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Would you want to perform your own brain surgery? Would you try to do your own root canal? Would you prefer to land the next jet you fly on?

Of course not. Not unless you are a brain surgeon, endodontist, or jet pilot. Why? Because they do it better. Chances are they do it a lot better.

So why do the job of the universe? Why decide how you want something to look, rather than allowing the universe to do what it does best: handle the details.

Letting the universe handle the little things…

I attended a gift show with a friend a few summers back, to scout out cool gifts for one of my businesses. We got to the show, and it was packed. I’ve never seen so many cars at this place. It was a 95 degree day, and the parking lot radiated heat. As I took in the situation, I decided I wanted to create a parking space close to the door.

Parking spaces are a fairly easy creation, and I’d become quite powerful in my ability to manifest them. Not a problem, I figured. Usually, I would just do a quick visualization of my car pulling into an empty slot (with harm to none) and “voila!” it would appear. But that day, it just wasn’t happening. I wondered briefly why that was… then, figuring there must be a reason, I let it go.

The further away from the door we drove, the more cars we saw. And still – no empty spaces. Finally, after driving nearly as far as we could, on the opposite side of the building… was a space. I grabbed it. I hadn’t received my parking space close to the building after all.

However, within a few feet, we caught a shuttle to the main door, and on the way back, the shuttle driver dropped us off right next to my car – even better than a space close to the door. I did get what I wanted – not having to walk across a blazing parking lot. But it didn’t look like I thought it would.

Letting the universe handle the bigger things…

That’s a small example. But how about this:

During the same year, my hours at work were cut from my job as a corporate VP of a small marketing company, from 40 to 12 hours a week. This was unacceptable. I needed those hours to survive. It was tempting to fall into self-pity, blame, or fear about finances. It wasn’t easy to stay focused on what I really wanted – more autonomy, more money, more creativity, and more hours to spend on my writing.

But I forced myself to practice feeling how I would feel when I received that reality. I reminded myself often that my reality was my choice, and this happening only meant change, and that even better things than my original job were about to appear.

Within a week of being notified of the cutback, I picked up a year-long freelance job that paid me three times as much money as I was making and allowed me to work from home on an easy project. I didn’t expect it to play out like that when I designed my dream – but I got exactly what I wanted.

Why does it work that way?

Some call it, “Letting the universe handle the details.” Some call it “Letting go and letting God.” The bottom line is, if we try to control the way things look, we end up doing ourselves more harm than good.

This universe of free will operates very much like a computer. Energy in = reality out. If you put energy in for an end result, there could be thousands of possible routes to that end result. Usually, the most direct route (read the fastest outcome) is not one our logical mind would think of.

As in the examples above, what oftentimes seems like bad news is simply the most direct route to the thing we want. If we stay out of judgment, fear, and other constrictive emotions, and focus on the essence, or the emotion of our desires (i.e., the way we want to feel), we will be pleasantly surprised at the resourcefulness of the universe.

It’s not easy. We all have preconceived notions of how things should work out and how our dreams should look. We have beliefs that specify the only way things can happen. But those ideas and beliefs are slowing down what we desire and sometimes stopping it from happening altogether.

It’s not the circumstances that bring good results to you. A good job doesn’t ensure you’ll be rich, secure, and happy in that job. Your resonance determines whether you’ll be rich, secure, and happy. A good job can be the detail the universe chooses, but so could the payoff from a great investment that frees you to open your own business, or maybe a neighbor who decides to move to Europe and asks you to run her company while she’s away.

If you send out pure energy of prosperity, security, ease, fun, etc., and let the universe decide the most elegant way for it to show up in your life, you’re opening every possible door that could bring you a reality that you will love. If you have rigid ideas about what, how, when and where your dream arrives, you’re closing possible avenues for it to manifest.

Know you can have everything you desire. Know that it will take time, patience, knowledge, skill, and healing to open all the doors of possibility. Trust the universe and your unseen friends to take care of the details. They will – if you do your part and become crystal clear about how you want it to feel when it arrives and then, blissfully, let it go.

In joyful creation,

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13 comments to " Would You Perform Your Own Brain Surgery? Letting go and letting the universe do its job! "

  • Beth Dolan

    Beautiful, Boni! Thank you!

  • Saresa

    So enlightening! I’ve been struggling with letting go & letting God or the Universe, but this article gave me a simple view of what that looks like & I’m going to try it!!!

  • April

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. It provided me a clearer idea on exactly how to Surrender. I was introduced to this concept by listening to Esther Hicks, and it began to resonate mire with me after I began reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. I was still having trouble putting it into practice. Your words however made it much easier to conceptualize and actually, well, put in to practice. “Know you can have everything you desire. Know that it will take time, patience, knowledge, skill and healing to open all the doors of possibility. Trust the universe and your Higher Powers to take care of the details. They will – if you do your part and become crystal clear about how you want it to feelwhen it arrives and then, blissfully, let it go.”

    I recently quit my job in the legal field due to the abusive & toxic culture of the firm I was working for. It was so bad that I quit without having anything lined up. I’m terrified, uncomfortable, and 100% happy about the decision to leave. I have been searching for clarity on how best to manifest a new, and fitting opportunity. Your post provided just the right amount of explanation on how to Surrender, and a great degree of comfort about my choice. I will let the Universe take over. I thank you again for your post.


  • Robert

    Hi. Many years ago I went to Ireland for vacation. Every night there was a challenge finding a room to sleep. All the B&B’s were full.
    I decided if the Universe wanted me to sleep in my car, that’s what I would do. Then I saw a sign that said Room Available. I could hardly believe my luck!
    The owner of the house explained that No, his rooms were all taken, but he left his sign out so that tourists would stop and he could help them find a room!
    He made a call and then directed me to a particular neighbor’s home. It turned out to be a home where I had stopped earlier and had been turned away because every room was taken. It seemed a person was two hours late to claim their room and the owner did not want to wait longer to rent the room.
    I got a place to sleep that night and a lesson to trust the Universe to handle the details.

  • Shai

    I have read this article and found it quite useful. I have been working on manifesting a relationship with a good man. The universe was giving (and is still) giving me all the right signs. And he showed up. I enjoy his company, we talk late into the evenings, I cant wait to hear from him but he didn’t show up the way I thought he would look. My preference is for tall, dark and handsome. What showed up was older and maybe not as handsome but he makes me feel special. I got what I asked for even though the package looked different. Boni, you are an inspiration! I read The Map everyday and especially when I get stuck. Thank you.

    • Boni

      Hi Shai,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. And good for you for looking past initial appearances to the substance of the man in your life. We all fall into the “he/she must look/be this way” initially. It is our “adolescent self” who is so caught up in appearances they’d trade anything for it. But our adult self knows better. It’s the essence of the relationship that counts–how that person makes us feel. I wouldn’t trade feeling loved, cherished, respected, honored and excited for all the good looks in the world.

      I’m really happy you’re happy Shai!


  • I love it! Thank you for reminding me to stay connected to the feelings of passionate, joy, and expectation.

  • Alicia

    Great article!I will put this into practice and come back later and let you know how things worked out for me.

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