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I remember the first time I read a book about conscious creation. I was flabbergasted. I had been a “you show it to me and I’ll believe it” kind of person. I thought you created things in your life by hard work and education and a few lucky breaks. I believed sometimes good things happened, sometimes bad things happened, and that’s just the way life worked.

Yet the book I was reading was saying… “That’s not at all the way life works – you create every aspect of your reality”. Whoa – THIS was incredible.

It took quite a bit of studying before I was brave enough to TRY to create something. It was scary to actually attempt to manifest something. What if it didn’t work? Would that mean it really wasn’t true? I didn’t want to risk the possibility – this concept was too magnificent. I imagined all I could create if it were true… more money, more love, more success, more happiness.

I had to try it. I spent 45 minutes every day for 30 days attempting to manifest $1,000. In two months time, I had manifested over $20,000 above my scheduled earnings. Out of thin air. I was a believer!

Then I stopped trying.

Fear struck. What if it were just a coincidence? What if I were just setting myself up for a huge disappointment? What if I really had no control whatsoever?

It took a long time before I tried manifesting again. I still didn’t have proof it worked. And I doubt I ever will. What I have is an inner knowing… that ours is a deeply loving universe and that we have a divinely given power to create our realities. That’s all. Just a knowing.

I also have hundreds of stories of anecdotal evidence that manifestation is real. I have seen realities turn around on a dime with one little technique.

I remember planning a trip to the mountains with my family. We were meeting some friends of ours who had headed up early, and before we left I received a phone call from them, “You better start programming,” my metaphysical friend advised. “I know you ordered two adjoining rooms for your family and another room for us, but since the rooms are gratis and they are booked solid, they only have one room available!”

At first I panicked. All seven of us in one room would be impossible. Then I remembered. I have the power and ability to choose what I want in my world. I sat down, got quiet, and set the resonance. I remembered all the times in my life that travel plans had turned out better than expected. I filled myself with that knowing. I anticipated this situation would turn out that way or even better. I began to get excited. Then I did a quick but extremely powerful visualization technique. I did it once more, and felt it was done. I just felt didn’t need to repeat it the third time.

A couple of minutes later, the phone rang. It was my friend, “Good job!” she said, “We were given the room, and you were given a CONDO! We are sitting in it right now – in front of the fireplace overlooking the slopes!”

It works that easily. Over and over again I’ve seen manifestations in my life and in the lives of others that seemed impossible. But they’re not. That’s the way reality really works.

It’s complicated, but simple. It takes patience, practice, and a willingness to explore who you are and your spiritual realm, but it’s possible for every single one of us to manifest our heart’s desires.

In joyous creation,

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10 comments to " The Miracle of Manifestation "

  • This is so true. We do indeed have this gift but old inner programming that can live silently and not so silently beneath the surface of our lives can restrain our ability to manifest what we want and to create a life that we love. We may be aware, such as what we’re told repeatedly by others, like females can’t do this or have that and must this or that or the other thing. It can leave you feeling as if you’re driving through life with the clutch brake on or someone else is up front in the driver’s seat. I have successfully manifested many things over the course of my lifetime. I remember especially as a child and young adult being able to strongly create, and even other people remarked about this special ability in me. Ironically, some determined that I was “too headstrong,” when all I was doing was honoring my inner knowing and direction. When I put my head to something, determined exactly what I wanted, I got it. When this is connected to your life mission, it can be even more magnetic in nature. But somehow over time, in spite of my strength and braveness, I, like many others, came to think and believe somewhat differently as I absorbed messages and environments that say otherwise. Amongst the process, I became terribly weighed down, particularly in trying to take care of everyone else, their lives and needs, not mine. This can affect your manifesting for yourself. You are supposed to, you must, you can’t, you don’t deserve it, etc. are some of the monkey wrenches tossed in. Fortunately, I was able to better reclaim my spirit by learning from great spiritual teachers like Boni, who remind us that we are the co-creators of our lives, that our thoughts and beliefs take you where you want to go, including into flow, where all is possible. It is always right there before us, surrounding us, even if we are unable or unwilling to see it. at the time. You can also choose to go elsewhere, including into self sabotage and into remaining stuck and frustrated. If you find yourself seemingly crashing up against a wall like that (What wall? Is there really a wall or have you put one there and what purpose does it serve you? What would you need to not be doing that or to take the wall down?), remember to keep your vision on what you really do want, trust that it is yours and coming, and celebrate how great this all feels. Let go and just flow. All too often, we are taught and rewarded to struggle in our traditional, blinder-minded society and it does not have to be this way. It is hugely detrimental to health and well-being on personal and planetary levels. As Abraham-Hicks encourages, get into the vortex. Do the work to get and stay there in this powerful place of creation. Sanaya Roman says in “Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self,” that “You can grow with joy rather than struggle.” I’ve personally found it most helpful and rewarding to be able to tap into the wisdom and guidance of supportive, knowledgeable, and caring guides like Boni and to listen much more closely to what really makes my own heart sing. In honoring yourself and your own unique life path and mission, you may come to discover (like I did) that it’s quite different than trying to live out a life that other people would have for you, in trying to be what they think you should be or must do, in order to be liked/loved and accepted by them. In being in direct flow with who you are and what you came here to do on the planet, you will manifest and attract all kinds of wonderful people, places, and things–and you will walk authentically and genuinely in purpose. You will see manifestation in a big way.

    • Beautifully said Wildheart. I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you for posting and for your kind words.

      With love,

    • Celso

      Dear Boni, hello from Brazil!

      I’d really like to know what was that first book on manifestation you read, please…

      Thanks in advance!

      • Hi Celso,

        The first book I read on manifestation was The Nature of Personal Reality by Seth (channeled by Jane Roberts).

        BTW I love Brazil!


        • Celso

          Ooh, I have this one! It’s really awesome! Shakti Gawain, in her book “Creative Visualization”, also says this was the first book on the subject she had read. But I wonder why Jane Roberts herself seemed not to apply Seth’s lessons to her own life… she died of a combination of protein depletion, osteomyelitis, and soft-tissue infections. These conditions arose out of her long-standing rheumatoid arthritis. She was only 55…

  • For cryin’ out loud, Boni, don’t leave this story yet! We wanna know the “complicated, but simple” method! ~ Oh. Maybe that’s tomorrow?

    I’m itching to try it, as my current “want” is for a fix for two plumbing problems. I don’t know what’s causing (a) my sprinkler system to sound like the water pipes are vibrating, and suddenly dropping the water pressure when it’s running, and (b) a 5″ ring of water under my back bedroom rug to stay constantly wet. I think they back hose bib froze last winter, and one plumber told me that it MIGHT require taking out the entire shower enclosure in the back bathroom in order to get to it. The bathroom is 5′ away from the wet rug, and the rug (to the best of my knowledge) is over a concrete slab that used to be my garage floor and is now the floor of my back bedroom.

    You can guess what I’m visualizing and it ain’t great. I need a new way to conceptualize what’s happening and that it may be a simple, inexpensive fix. Plumber is due next Tuesday.

    Thanks, Boni. You have my full attention!


    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for writing… your current dilemma sounds frustrating and a bit scary. And yet, it is an illusion, all of it. And as an illusion it can be shifted. My suggestion:

      1. Feel your feelings around this situation. While feeling your feelings is always important in releasing the old in order to make room for the new, in this case, because the situation is about water, it is doubly important. One key to discovering the purpose of happenings in your life is to figure out what your reality is trying to say to you. Oftentimes water and overflows of water represent emotions we have not given ourselves permission to feel. So first, I would suggest feeling the full range of emotions around this and whatever other issues are up in your life. If just feeling them isn’t easy for you, I suggest writing a letter to your higher self, that goes something like this:

      “Higher Self, what is up with my reality?? I have leaks and noisy plumbing and I’m afraid of how much it will all cost and I’m feeling angry about this situation and frustrated that I don’t know what is happening and afraid that I’ll have to come up with a ton of money and damn, when does my life get easier?!!!”

      But the key is to feel and feel and feel whatever comes up.

      2. Take a look at your beliefs. Just by the few sentences you wrote, I suspect you have some limiting beliefs around the nature of the universe and the ability you have to create unlimited abundance. Perhaps you have beliefs such as:

      My power is limited; I can only create certain things.
      I do not have an unlimited supply of money available to me.
      The universe is sometimes unfriendly.
      It is difficult to create my own reality.
      Life is hard.

      And change any beliefs that seem to be in opposition to your creating an elegant end result to this scenario. The above beliefs would be changed to:

      My power is unlimited; I can create anything.
      I have an unlimited supply of money available to me.
      The universe is always friendly.
      It is easy to create my own reality.
      Life is magical.

      3. Open to possible outcomes to this ‘reality’. What if the leak is the city’s fault, and they not only pay for the damage and the repair but they put you up in a five star hotel while the repair is being done and for your stress they throw in free daily massages? What if it is a simple $50 repair bill of a loose connection? What if it costs $50,000 but then you decide to manifest $100,000 just because you can? This type of exercise sounds fanciful, but it serves a real purpose. It opens your subconscious mind to a broader range of possibilities which ensures a broader range of probabilities. Whereas prior to this you may have had just one of both.

      4. Then (and only then) do a technique. The one I did was nearly exactly the same as my One Minute Manifestor!

      You can shift this reality Linda. Please write and let me know how it goes?


  • You were a great inspiration for me since I have found your website almost 10 years ago. I have made 2 printed books out of your newsletters and they helped me so much in creating my own reality.

    • Hi Yasemin,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy my website has helped you create your own reality. This work has been on the back burner for me as I learned to create in different venues. I am really glad you are still reading because I think the best is yet to come. I have learned so much in the past ten years, and I am excited to share it!

      With love,

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