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Maybe you can’t get a degree, run a marathon or meet your soulmate today. But if you want a better life—to be happier, more prosperous, have more love, more fun, better health, etc.—the power is within you to change your life.

And you don’t have to wait. There are things you can do today that can have a profound difference on your world—immediately.

Is there a limit as to the impact you can have on your life in a measly 24 hours? Yes.

However, if you think about an airplane traveling in the sky, a tiny shift in direction means little in the short term but over the long run takes you to an entirely different destination.

The same is true in your life.  The teeny tiny energetic changes you make in your life today can create entirely new realities weeks or months from now—or even later today!

Little changes sometimes show up quickly

A while back I wrote an article called Breaking the Cycle of Scarcity. Later that day I received an email from a reader:

“As soon as I read the subject of the email I knew I had to send your blog to my sister. She has recently been struggling with money. Within minutes she had read the email and replied, ‘Very cool. I just need to say it over and over again.’

I was surprised when one hour later I received this text: ‘It works!’

I called her to find out what happened. She had just received notification that she would be earning more money for the job she is currently doing! Something she had no idea was even an option!”

Even though it does take a while to make big changes, you can create small changes in your life in a short period of time. The important thing to remember is that positive energy is vastly more powerful than negative energy.

So even though you can’t change everything today, you can take a step towards the life you really want to live, even if it’s a baby step.

But nothing changes until you do. Don’t put off creating your dream life. Every day that slips by is another opportunity to create “having it all” that you let go down the drain.

Here are ten (little) things you can do today to create a better tomorrow:

1.  Supercharge your intentions (5-45 minutes)

Intentions are a commitment to create. In other words, they are your dreams put into writing with a promise that you’ll make them manifest. And intentions are powerful.

Hundreds of people who read The Map have written that their reality changed simply by writing out their intentions. Write yours, or beef ‘em up, or read them with new eyes and heart. Imagine all of them coming true.

2.  Change one belief (30 minutes)

Beliefs are the cornerstone to the future you desire—no matter what that future is. And taking the time to change them is something we seem to keep putting off.

But changing beliefs doesn’t have to take a long time—and the results last forever. Give yourself this gift.

3.    Hang out with your negative self (5- 10 minutes)

There’s a part of you that doesn’t want your dream, that tells you lies and that tries to sabotage your every creation.

Your negative self is the part of you that tells you you’ll never succeed, you don’t have what it takes, and that you are stupid, clueless, and unloveable. Or it will take the opposite stance, that you are absolutely perfect and don’t need to work on creating your reality because it’s coming anyway.

If you give that self a voice you will eliminate its impact. Here’s how: Simply imagine the lowest aspect of yourself sitting next to you and telling you how awful you are, how your dreams will never manifest, and how useless your life is. Let them rant and rave and insult you to their heart’s content. Then, invite your higher self in to take them away to be healed.

You’ll feel the freedom instantly—and your own conviction and trust in yourself and your dream will exponentially increase.

4.  Skip this reality & head straight to the dream (15 minutes)

This is my personal “go to” technique. You don’t have to know how your dream will manifest; you only have to know that it will.

When you “Jump the Gap” into the life of the “you” who already has what you want, you’ll feel immediate relief and celebration!

5.  Love what you have (10 minutes)

Gratitude is a driving force for creating the life you want. Yet few utilize this simple tool to create more wonderful realities.

Make a list—a physical list or a mental one—but get into the juicy details about why you are grateful for what you have. And really feel it.

And as you do—let it in—that you are the one who created those positive things. Even if others played a role, you are the one who made them happen in your life.

6.  Become passionate about passion (1-24 hours)

Give yourself an hour, or, if you can, an entire day, to do only what you love. That’s right. Spend the entire day doing whatever brings you joy—and ideally nothing else.

You’ll probably underestimate the impact of this technique. I did. But taking a day to only do things you love gives your subconscious mind and the universe some important messages:

I love myself enough to receive a life filled with what I love.
I deserve to have a life filled with joy.
I am committed to living a passionate, joy-filled life.

And your reality will respond with more opportunities to feel passionate, have fun, and be joyous.

7.  Slip into the resonance of abundance (30 minutes)

More abundance is always fun, right? If you have more than enough money (yes, it happens—especially if you keep doing this work), then do The Abundance Ritual for ideas, love, opportunities, whatever you want in abundance.

8.  Take one minute to create a future (1 minute)

Come on, who doesn’t have 60 seconds? This powerful technique has changed thousands of lives. Allow it to change yours too.

9.  Take some action (10 minutes – ?)

Action is an important step in manifesting anything. Are you wondering what action to take? How about planning for your success? No matter what your dream, you’ll have to change something. How will you use the money you manifest? Where will you store your new boyfriend’s shampoo? What will you wear on the first day of your new job?

Bring your dream into this world by expecting it to manifest and getting ready before it does.

10.  Take your “future self” out to lunch (1 hour)

Lets face it. If you want some good advice from an expert, you ask them. And who is more expert at living the life you were born to live than your most light-filled future self?

You can have this lunch in meditation, in your kitchen, on a picnic or, if you have a really great imagination, at a restaurant.

Go into meditation and ask your future self to lunch. Tell him or her you want to really understand how good their life became and for them to tell you how they got there.

Go to lunch. And imagine them there. Imagine the questions you have for them and imagine their answers (hint: you aren’t just imagining—they are real and you can receive their answers).

Take some notes—you’ll want to remember this.

Once you’ve changed your resonance in any positive and powerful way (meaning doing any of the above with intensity, passion, joy, and holding an expectation of change) you should see a sign of your dream coming into your reality within hours or days. So keep your eyes open and celebrate the shifts.

Then, keep the energy flowing and make “creation time” a habit. You deserve the best reality imaginable. Love yourself enough to make it happen.

With love,

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3 comments to " 10 Ways to Change Your Life TODAY "

  • Terhe

    I see your strength,and your fear. But inwardly, you know your answer. I just joined this site, and have already found a tool that I am going to employ. It was something about a slight adjustment in the course of a journey (like on an airplane), will not affect the now, but can the destination significantly. I realize that I must slightly adjust my course, to change the destination. You may feel or be responsible for the well being of a spouse, parent, child or loved one, BUT you are not accountable for them or their choices. I must open myself up to seeing the positiveness of how I react to negativity. I have mastered remaining calm in the storms, but am not in the aftermath afterward. That’s my goal. To find a positive lesson from whatever the negative actions were, for in doing so, I won’t carry them into the future. I can verbally say (and have said) I won’t go down with the ship, I don’t think I’ve meant that positively. It was said defensively, and negatively. However, seeing this site, & your post. I can know that I just need to change my seat, and still arrive at my desired destination.

    The answers are within.

  • Toral Patwa

    Very inspiring post. It’s so true that to be happy we need to mould ourselves, learn to gladly accept any situation that pops up! Making changes within us and remaining calm in any given situation will gradually bring peace and happiness. And surely this HAPPINESS will not be dependent on anyone or any situation!

  • Dee

    Thank you again. I need to stop holding myself back living in a house I half own with a negative very bad tempered man. I have so much peace when he’s not around. The minute I try to leave or sell up he turns into a humble sweet person and I feel sorry for him. I need the house for a business I’ve started and even given him a job in it but he ruins it all by his not being able to handle life’s obstacles and flying into rages. I feel so trapped. If I put the house up for sale he will do something stupid. I’m not even sure if I can put it up for sale for my half without his permission. I worry about the cost of bringing a lawyer into it as my home is my only asset and I live on my retirement pension. I always wake up happy and positive. Love my family and friends and try to ignore his moods and enjoy each day. It’s getting harder all the time and stopping my business progressing.

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