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Not many years ago, I filed for bankruptcy. How, you may ask, can one who purports to know “reality creation” have sunk so low?

Easy really – I got caught up in lack and scarcity. Nearly everything in my life was changing quicker than I could assimilate it. I became more and more panicked. Money was the thing I panicked most about.

I knew I could create abundance. But instead of having patience and slowly allowing the reality to unfold I could only focus on not having what I wanted. Subsequently I received more and more of what I didn’t want. One creditor finally forced my hand and I had no choice but to do what I feared most – declare bankruptcy.

I knew I shouldn’t have been focusing on lack. But oftentimes it’s easier said than done.

We have a tendency to know what we want yet we focus on the fact that we don’t have it yet. That focus creates a spiral of negativity that can completely sabotage the very thing we’re trying to create. Of course it doesn’t manifest. Then we worry more about not having it, and so on and so on.

Usually we lose faith that we’ll ever get what we want, when faith (a.k.a. patiently knowing it is coming) is the very thing we need. So what do you do if you find yourself in this abyss?

1.   Stop – The first thing that it is imperative to do is take a break. Stop the negative thinking. The path you’re on when you get into a negative spiral like this (or martyrdom, or self-pity) is only going to bring you more lack and scarcity. Take a walk. Take in a movie. Meditate – you may want to, in your meditation, climb to the highest meditative mountain and scream at the top of your metaphysical lungs “NO MORE NEGATIVITY! STOP THIS REALITY NOW!” Then see yourself in the reality you do want. You may want to use a flower essence remedy to change your resonance, or hold a piece of citrine crystal, but the most important thing is to cease the emotion and thought filled with lack.

2.   Regroup and Remember – Once you’ve had a chance to take a break from the bad vibes, it’s time to remember what is real. You really do create your reality. All of it. Maybe you don’t create it all consciously yet, but you do and you can create it fully consciously eventually. Begin today. Do whatever you need to do to regain that knowing and solidity of the power and ability you hold to change your world. Listen to tapes, read books, call a friend, but regain the deep knowing that you are the creator of your life.

3.   Slow Down – One of the biggest obstacles to really allowing tremendous abundance is not being patient enough. Although I have created some marvelous little abundances fairly quickly, the big ones usually take time. I know you don’t want it to be this way, but it is. Patience, however, pays off big time. Usually once you have patience, things move at lightning speed (how’s that for a paradox?). That is because having patience does speed things up. You are no longer holding off what you desire by thinking about it not being here. Once I started embracing patience, I went from a temp to a manager to a vp to president to full 100% ownership of my own company within 2 ½ years.

4.   Clarify – Now that you have some confidence back, what is it you really want? And how will that feel? Write it down in the form of intentions.

5.   Take Stock – Are you doing what it takes to create what you want? Are you focusing on it? Are you taking action on it? Are you paying attention to what the universe is offering you in response, and adjusting your beliefs, action, focusing accordingly?

6.   Give ThanksGratitude is a powerful, powerful resonance. Use it. There is something to be grateful for in every part of your life. I remember having the rent due, no job, no money and just sitting down with a little tiny check that would cover only 5% of what I owed… but I looked at that check and thought, “I created this. Over one hundred dollars! This money has come to me by my power, thoughts, emotions and choice. Plus I have unseen friends to guide and assist me in my creations. I am so blessed.” I refused to think about anything except what I had (and be grateful) and what I wanted. I refused to feel anything but abundant. And wow, did my life change.

7.   Celebrate – Like I celebrated that little check, let every single thing you can represent a win. Affirm you’re receiving the things you desire… even the littlest signs. You are building the energy, and the little signs build bigger signs and eventually the actual reality. But only if you keep the juice flowing.

In joyous creation,

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  • Marie

    I have discovered this blog today while I was looking to change beliefs…I am amazed by everything I’ve read so far. It’s helped me slowing down the crazy wagon I was riding, thank God! Or, thank you, Boni! I sense I will be spending quite some time here in the next couple of days…Thank you, Universe, for guiding me here. :)

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