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Hi Boni,

My husband and I are in the agricultural business. We recently moved to a very, very remote ranch. This move meant living in a location we both loved, but it also meant that I had to quit my job.

For 6 months now, I have been trying to find something I can do from home to create an income for myself. I even fell for a scam that cost me 77 precious dollars. I am constantly worried about money. And I know that is the wrong way to think.

But, I can’t shake the worry. I want so badly to have an income, but I really don’t know what to do to get one. And I don’t know how to stop thinking about money.

I’ve read and reread The Secret and The Power. And I want to read The Magic, but can’t buy it. I don’t want to say, “I can’t afford it,” but…I can’t. How do I get myself out of the money funk?

Afraid My Fear is Hurting My Reality



Dear Afraid,

I absolutely know how you feel. I’ve been there myself. There is nothing more terrifying than imagining you will never have enough money (other than maybe worrying you will never have enough health).

And when you know your thoughts and emotions are powerful reality creators, it becomes even scarier. But that is the good news.

You are aware of the power of your thoughts and feelings. That is reason to celebrate. It really is up to you, and you are open and (hopefully) excited to shift and change.

It happened to me too

I was very much in the boat you’re in – minus the husband and rural location. I had no job. I had to move from my home because it was being foreclosed upon.

I didn’t know what to do or how to change my situation. Whenever the phone rang, I cringed, thinking it was a creditor demanding payment–and it usually was. I pictured myself homeless, penniless and having to move in with friends or family. Every day was awful, living in that emotional state.

So, how did I break the cycle of scarcity?

First, I took an…

Emotional time out

I was sick and tired of being so unhappy. I decided I’d rather be homeless and happy than an unhappy anything. I was fed up with letting money (or the lack of it) ruin my life.

“I’m over it,” I decided. And cold turkey, I stopped worrying about money.

Now this goes against what most of us have been taught – if we care about something, we worry about it. But worry never helps (and actually hurts our ability to create). And realizing that combined with being emotionally worn out helped me to let it go.

And do you know what? It was wonderful. It was the first time I actually chose joy, especially when there was clearly so much to worry about. It liberated me. My reality wasn’t in control of my happiness. I was.

I hadn’t stopped worrying in order to create money, I had stopped worrying because it felt so bad. But once I started living in joy, I thought, “Why not try to consciously create some money? My financial situation can’t get much worse than it is, so what do I have to lose?”

And that is when I began to…

Create the day

Every morning I would wake up and sit for 5 or 10 minutes, to Create My Day. I would close my eyes, and imagine myself in a beautiful place. My beautiful place was an outdoor café, on a river in the South of France. I sat at a round table, with my higher self, my subconscious mind (personified), and my future self (the future me who was tremendously successful, happy, healthy, and prosperous).

As I met with them and sipped on tea and nibbled on a warm croissant, I told them about what I wanted to create that day, and asked them to help. I would say something like, “Today I want to feel prosperous!” and I would feel what prosperous felt like–imagining gazing at my back statement and feeling safe, secure, excited, and abundant as I looked at the huge balance.

I would continue, “I also want to feel joy today and here is what joy feels like.” And I felt joy for them.

I also wanted to feel excited, creative, abundant, worthy, helpful, positively surprised, hopeful, productive and I wanted to have fun! I felt all those feelings for them. Why? Because oftentimes we’ve been less than clear about our intentions.

We say we want joy but we settle for worry, for instance. We say we want prosperity but we receive scarcity. And the universe may not be so clear about what we mean. We say one thing and we accept another – our subconscious mind begins to think “our” abundance looks like lack. So I emotionally spelled it out.

Plus, it’s the emotion, tied to the thought, which brings the reality.

And at the end of the day, I would take stock. Had I received reasons to feel these ways? If yes, I would thank my unseen friends for their help. If no, I’d have another little sit-down and explain, “Ok, I ordered prosperity for today but I received an unexpected bill, so let’s go over again what prosperity feels like.” And I would feel it – fully and deeply.

This technique was great fun. I also practiced:

The anti-worry technique

Any time anything happened in my life around money, I forced myself to anti-worry. If I got bills, I filed them without thought as to how I would pay them. And if my mind did go there, I decided somehow, they would get paid. No biggie.

And when I received any abundance whatsoever, I would feel gratitude. That’s when the technique really shined!

I took a job as a temp (in your location, Afraid, that might translate to a virtual assistant) just two days a week in order to get some energy flowing (remember taking action is part of The Map). My first paycheck was $164.36. My rent was $1000. You do the math.

But instead of lamenting about not having enough, I took that check in my hands, sat down on my bed, and said, “This is $164.36 that I created! I am $164.36 richer than I was yesterday. I made this happen in my life. If I can create one dollar I can create $100, or $1000, or $10,000. I am abundant. Thank you universe and my unseen friends for helping me create and receive this!”

And I felt as much gratitude as I could possibly squeeze out.

And little by little, my life began to change

It wasn’t long… just a matter of weeks, and I was offered a job by one of the companies I temped for. It wasn’t on my terms so I said no. And then they made me an offer that was on my terms. And I accepted.

I continued to practice “Create the Day” because it worked so well for me.

If I found myself stressed out instead of having fun at work, I would take a break, even if it were just to the restroom, and I would mentally request the help of my unseen friends saying, “I intend to feel joy, please help me to feel it,” and “Remember this is what joy feels like…” and I would feel it. Like magic, it worked.

Two years later I was offered a job as vice president of a new marketing company and six months later, when they closed their doors, I opened my own company.

An accident? No.

Luck? No.

Just the universe at work as always.

The real Secret is –

You don’t need to know what to do, or even what to expect. You don’t need to know where the money is coming from, or how it will find its way to you. You only need to emotionally feel abundant, free, secure, prosperous, safe, – all the states of being that having money offers. The universe will handle the details.

What else did I do?

I changed the beliefs that were in the way of creating abundance. For you Afraid, you may have a belief that says, “I can’t make good money in this rural area.” If you do, change it.

And any time you come to a roadblock, for instance if a technique isn’t working for you, or you want to discover what’s holding you back, ask for help. Your unseen friends are waiting to help, but you must ask them to help.

Above all else, have fun with this Afraid. It’s about the journey, remember?

Much love and in joyous creation,

Your relationship with money, work, opportunities, joy, and resources doesn’t have to be difficult.  Quite the opposite, it can be wonderful.  We all have the power to create our reality, let’s help you create a reality filled with abundance.  Boni’s award-winning book, The Map to Abundance, will help you take your inherent creation abilities to a whole new level, where money flows like water and joy is an everyday reality.

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6 comments to " Breaking the Cycle of Scarcity "

  • Sandra

    Loved your answer! Thank-you!

  • Roxy

    A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

  • Sudz

    Once again you write an article that is soo good for the soul! Thank you very much. I am going to use your techniques. Worrying is so not worth it.

  • Mark

    Yes, it is the feeling of abundance, joy, love and anything else I want that creates the reality

  • Hi Boni,
    Love the story and your response to it. The Universe hears all of our prayers and will answer them. The secret is to allow and to get out of our own way. What we want wants us too, we just have to align with it vibrationally and it will be attracted to us.

    • Boni


      I absolutely agree! It’s just awesome, isn’t it?

      Thanks for reading and commenting Justin!

      In joyous creation,

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