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I have long maintained that the shower is a wonderful place to “consciously create your reality”. Take a look at the benefits:

•  It’s something you do every single day, so it’s easy to be consistent.

•  It’s enough time to focus and have impact on your world but not so much time that you’ll lose that focus.

•  Everything you do in the shower is automatic, so your mind is free to focus on your dream.

•  Your attention isn’t being pulled away by the computer, phone, television, doorbell, etc.

This technique, “Shower ‘As If’” is easy, fun and can be done every single day without taking time from the rest of your life. To do the technique:

1.   Decide what piece of your dream you want to focus energy towards.

2.  From the moment you step into the shower, until the moment you step out, pretend you already have that piece of your dream.

3.  While you are in the shower, think about your day as if you really were this “future you”. For instance:

If you are focusing on creating more money, you may “shower as if” you have ten times the income you currently have. Don’t spend time wondering how you would get it! Instead assume it came easily and elegantly and “shower as if” it was just there.

You might think about where you are going to take your sweetheart to dinner this weekend. You might think about what kind of car you want to purchase. You may think about what you want to dream of next, now that money is not an issue in your life. Just have fun with it!

If you are focusing on creating a loving partnership or a more loving partnership, “shower as if” you already have it. You don’t even need to know who it is. Just pretend you are in a loving, supportive, compassionate, sexy, fun and respectful union with someone.

You might think about what you are going to buy him/her for the next holiday or birthday. You might think about how you might surprise him or her with a romantic evening or weekend. You might think about all the things you are grateful for about this person. Again, let yourself have a great time with this. Then, let it go.

As always, if you find negativity surfacing in the form of thoughts such as, “Uh oh, if I have that much money, so and so will want some!” or “I can never create a relationship that is good!” remember what came up, jot it down when you step out of the shower, and when you have some time take a look at your beliefs and change the constricting ones.

If you get in the habit of doing this every day, you will be flowing energy towards that dream at a regular pace and should see some signs (or the dream itself) very shortly!

Have fun, and when you receive some success (even signs of success) share it with me and other conscious creators on the Inspire page!

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