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If you have a dream and are not acting on it I say you have not a dream but a fantasy. And hey, that’s cool. Fantasies are fun.

But they are also frivolous. And they seldom, if ever, manifest in reality.

All I ask is – don’t fool yourself. And don’t give this Universe of Free Will a bad name by pretending you don’t create it all because your “dream” didn’t happen.

To have a dream without action gives the universe conflicting messages. On one hand, you say you want this dream, on the other, you don’t really expect it to happen.

“What! Of course I expect it to happen!”

If you did, my friend, you would be taking action – showing the universe you are serious about this dream and fully expect its manifestation.

Hold on…

I’m not talking about blind action. If your dream is to move to Bali I am not talking about getting on a bus today despite not having the money to make it further than Poughkeepsie.

I am talking about taking small, definitive steps towards that dream. Like:

Buy a book on Bali.

Join an online forum of ex-pats who now live in Bali.

Plan an exploratory trip toBali.

Make plans about what you will take, how much that will cost, and pare down your belongings now.

“Wait, I don’t want to begin getting rid of things – what if I never move there?”

Sweetheart, if you aren’t sure enough that you want to move to Bali to begin getting rid of the things you wouldn’t want to take with you, you should not be intending to move to Bali!

Instead, your intentions might be something like these:

•  I intend to become clear on where I want to live.

•  I intend to live in a place that is beautiful, warm, sensuous, loving, spiritual and exciting.

•  I intend to have fun adventures in my life.

•  I intend to try out various places to live (including Bali) in the next few years in an easy, elegant, flowing, freeing fashion.

Notice the new intentions do not preclude Bali, but they expand into a much wider range of possibilities.

These possibilities could manifest as a job with international travel (adventure) and a home base in sunny California or Florida (beautiful and warm) in a community so loving and connected (sensuous and spiritual) you are filled with all of the qualities you desired and more. You meet the love of your life there (loving) and suddenly you can’t imagine living anywhere else (clarity!).

Now maybe you didn’t know you weren’t that clear about moving to Bali until it came time to sell off some of your stuff… and it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that when you start taking action, if you are paying attention, you do become clearer.

But more than that – taking action speaks volumes to your subconscious mind. Action solidifies your intention and strengthens your flow of energy towards that dream. Action is part of creation.

Now don’t just sit there – take a step towards that dream of yours today!

In joyous creation,

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3 comments to " Don’t Just Sit There – Do Something! "

  • Sheryl

    Great message. It makes a very important distinction between fantasy and a dream. ….and a kick in the pants, too. Thank you so much! Sheryl

  • Boni, I guess the gist of your post is one ought to be specific about what they want, then act specifically on that?

    • Boni

      Hi Again David,

      Well, that is sort of it. This post really should be taken in context with the overall Map of conscious creation. Taking action is a part of the map, but not all of it. And if you can be specific, great, but if you don’t necessarily need it to create what you want and often times it gets in the way.

      Say you want a loving relationship… you don’t have to know what that looks like to act. You can go to a party you’re invited to, join an online dating service, clean up your apartment even (getting ready to show it to your new love for the first time). All those actions tell the universe you are really ready for the relationship and you expect it to happen.

      I hope this helps clarify…

      In joyous creation,

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