing and seeing a light and loved ones- i spoke up of this and was lectured its Satan. Do this or give that or be punished….. this was a Baptist church not a hard core cult. In Sydney not Aust wide. Damage was done and i never knew the extent till in chose other options. I left the curch many many many years ago, still at times need to catch my thoughts. Not everything is bad or wrong. This area is 95% my blockages and i want it gone or quietened or under control. I loved my angels, i praised God for them, they were not evil. But i pushed them aside.

  • figureout

    I am in love with a person who isn’t in love with me. We are still friends and maintain good contact despite some awkwardness. In retrospective, I feel that the universe has been sending signals all the while. The person and I moved to the same city and we had our workplaces in adjacent blocks. When I plan to hang out with my other friends at cafes/bars, these somehow all end up being the same places I have previously been to with this person. I cannot see these as coincidences and fear if the universe is trying to tell me not to give up/move on. thoughts?

    • Platypus Girl

      Crystal clear looking in. But, step back, try and stop trying so hard- analysing every movement, i did this and still do but yours by this comment is chronic. There are blatant signs, surely you seen these as you wrote this out. Turn off, live life. Its mental anguish, i was in this frame of mind and had religion thrown in, the torment was woeful. Id look for Gods signs in 100% of my life- left right or in the middle. I was looking for signs- should i this- should i that? Wheres the sign, then i would pray, and pray, and pray. I had a gift they were Angels, proven time and again in my life, i almost turned away from the, begging God for help. Which way to go to choose, horrible.

    • Rebecca

      I’s say the universe it trying to help you move on. Instead of not runing into this person and wondering and keeping hope for a relatipnshiop (and blocking all chances of another relationship forming with someone who loves you…) the universe if putting this person out there so you can engage with them and see/feel/breathe that they are not in love with you. It will hurt and be painful and when you embrace this truth and set down the negative feelings, you will be open to reconnecting with yourself again, at this time seek activities that are cathertic and self healing (and fun!), you will soon find a new person cross your path that you would have been closed to before, and who very likely will be the one who loves you in a way that is healthy…. embrace where you are. Don’t pursue or run from this person who doesn’t love you back- notice what’s happening and dig deep for personal growth and self love. :)

  • Secret For Important Reasons

    Okay, I really need help to figure out what is happening, and what the universe is trying to tell me!! I’ve been planning to give my crush a ‘secret admirer’s’ note for a long time. In my school, there is this thing called ‘candy grams’ where you write a note with a candy and teacher aids send it to people during the person’s sixth period. So I have sixth period with a boy and was excited for him to get the note, but he was ABSENT on valentine’s day–to go to Disneyland. The person with the bag of notes left it on my teacher’s desk so that my secret admiree would be able to get it the next day. Well, that day came along, and he was here the entire day and left right after fifth period. On top of that, tommorow there is a substitute, so he probably won’t notice anything about the note. The day after that (Friday) is a holiday, and monday after the end of the week is a holiday to, so he will finally get it on Tuesday. But I have a strong feeling he won’t get it because right now I don’t know what happened to the note and even uf it’s still on my teacher’s desk. I don’t understand why this is happening…even if he does get a note next Tuesday it won’t be as special because it would be a week after Valentine’s day. End point: what should I do? What is the universe trying to tell me? I’m only an eighth grader afterall–I don’t know how to read these signs. Please reply quickly, and thank you for reading.

    • Boni

      Dear Secret,

      Please don’t misunderstand…the universe gives you a sign of YOUR energy. It doesn’t have it’s own opinion. So if you see yourself as strong, worthy and loved, that is the type of world you will create. I urge you to make a list of all the wonderful things about yourself. And then know, in the depth of your soul, that you are divine. And you WILL attract a worthy boyfriend. Then just relax and follow your inspiration as far as what to “do.” I know it feels really intense right now, but you have all the time in the world to create your mate. Relax. And let the universe do it’s job–delivering you a boyfriend who is worthy of your love.


  • Nancy


    Last night I asked the universe to have a committed relationship with someone from my past who I have recently got in touch with. And this morning I wake up singing the song “it’s all coming back to me now” out of the blue. What a wonderful sign.

  • Jean

    Hi there i read your artical and it has happen to me seeing sign where ever i go every day….i see images in the day sky and night sky….i was born with a special gift…..and im using it thru my drawings, my jurnals and and taking pictures on my cell phone….i also hear special voices in my ears as well….i also so messages on my computer when i open up google and my Facebook….i just love so much i want to tell people but dont want to…i always have to hold it in for myself….cause if i open up people think im crazy and im not…!

  • meghna

    I read through the article and I don’t think the universe responds to everyone but me. All I get is absolute silence and abject misery. I have asked everyday for a sign and all I get is silence. You will probably say I am attracting it or even that I am not open to receiving signs. I assure you that’s not the case. Even the universe has abandoned me.

  • Kristian

    I was asking for a relationship with a specific person, whom plays in a orchestra that travels around the world. After I did that, a picture or commercials shows up everywhere for new concerts here and there. If I turn on TV, suddenly the orchestra is there, if I look in pinterest she shows up. I never saw that before. Furthermore people I thought had no interest in me, is suddenly contacting me, either by mail or facebook. I truly enjoy that. It’s quite new.

  • N

    Wow what a lovely article :) !! Totally agree with what you say. Some people say I overthink the “signs”, but I believe there are no coincidences :) Thank you so much for a well-explained article on how to respond positively to signs. Much gratitude !!

  • ΑΝΝΑ

    Very nice examples. I’m new to the whole thing. Thank you for creating this useful site! :)

  • harvardiv

    Hello I had some questions-I had a really strong warning from the Universe which saddened me completely. Basically my fiance is over seas and she went to her fiance visa interview, but she was told she would be put in administrative processing. This means her visa was put in review and we don’t know what the decision will be for a while.

    The sign was this; I went to a random movie and saw a love movie about 2 people who fall in love (called Allied w/ Brad Pitt). They fall in love but tragic events stop it from working out (people in the government), even though his request was approved. This was such a strong sign that this would go the wrong way that I freaked out. Is it possible this response was given that if I change some things in my life that it no longer applies? Perhaps I got this message as a warning, because I have some areas where I am sinning, but if I repent in other areas that it will work out? Just wondering if these messages can change if we change something in ourselves?

    • Boni

      Hi Harvardiv,

      First of all, God never ever EVER punishes us, “sin” or not. We tend to punish ourselves. So if you are doing something you feel badly about, I suggest you stop and forgive yourself so that you don’t sabotage your reality.

      As for the sign, I believe you may have allowed it because you have an underlying fear that your relationship won’t work out. And YES you can change the energy that caused that by changing beliefs such as, Love never works for me, This relationship has too many obstacles to survive, I never get what I truly want, etc. And also give the fear a voice–it might be your negative self, or your child self, or adolescent who is fearful, but if you acknowledge that fear you can let it go and flow energy towards what you do want, imagining everything working out beautifully.

      Sending you love and light for exactly that.


      • Koalamaiden

        Hi Boni, When i read your words above about punishment of God, i thought, oh no. Why, well beside the big stick wielded by religion or scripture preachings teach that God can be vengeful and so on. I stepped away from church. Next i will give an example of my life, you who read can make up your own mind. Since early teens i prayed for a family (husband children) innocence was raw, i had faith. Fast forward to 49 90% of my life has been that prayer and earnestly. I told myself at 30 i would wait for Gods Mr Right. Except for a 6wk lapse i have not dated- sexual- etc with any man- 19years. All the while praying. Now as a teen i never really dated, i just instinctively wasnt interested, until the Lord showed me the right one was in my life- did i mention im 49- my child bearing years WASTED. Why? Wasted! Because the ol’ saying the Lords will, will be done. If it isnt the Lords way, bad luck mate. Extremeley rarely God allows your will if different to his. So, i have had LOA in my existence for a while, now i practise it fully. The LOA is my will, my choice, my life. And Boni that is liberating. I prayed, went to church (Fundalmentalist Baptist) went to outeach, my God, you name it ive more than likely did it. Read Corrie TenBoon, listed to tapes, watched videos. Cried, balled, then just said and felt – enough. Stupidity. 30 to 49 yes my will BUT the Lord couldve kicked my butt at 31. I chocked on prayers that id accept a spinsters life. But i will give myself credit- i had the faith of Job, a gift from God.

    • Platypus Girl

      You are too complicated and emotionally driven. Why give up? I also spent many many many a hour looking for signs and wondering if this way or that way or which way. Stop. And live the day as it comes, maybe that news regarding a visa isnt coming today so why waste today wondering. Yes, i was the same in a huge way. I got many a kick in the guts, i am from a bad – bad – neglect abuse childhood. I just wanted a nice day, so went in search of it- then realised in later years, whilst searching, life went by and then i blamed myself for being silly- and I contemplated suicide, life was like a mice on a wheel. Then (inhindsight) my life changed. My attitude changed. I praised God. Sin isnt all its cracked up to be. Step back, make this the goal.

  • Danielle

    I started writing down all of my manifestations as a type of game I play with myself, because I I noticed how often they happen now! Some within seconds!!! I have a big manifestation in the works and I’m SO HAPPY about it coming to me so quickly!!!! Part of it involves people coming back into my life! And like clockwork! From Oct 6, 2016 I had 3 different ppl come back within DAYS and then my close friend has his love come back after THREE YEARS!!!!!!! I was so happy as if it were happening to me!!!!! Because I know that IT IS happening to me!!!! Making a list reminds me how powerful I am! And just keeps me excited and helps me stay confident and to stay the course!!! Loved the article!!!

  • Lily

    I recently asked the Universe to send me a sign to confirm that I’m the right path for transferring schools and I’ve also asked clear signs if I’m heading the direction to my future partner. And it was the same night where I dreamed about him. The next consecutive days I have truly kept my eyes open for any signs from the Universe. I noticed I have been seeing squirrels occasionally. I’ve seen once when I was driving to school and another on my friend’s snapchat. And I searched up the squirrel as an animal totem and they usually represent having a social life. Which I completely agree with because the squirrel showed up on my friend’s snapchat meaning I need to have more fun with my life because I have been at home and focused with school lately so I don’t have time to go out. I’ve also been seeing the color white a lot lately as well which I had a dream where I was in a room with all white from the walls to the bedding. So I do have a confirmation that my “magic” is working, but I’m still not clear where it’s leading me too.

  • Fati

    About 10 months ago I was wandering if I shout pursue a certain relationship, I got this feeling out of nowhere saying he will leave u. I refused to believe it as I really liked him. 5 months into out relationship he actually did leave me. The week before we broke up while walking in the super market aisle,2 girls walked by chatting all I heard from their conversation was ‘it’s not meant to be’ I now understand how the universe speaks..

  • Anne

    My story…I’m trying to manifest my friend back. It’s been two weeks since we’ve talked. The background to our friendship. First I went to high school with him but back then we never talked to each other. Fast forward thirty years and we start talking on Facebook. He was going through a divorce and was seeing a former girl friend. He said he would have asked me out if he wasn’t in that situation. Well I talked with him everyday for 18 months. He always responded to me. There was flirting going on. We met a few times. I started to have feelings for him. I found out that his wife filed for divorce, after he filed and cancelled two other divorce filings from her. He was different this past summer and I asked him about it and all he said was he was busy with work. He has his own business. In August I received a message from him saying not to request to play anymore of our online game. He then sent a message about an hour later saying it wasn’t from him and I asked who it was from and he said it was from what i thought his soon to be ex wife. Then two weeks ago I receive a message from him saying that I have been going around saying that we were in a relationship and that was not nice and he said he will no longer talk with me on messenger. I have never said his name to anyone so I think it came from his what I thought was his ex wife. What I found out was that when they were suppose to settle the divorce they decided to reconcile for a third time. Let’s just say I am devastated because after a year and a half of talking with him everyday there is no communication. Sure deep down I wanted a relationship with him. I never talked about it to anyone. I respect his decision to reconcile with his wife. I’m just divested losing my friend. I just want to talk with him again. Can I try to manifest a friendship with him? He helped me so much and I he even said he liked talking with me too. What should I do?

    • Sm nilah

      He’s playing games!!. Move on. Dont waste time.Am not sure about all this manifesting, there are many things I desired but saw that other people would get it, seeing that I knows it possible, funny thing is, I waited and waited it just never happens for me..

    • Priyanjali Khare

      Firstly thank you for this wonderful piece of information,l feel highly motivated and excited now.
      Today, few hours ago I was super depressed about some major things in life and was constantly questioning God “when I’ll be happy and why all of this trouble?” but just after that I picked up my phone to look something up and coincidentally i found that it was 11:11 and then I saw an article about the my major goal and thought exactly about this.
      So now i think my coming to your site was also a part of the universe’s signal for me to get back on track and I am so happy about it .
      Once again thank you very much for this.

  • Carrie

    I’ve asked repeatedly for signs that my ex will come back to me or if I can get over him. I haven’t noticed any signs at all

    • Kindred

      Be specific. I did this just today and received my sign within 5 hours.
      I said send me THIS as a sign if he returns or THIS OTHER THING as a sign that he doesn’t and i should get over him. My sign was very specific (an animal) and a photo of this very thing showed up on my Facebook newsfeed from a friend i barely ever speak to.
      Not the sign i wanted but at least I’m hearing right.

  • Anne

    This is an inspiring website. A few weeks ago, I started watching videos of the actor Keanu Reevesas well as reading articles about his background, work, etc… Then, I stopped. My parents used to run two movie-theaters, and one was set on fire by two guys about three years ago. Although Keanu isn’t the best actor, I used to talk to my mother about how I liked his demeanor and exotic looks. He is a taller version of my ex- husband. I am quite sure there is a sign to be interpreted or perceived, but I don’t know how. Thank you for your wise guidance!

  • Jude

    I recently ended a relationship with someone when I didn’t really want to but it was not a good situation. I have seen his name everywhere and every other person on the TV seems to have the same name. Do you think this is a sign from the Universe that we will get back together or is it just my being over sensitive because I am now on my own. Thank you, lots of love to you x

  • Violet

    I am a huge believer in signs. I found your site because the most amazing sign came to me, and it’s way too exciting to keep to myself. It’s a strong confirmation even for those who don’t believe in signs. It’s not far fetched!

    It’s been 2 months since my partner and I split, but I guess I’m at a point where I’m questioning if I should let go. I always felt we’d get back, but also didn’t want to seem pathetic. We just always believed we had a special bond. People always said our love was undeniable. However, after 7 years, our age difference and circumstances allowed us to ‘set each other free’.

    Fast forward… This past weekend, I asked the universe (my grandmother) if we will find our way back to each other. Within three minutes her friend texted me a picture of an (ugly) stone that had my last name (definitely not a common one) written on it in marker. I initially thought he wrote it or found it. He went on to tell me this rock was just sitting on a window sill as he ordered ice cream at aa vacation spot. As I zoomed in, my ex’s first name was written just above mine in pink. Now her name is a bit more common, but not slept so commonly. Strangely, the friend did not see her name on the rock. Naturally, I felt crazy. So he asked his coworker if he saw anything in pink? Immediately he said my ex’s name without knowing anything. (Side note: her friend even said IF he did see her name, he wouldn’t have ever sent it to me.) So it’s strange he can’t see it, even if he’s color blind.) It gets better! So now, after he realizes how strange it is, he says, “I have to tell you something more weird…” He tells me that as he took the picture of the rock, my ex and I texted him one second apart. Normally I keep ‘signs’ to myself, simply to not appear crazy, but no one can argue this one bit. (Another side note: I showed her mother, and she pointed out the stone is in the shape of a human heart.)

  • mystery

    this site may in itself be a sign…l missed it the first time l looked into recognizing signs from the universe!!
    l have been putting it out there in regards to someone l was recently involved with…it was a pretty profound connection and felt like a manifestation of what l’ve always wanted, they got scared and ran!!
    Nursing obvious pain l started putting it out there for signs, then it started happening, l open facebook theres a post from another quoting in principle what this person had once said to me…l browse over the comments and another had asked the person that posted …so which is it @#$ referring to this person by the exact name of the one l was involved with..when it wasn’t the person that posteds real name and some form a nickname..l froze and shut it down thnkin WHATTTT…
    two days later l get an email explaining the evolution of soulmates coming together etc, it was almost as if it was written for me and the circumstances l was in (or at least l’d hoped)
    that’s when the questioning really kicked in, and other things started coming to my attn…l go to the beach relax and stat thinking this person was perhaps a stepping stone to elsewhere…l get in the car and head home only to have a car pukk in front of me with this exact persons name on it..again WHHHAAAAAATT
    ok in principle its like buying a Volkswagen, you see more out there once you’ve got one!!
    I open facebook, theres a story on a ban l like, l open the link and in bold black letters it says..NO-ONE IS GOING SOLO..again l questioned it
    l meet a new team leader who after a brief chat thought l was from the person in questions country of origin which obviously lead me into thinking of this person..had to laugh at that one
    l walk into a shop hear a song l liked, l shazamed it, didn’t have credit, so wasn’t able to sight name of song etc at time, when l did the title was don’t stop believing!! l question that as a sign?
    again l put it out there questioning what l have been getting wondering if all l’ve seen is seeing what l’ve wanted to see as there are some out there that believe that through trickster energy and drama we create what we want to see?
    so l put it out there even stronger
    l again google recognizing signs to find this site that was missed the first time stating how signs can come your facebook, that l’d hoped but wondered on,and watching a tv show on a plane flight that lead me into thinking of my hearts circumstances…
    it all seems apparent but hard for me to trust!!
    thanks for being the first here to offer the opportunity for others for feedback

  • Hanish

    I read your blog and thanQ for this amazing blog!and I had a doubt I brlieve in god and was thinking about my future college it is AIIMS and I was having a phone in my hands unknowigly I pressed,the number I got was 4…and the college admits its students by rank… Does it correlate something…?

  • fadia

    I have been seeing hearts every since Jan 13, 2016 up until Feb 25th, 2016. These heart signs have come in different shapes. I have seen heart shapes from bubbles after doing dishes. Heart shapes from soap residue after washing my face. piece of kleenex on floor in shape of heart. A mushroom in shape of heart and even when i threw pizza sauce on my crust it made a heart shape. I also saw heart shape of car oil leak with a thumbs up under it. All together I have see 37 different heart shapes in 25 days. The universe was definitely sending me these signs. Last one I saw was on Feb 25th. Still to this day I still don’t know the meaning behind them and what the universe is trying to tell me. Any idea?

    • JoJo

      Open your eyes to love around you :-)

      • Your Name

        I get signs all the time especially since my husband died a year ago. I am amazed at all the gifts from the universe I get. Unexpected check came in the mail for me today for over 2k and the number 1 and 2 on almost every license plate on the way to work. Strangely enough, even though I lost my best friend and soulmate of 30 years I feel so loved! My husband Jim always called me JoJo and as I was reading the comments and thinking about how loved I am the comment I responded to confirmed what I was thinking. Very clever way to give me a clue! I am still laughing!


      I think universe is most probably interested in pairing up with your soulmate. Try remembering whom you were thinking about during the time when you saw heart shapes. Even I have seen heart shapes many times and I know it’s because of my One Sided Love ❤️

  • Abby

    Hi! Wow- I came across your site yesterday and I am in love with it and everything you have to say. I tried this experiment yesterday, and today morning I saw the signs! I’ve been looking for a job and getting frustrated, and then a former coworker told me there is an opening at her workplace that she is going to see if it would be a fit for me! How blessed am I to have such great former coworkers? Then, I have also been desiring money, and this morning I saw that I was only two numbers away from winning $1 million on the big powerball drawing last night (and three away from the jackpot). My money is coming! I can feel it :)

  • Deborah

    I am a writer and I have written a children’s book called Owls Can’t Sing. I asked for a sign in the form of an owl and in the middle of the afternoon while writing a query letter, I heard a tapping on my French doors. In the bright winter light I found myself looking into the large, round eyes of an owl, at my door, in the middle of the day! Now that’s a sign!

    • Boni

      Hi Deborah,

      WOW! That IS a sign! I love it. The universe really IS responsive…and that story is proof! Keep up the great creating Deborah…and return to the memory of this sign often!


  • Eva

    Hi, I just realized that the Universe had actually given me a sign. I was thinking about getting married to someone I truly and dearly love. I was imagining about how our invitation card will be. A couple of minutes later, as I was going about doing my usual things, there was a card on the table which piqued my interest. I opened it and it was a wedding invitation card from someone! It looked a lot like what I had always imagined my card will be, simple, glossy and unique. What I did after that was, I looked into the card and continued to imagine the name of my special one and mine printed in the card. I hope I did the right thing to continue the creation of the Universe. I really and truly do want to be married happily to him. Thank you Universe for giving me this wonderful sign! :D

    • Boni


      That is a wonderful sign!! And yes, you added to the positive energy of your creation (especially powerful right then as you felt empowered and excited)! Now, keep the flow going!!


  • Neena

    After reading this article and feeling very frustrated I didn’t get the job I wanted. I went to check an emails and had an email from a company offering many roles in my field. It’s crazy how the universe listens

  • Lightline

    I am trying to manifest someone’s friendship back. whatever I imagine, I find someone else doing that … like I see him smiling at me in cafeteria, and I found somebody else doing the same thing. I visualized a missed call on my whatsapp (accidental one) and it was someone else’s. I visualized him passing by in the cafe and he did pass by.. as many times as I honestly visualize him, he does show up.
    Are these clear signs, my request is manifesting and I am close to what I want?

    Thank you. Love and Light.

    • Rebecca Mabuse

      Help me to manifest clients to my business who will bring money to buy.Also to have someone to love & ,share live together.Healing for stress

  • anin

    hi. thank you So much for this article. i would like to quickly share with you (and everyone) a life-changing manifestation that’s on its way to me right now. i put out that i want to be a feature film screenwriter (my main goal is to write and sell spec screenplays. well, i was on FB and saw a groupon coupon for a screenwriting course for $19 — discounted from $680! well needless to say i took it. i also stated i want to take free or discounted screenwriting courses online — i came across numerous online schools that offer these, i sign up for them and take 2-3 a month. now, after i wrote my first screenplay, i wanted a way to get it out there, the universe brought me the way of screenwriting contest. i am 50 and female and they say hollywood suffers from ageism and sexism — so, without me asking, God bought me through my email, a call from a SPECIFIC contest for women 40+ to enter their screenplays. not only that, but i was able to enter FOR FREE – saved me $50! and also they gave a discount for registering my screenplay with the WGAe because i was entering that specific contest. i KNOW i have already won (prize = 2 days in NY one-on-one with a 40+ FEMALE successful & accomplished personal screenwriting mentor) because the contest is being sponsored by Meryl Streep and i keep seeing her and hearing mention of her EVERYWHERE. also, out of the blue, i was sent an email for a free one-hour mentor consultation with a well known MALE screenwriter. i am on my way to my new career because of God, my angels, and the LoA. i am SO VERY HAPPY! thanks for listening :-)

  • DP


    Thanks for this great article but how does one know when the signs are truly from the Universe and not just a simple coincedence?


  • susan

    I had a recent dream and set intentions for a new job, got on their website and found they were hiring for my exact job, and proceeded to fill out the application and submit it. Also I had been to the company a week earlier and ended up meeting, by chance, one of the women who founded it 30 years prior! I was not fully vested in this dream however (primarily fear of unknowns, I’m a planner!), and just recently I checked their website and lo and behold a woman with my first name got the job!! Yes I did take that as a very positive sign that some day, when I am more fully vested, I will be involved with that company. Thank you Boni!

    • Boni

      Hi Susan,

      LOVE this story. It’s really interesting how we can easily attract and then when we do we realize we can’t sustain it. But it sounds like you are in a great place with it all…kudos!!


  • Dee

    Oh my Goodness. In that message I spotted two signs. I also became aware of the way to do this creativeness – the way to respond to signs! Whereas, previously, I was apprehensive and lacked enthusiasm. This realisation removed all that. I became really exited and then amazingly the last comment was about becoming excited about it! Thank you.. At last it has hit home! X

  • Aspasia

    Wow! My magic is working. I focus on having more abundance wealth money! Every day I received signs. First I received a huge deposit sooner than expected. Next I found .27cent on the ground. My check from my second job was more. I was walking into a store and saw coins on the ground and I thought that’s not enough. Moments after I got home same day my neighbor came over and asked if my son who’s 8 had dropped 40$, I said no. He said well keep it and right away I thought amazing WOW! It’s working. I thanked the universe and felt grateful. I came in and fell asleep, just to wake up to a $400 deposit from a friend memo read vacation. I plan on taking the kids on in April and needed it to be funded, I know it will be funded fully! I’m in love with this and I’m so thankful to know and understand that I have the power to create my reality.

    • Boni


      Those are some GREAT signs!! You are powerful. I’m really happy you are seeing it and responding in ways that make you even more so.

      with love,

      • Bubbly

        I have been asking the universe to give me an answer..should I break up or rejoin with my lover who makes quarells and emotionally attack me when he gets into bad mood..I was in a big confusion to stay or to leave..within hours..I unexpectdly sees afether which represents mental spiritual freedom ..that means I need to break up..

        • Bubbly,

          When your lover emotionally attacks you when he’s in a bad mood it’s time to break up. You deserve better. The feather is the universes exclamation point!


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