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If you flowed positive energy all the time, your dreams would always manifest.  Not instantly, perhaps, but they would all manifest.

But most people don’t flow consistent energy. They get excited, then disappointed. They believe it will happen, and then they doubt themselves.

Especially in the beginning—you might forget to think about what you want, and instead slip into thinking about what you don’t have.  Not only do these negative thoughts and feelings push your dream away, but they can actually attract more of what you don’t want.

Then… perhaps you read a book, or attend a seminar, or hear about a friend’s success, and you get serious (again) about flowing positive energy into making your dreams come true.

Success, in particular, is incredibly lifting and motivating.  It could be a tiny sign or a huge success, your success or someone else’s.  Just reading about success is a great way to stay in the glorious resonance of success.  Which is why I’ve included this beautiful list of success stories from fellow creators who are just like you.  As you read, allow yourself to strengthen the belief in your power and the responsiveness of the universe.

Happy creating,

Free money!

“I was able to create a scholarship to help pay for college when I didn’t even sign up for it! I just got an email saying I had won it. I had added “winning a scholarship” to a vision board I had made for my communication class…and it manifested! I created it!”
~ Anonymous

Instant result!

“Before leaving my apartment, I thought (then immediately revised my thought) about how when I first started consciously creating things seemed slow but then really picked up. Went to Starbucks and while standing in line I imagined receiving a free drink. Less than a minute later, the elderly gentleman in front of me placed his order and said he’d cover my drink as well! Pretty sweet!”
~ Wiggybrain

Pearl Earrings

For the past few years I got the idea that I had to own a pair of pearl earrings. I always felt that they looked classy and elegant and would help add to my wardrobe. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on them since there are so many other things that seem to take precedence. I still thought about them and could picture them on my ears. One day I got a postcard in the mail from a jewelry store stating ‘Happy Anniversary, Bring in this card for your free pair of pearl earrings to celebrate’ I still couldn’t believe it. What was the catch? A couple weeks later I went to the mall, took in my card and presented it to the salesman. He wished me Happy Anniversary and handed me a red velvet bag with a pair of beautiful white pearls. As I walked out the door I couldn’t be more excited. They were finally on my ears…no catch, no sales pitch. Just a ‘Smile & Happy Anniversary’.
~ Sarablette

I Manifested Money!

One of my biggest challenges is my debt right now. I have started to apply the techniques and gifts plus I just started reading The Map. Well I received a bonus in my paycheck that I was not expecting today! I was so thankful and know that I have attracted this to me and that this is just the beginning. I can’t explain the gratitude I felt when I checked my bank account and found the extra money sitting in my account! Thank you GOD!!!!
~ Melissakemp

Small yet awesome steps.

Every day I’m getting little signs, it’s 5am here, I was out delivering some pamphlets to earn some much needed extra $ and found a $20 note just sitting there waiting for me… Grateful n loving it.
~ Andrewdriver

A beautiful start

I discovered [the Live a Life You Love] website just a few days ago, definitely no coincidence. I have been interested in the Law of Attraction for about a year, and powerful changes are happening. Meeting Boni a few days ago was one of those powerful, anything-but-coincidence things. I need something to do while I wait for the book, so I spent much of yesterday reading posts here. One post suggested that I write down ‘10 little things’ I’d like to have happen this week, so I did. Two of them were ‘Get a beautiful, unexpected compliment,’ and ‘An unexpected hug.’ Last night a friend invited me out to a restaurant to meet her sister. There were 8 people total, and although I had a met a few, they were casual acquaintances at best. When I arrived, my friend was there with her sister. My friend gave me her usual enthusiastic hug, and then her sister popped up and said, ‘I want to hug you too!’ One down… We sat down to eat, and the woman sitting across from me said, ‘You have the most amazing skin I have ever seen. It is absolutely radiant. It’s like – you are glowing!’ Two down… Now, all I could think was, ‘It’s not my skin. It’s the energy I have been moving all day shining outward!’ I never think about skin – I certainly don’t do anything special to my skin, although recently I have been moving energy toward the health of my body, staying young and vibrant. But I just thanked her profusely and smiled and felt the love. The guy next to me was saying that he had no idea how old I was. Wow. As the meal ended and I got up to leave, I heard my name called from behind me. It was two friends from a business mastermind group I was in quite a few years back. More hugs, more tales of success on all sides. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the list!”
~ Marilynpower

Attracted money magically!

I have been consciously creating for a couple of months now and recently have started to focus all my thoughts, energy and time on creating money. So I decided to set my wallpaper as this: ‘Today is a delightful day. I am attracting money in expected and unexpected ways.’

Now, here’s where the magic happened. I actively trade the equity markets and have been experiencing higher and higher returns through my investments since I started doing this. Then, just last week, when I was doing my accounting for the month, I realized I had a couple thousand dollars worth of shares I had miscounted for just sitting in my account. And to beat that, they had grown 9% from their purchase price! Talk about money coming in through expected and unexpected ways!

Rest assured I am not changing my wallpaper anytime soon. ;)
~ Anonymous

I Created An Amazing Refinance!

One of my rental properties was a squeeze financially. It was a year to year struggle. I decided to create positive cash flow and ease. I imagined it. I got excited about it. And a bank contacted ME with an offer to refinance. The offer they originally made I was unqualified for, but they worked with me and still offered a rate that puts me in a positive cash flow of tens of thousands of dollars a year! Yay for MAGIC!
~ Anonymous

Magic check

Just 2 weeks after Changing my beliefs about and around money.. I received in the mail a check from a company I have never before dealt with in anyway…addressed to me!!! Although I notice subtle changes every day.. This sign could not be more clear…a check for me! For no reason at all other than I now believe I deserve it and I also let go of how it should happen…opening myself up to limitless possibilities♡♡♡
~ Deanna Lee

I Manifested the Love of My Life

I manifested the love of my life. True story. And it took 6 weeks from intention to creation. We’ve been married 8 years going on 9.

Since December 21, 2014, when I sat down and created my intentions for 2015, I’ve landed a paid blogging gig and I’m being asked to teach more yoga in the salt cave and at two different martial arts studios.

I am creating the life of my dreams – I set my intentions, capture the feelings, and then let the Universe deliver. And by the way, I grew 1/2 an inch from practicing yoga :-)
~ Peggynolan

Already moving in the right direction!

I’m just getting started on this journey. This morning I wrote out my intentions, one of which was to expand my social circle and make a couple of good friends. And during the course of the day I (a) received an unusual invitation from an old friend (who I no longer see nearly as often as I would like) to go for lunch, (b) received an invite from a casual acquaintance to get together this weekend, and (c) took my daughter to her activity this evening, and spent the hour chatting with a woman I met months ago at a healing weekend and haven’t seen since. I am loving this process!
~ Tashapet

Journaling your success as you consciously create your reality is imperative.  Our Success Journal is the perfect place to note your victories.  This beautiful journal makes it easy and fun to write the lessons you’ve learned, the techniques you use, the signs you receive and the success itself when it manifests, plus goes deeper into your success so you can sustain your manifestations.  Recording your successes will create even more success!

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