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Dear Boni,

I read The Map from front to back and started writing intentions, journaling, etc.

I’m not new to self-help books, psychologists, attitudinal healing etc. And although I have achieved a lot, I’m lost again.

Is there a group email or some way I can reach out to people within this framework you have created? I really need some love, motivational support, career guidance, advice, and just help in general.

I sort of don’t know where to turn …

With kind regards and so many thanks,

Western Australia


Dear Jude (and so many other creators),

Thank you for reaching out.

I remember those challenging times in my own journey to becoming a conscious creator. It’s ironic really, in the beginning you’re like a tiny seedling, needing so much care and support and nurturing to keep the creator “you” alive and growing strong. And if you’re anything like I was, there’s no one to talk to about this stuff.  By the time you’re an expert conscious creator, you’re like the giant oak tree—little nurturing, or support, or special care needed.

So where does one turn to find like-minded folks to share successes, stumbling blocks, and support? Here are a few ideas, a couple of which aren’t quite live yet, but more support is on the way!

You might check out:

•  Live a Life You Love Support Group Page

This page lists more than 100 people all over the world who have read The Map and who have reached out to support and be supported. Some have indicated interest in running a group, others simply want to connect.  Drop one or all an email and see what you can create together!

•  Consciously Creating a Life You Love – Private Facebook Page

This page is fairly active and is a great place to receive guidance from Boni, ask questions, get answers and connect.

•  Private Sessions with Boni

Join Boni for a one-on-one session where she can respond to issues/roadblocks/patterns and you can ask any question you have about conscious creation or The Map. You will receive guidance, support, healing, and directed energy for your dreams to manifest in the best possible way for you.

•  Creation School (coming soon!)

Creation school is an online school being developed by Boni that will help you take your creating to the next level. There will be a private Facebook page available to all Creation Schoolers for the purpose of support, guidance, comradery and celebrations! Make sure you are on our email list to be notified when courses begin!

And as you’re creating your beautiful support system, don’t forget to …

Create It Consciously

Remember to do the work as you seek support for the work.

•  Set your intentions. They might be something like:

· I intend to create a loving, conscious, excited, and supportive support system to honor, inspire, celebrate, and troubleshoot my conscious creating.

· I intend that it’s easy to attract these like-minded people to me, and fun to work together towards creating lives we love.

· I intend that people in my life who are not supportive of my quest to consciously create my dreams either fall out of my life gracefully, or have only positive impact on my creations, with harm to none.

•  Change any constrictive beliefs. They might be something like:

· There aren’t people in my life who support my growth and conscious creation abilities.

· I can’t create people to support me.

· People in my life drag me down and make creating difficult.

You are all perfect creators. And you can learn to create this (and anything else) consciously, with elegance and ease.

All my love,

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