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Ok so hopefully by now you are so excited you can hardly stand it! You have begun to let it sink in that you, yes you, create every single bit of the world you call your own.

Wow, that is amazing isn’t it?

But simply knowing you create your reality is not enough. If you want to manifest something consciously, you must flow energy towards that desire.

Why flow energy?

If you don’t flow energy nothing will change. You will get what you’ve always gotten, a lot of mediocrity – some good things and some not so good. This is what people call good and bad luck.

When you don’t pay attention and flow energy purposefully you are still creating your reality. Not by making things happen (consciously) but by letting things happen (unconsciously).

Imagine you are a car. And the fuel to get you to your destination (your desire) is energy (emotion).

The more fuel you put in, the faster you go and the faster you get to your destination, right?

Except there is this thing, lets call it anti-fuel. Negativity.

Negativity neutralizes the fuel so that is it powerless. And if it is strong enough, it propels you backwards – further away from the thing that you want.

To flow energy you need to imagine the thing you want and feel positive emotion about it at the same time.

Exactly how do you do it?

There are no limits as to how to flow energy! Just as there are no limits as to what you are capable of creating.

Two critical components are:

  1. Thinking about having the thing you want (notice I did not say think about the thing… but think about having the thing – a subtle but important difference)
  2. Feeling positive emotion (joy, excitement, peace, abundant, happy, free, secure, etc.)

Remember ~ emotion is the key!

Try this technique:

“Igniting Intentions!”

You have your intentions written out right? Uh oh. Back to step one for you.

Now, you have your intentions written out right? “Igniting Intentions” is a technique to light them on fire (metaphorically folks) and notify them, all the aspects of you, and the world at large that you are all about seeing them through to manifestation!

This technique is a way to put attention on, thereby flow energy to, everything on your list of intentions.

Every morning, and every evening, read your intentions (out loud if it is comfortable to do so). What? You don’t have time? Excuse me??

The creation of your world should be your top priority. Kids? Put ‘em in the intentions. Job? It too. Spouse, of course they should be there.

Everything in your world should be in your intentions. You are creating everything anyway – you may as well create everything the way you desire it.

If your intentions are not the most important thing in your life, you don’t understand the way your universe works.

So, read your intentions, each morning and every evening before bed, and just before you read them, read this (or something like this, in your own words if you prefer):

“I call upon my higher self, my soul, my spirit and all unseen friends who would love to assist me in the conscious creation of my personal heaven on earth. I ask for your support and assistance in manifesting all of my intentions with ease, elegance, in the perfect timing and with harm to none.

I request assistance with becoming aware of and understanding any beliefs or habits that stand in my way and that the learning and growing resulting from this process is gentle and loving.

Please also assist me in feeling the emotions fully as I read and manifest these intentions and help me recognize and own the little and big signs that will show these realities manifesting in my world.

I ask your assistance in helping me to manifest a dream even better than my intentions state, and I thank you in advance for your love and support.”

And then, read your intentions. With excitement! With joy! With love and gratitude because the more you can feel these states of emotion the quicker and better your intentions will manifest in your world!

Let me know how the universe is responding to your flowing the fuel for your dreams!

In joyous creation,

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4 comments to " How to Manifest Anything–Flow Energy! "

  • E.C.

    Hi Boni,

    I am hyper self-critical according to my teachers, and I always feel like I do not allow to have any feelings and do things consciously all the time. I evaluate everything, including my emotion. I don’t feel free anymore and it’s driving me crazy. I really wish I could do whatever my feelings tell me to do and not have to think if everything is right or wrong…

    Please help!


    • Boni

      Hi E.C.,

      My heart goes out to you. It must be difficult being so self-critical. My suggestion: begin (as always) with an intention: “I intend to trust myself. I intend to recognize my divinity, my power and my knowing. I ask for help to discover the beliefs and patterns that keep me from trusting myself.”

      And then I would look to my beliefs.

      What do you think of who you are, that you cannot trust you?
      What do you think will happen should you put trust where you shouldn’t have?
      Why do you think you are untrustworthy?

      And change the beliefs that are there, thwarting your dreams.

      Two things I know for sure EC… you are a piece of the divine. And everything is heal-able.

      Hold a strong intention of this healing and knowing. EXPECT a life where you can act spontaneously, joyously and know if you make a mistake, so what?! It’s more important to love and trust yourself than it is to be some form of perfection. Dream that life NOW! See and feel it NOW!

      And I suspect, you will be joyously spontaneous before you know it.

      Sending you love and light to do just that,

  • Sara

    Perfect reminder for today. I need to remember to just let the positive flow and negative to stay out of my way!

    • Boni

      Thanks Sara ~ absolutely! And also to consciously flow energy to the reality you desire.! We forget this (I forget this) so often… but we need to feed those dreams or they’ll die of starvation!


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