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A 16-year-old friend of mine was fast asleep in my guest room when a miss-set alarm clock began ringing loudly in the middle of the night. The next day he told me how the sudden noise threw him into a state of panic, “I thought it was the scream of a clown standing over my bed, ready to kill me!” My friend went on to say he was grateful it was morning and he was still alive.


If time lag didn’t exist, my friend’s thought would have literally killed him.


Yeah. It takes time for things to manifest on earth because if it didn’t every thought would manifest instantly! And you don’t want that. You really don’t want that.

“Am I going bald?” BAM. No hair!

“Is she in love with someone else?” BAM. She is!

“I wonder what it would be like to have a tail?” BAM. You now need to cut holes in all your jeans.

Not to mention the first time you think about dying—game over. You’re dead. Go back to Home and begin again. Even if you were warned not to think about death, it would be like saying don’t think about a pink elephant. BAM. Over.

Yes, time lag is your best friend. It allows you to slowly improve your ability to consciously create without causing damage to your reality.

What exactly is time lag?

Time lag is the amount of time it takes the energy you put forth (in the form of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) to manifest into reality (such as opportunities, money, relationships, etc.).

Manifesting is not instantaneous. It takes time because sometimes the universe needs to align, but more often because it’s just the way this process works. Time lag protects you.

However, there is another reason that it takes time to manifest things…and that has nothing to do with time lag and everything to do with putting forth enough energy.

A certain level of positive energy must be reached and maintained in order to change your reality. It takes practice to maintain the excitement and expectation about something that you don’t yet have—and practice takes time.

Conscious creation is like rolling a boulder down the road. It takes a lot of energy to get that boulder rolling. Once the momentum starts it becomes a bit easier, but if you stop putting forth energy the boulder will stop moving forward.  Worse, if you put forth opposing energy you are actually pushing the boulder back to where you started, or even back beyond your starting point.

Time lag can be your worst enemy

When people learn about the law of attraction they naturally get excited and hopeful and begin to dream dreams and imagine abundance. Naturally, they start looking for changes in their reality, and when they see nothing happening they can easily become disillusioned and doubt the validity of the entire concept.


They forget about time lag. They let doubt and fear creep in and push the entire dream away. Some stop their dream from becoming real just moments before it would otherwise have manifested. If you dance this frustrating dance time and again, it can take a very, very long time to create your dream, or, more likely, you give up on the entire concept.

When you focus only on what is here right now and assume what you see is what you will always get, you’ve lost the game. And that’s no fun. But you can learn to make time lag your friend.

How to make time lag work for you

1. Remember that time lag is real. No one manifests instantly all the time—that’s just the way it’s set up. When you know your dreams will take time to manifest it helps you be patient while you wait.

2. Develop trust. If you absolutely, positively knew without a shred of doubt that you’d receive your dream life in one year, even during the year’s wait you’d be as happy as a clam and as patient as can be. Most people doubt their ability to create, and/or doubt that they deserve what they desire, which slows down the manifestation of their desires far more than time lag ever would. In order to develop trust, you have to change the beliefs that say it’s too good to be true, that you don’t deserve it, and other such ridiculous things. Don’t put this off. Do the work.

3. In the meantime, have fun! Time lag, shlime lag. Who cares? Allow your life to be fun now and stop thinking you have to have certain things before you can be happy. Be happy for absolutely no reason at all. Ironically it will help your dreams manifest quicker if you let go of the need to have them and simply focus on enjoying every minute of every day.

4. Believe in miracles. Sometimes things do manifest instantly. Not because it’s set up that way, but because your unseen friends want to give you a leg up. Don’t expect it, but be open to it. When dreams do happen instantaneously, be grateful to your helpers who sped up time to bring you a miracle.

5. Immerse yourself in your dream (emotionally). Feel as if your dream is already here right here, right now. Just imagine it—you have the career you want, the partnership you want, the money you want, the lifestyle you want, and of course you are uber happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. Make this your favorite game to play while driving, showering, or as you lie in bed before you drift off to sleep. Suddenly time lag doesn’t even matter because your dream is already here! (You’ll be amazed how quickly the reality follows if you get really good at this.) Check out the technique Shower “As If” to learn more about how to use this powerful tool.

Now that time lag is your friend, your dreams will manifest quicker and you’ll enjoy the process much more too. I’d love to hear about your experience as you implement these shifts into your life!

With great love,

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