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As the only girl in a family of boys, I thought the “Damsel in Distress” routine was the way to get what I wanted. But I learned the hard way that while victimhood worked okay for me as a kid, as an adult, it wasn’t quite as effective.

What I didn’t know when I took on that identity was that (as Edgar Cayce so aptly put it), “Thoughts are things.” Quantum physics has proven it and, like it or not, every person on the planet abides by that rule—from the president of the United States, to the homeless guy living out of his car.

I took my helpless persona and debilitating thoughts into adulthood, and guess what I created? Struggle, scarcity, and lots of lack. It wasn’t until I found my house in foreclosure and was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy that I took a close look at what I was doing to myself.

Our thoughts, and the feelings attached to them, create our world. The mind is the ultimate level playing field. It took hitting rock bottom to change my thoughts. But once I did, my reality followed.

Within days I had a part-time job, and within weeks I was made a full-time offer. Two years later, I incorporated a business with just $50, and within five years that company was grossing $5 million a year (without me putting in another cent)!

Yes, those successes were because of my thoughts. By that point I had become very conscious about choosing positive thoughts (and changed a few beliefs along the way). And it paid off—literally.

Thoughts are that powerful. And they will work against you if you unconsciously choose the bad ones. But how do you know which thoughts to choose?

Seven thoughts you should NEVER think:

The following are thoughts that most of us think every single day. And every day, these thoughts undermine our best efforts to create our reality.

1.    There’s never enough …
Counter thought: Whether I believe the universe is abundant or that there are limited supplies of everything, my reality will support that belief. I imagine a world where there is more than enough for everyone.

2.    I can’t …
Counter thought: I may not be able to do something this minute, but I can intend to create it—and if I’m willing to do the work, I can make it real.

3.    It’s his/her fault …
Counter thought: I take responsibility for everything in my life. I’ve created most of my world unconsciously, and now that I’m becoming more conscious, anything is possible.

4.    I’m not appreciated …
Counter thought: I do what I do because I choose to be loving, giving, and supportive—no strings attached. How others respond to my actions is their business, not mine.

5.    Life is hard…
Counter thought: Life is as hard as I believe it to be. I intend to create a reality in which my life is easy, elegant, and fun.

6.    He/she has what I want…
Counter thought: Others having what I want is a sign from the universe that it is possible for me, too. I celebrate the successes of others.

7.    Poor me…
Counter thought: I choose to release my self-pity and to be grateful for all that is right in my world. I am powerful beyond measure and I intend to learn how to use that power to create a life I love!

It was Buddha who said,

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.”

Can a little positive thinking really make that much difference? Well, it’s not the only element to creating success—emotions and beliefs are strong creators too—but it’s a really good start.

Play with it. After all, what do you have to lose—feeling miserable? Seems like a good trade to me.

With love,

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10 comments to " 7 Thoughts You Should NEVER Think "

  • New Age Time

    Hey Boni you have a great content here,would you like to do guest post on my blog ?

    • Boni


      I do guest blogging from time to time. It needs to have some reach though, to fill my intentions of helping many empower themselves.


  • DP

    Boni, thank you so much for this wealth of information. I am indeed richer by receiving this gift from you. Thank you again my wealthy friend! Much love to you!

  • Shubhaangi Kundalkar

    Thank you Boni. I am a regular reader of your pages as they come in my inbox each day. Each day brings in something new for us to ponder upon. Be blessed abundantly as you are bringing soooooo much of hope to so many of us.

  • Angela

    Boni — I love hearing your inspiring story and how it is possible for us to completely shift our lives and live a life by design! I first listened to your audiobook when I was reeling from the shame of alcoholism and divorce after 20 years. I was afraid that I would be destroyed financially, afraid that I would never find my forever love, afraid that I was doomed to being bitter, angry and alone. In the two years that have followed, I am now well on the road to recovery! I am engaged to a fabulous man, have more money than I have ever had, treasure my time alone and have learned to truly love myself! I am creating an exciting, gorgeous life in which I am the magical enchantress! Thank you for your courage to change your own life and to share your journey with others!

    • Boni

      Dear Angela,

      I loved reading your story of becoming a magical enchantress! What perfect words. I’m so happy you faced your fear and made a different choice for yourself. Keep up the amazing work!

      with love,

  • D

    Thank you! This came at such perfect timing for me :) Have a wonderful week.

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