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When I first heard about the Law of Attraction I was gobsmacked (there just isn’t a better word for it). “What?” I thought, “We create our literal world?” I didn’t look for the quantum physics proof. I didn’t need it proven to me. Somehow, from someplace deep inside me, I knew it was true. “This news will change my life,” I thought. And it has.

I had worked hard, up until that point, believing that education, nose to the grindstone, and (ideally) a few lucky breaks were the keys to a struggle-free financial future. I grew up in a paycheck-to-paycheck, blue-collar family and I spent many lean years as a young adult.

Today, I’m a multi millionaire. The number of zeros doesn’t matter—the freedom money has brought me matters. The safety and security that money has brought me matters. The fun I can have creating beauty, traveling, and building my business matters. I consciously created financial freedom, and you can too.

Even if you have more than enough money, you’ll want other abundances, such as freedom, creativity, success, love, joy, and fun. For most people, creating abundance is easier said than done. But it doesn’t have to be. Creating more money (or other abundances) is easy—once you know how.

Yes, the “how” can be complicated. It can take years to clear out all the sabotaging beliefs around money. Money is difficult to create because our society has made it difficult to create. But it doesn’t have to be. You can learn how to create money, and once you have, you’ll agree that money is actually the easiest thing to create.

There are changes you can make today that will increase your abundance in your immediate future. Here are six simple things you can do today that can shift your reality around money within days:

1. Claim a new mantra (5 minutes a day):

“I am a divine creator and I have the ability to create unlimited abundance! I create greater and greater abundance every day, in every way, and the ways in which abundance comes to me are often surprising.”

Print this out and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Memorize it and set a timer on your phone to remind you to say it 1-4 times an hour.

Hear this: If your energy shifts your reality shifts. It really is that simple.

2. Make a list of five abundances you desire (10 minutes, just once):

In order for more abundance to come into your life you have to imagine more abundance coming into your life. Write down five things you’d like more of (make money one of them) and include some details.

For instance, instead of: “I intend to create more money,” write: “I intend to create enough money to… And fill in the blank.” Maybe … Start your own business? Take a month-long vacation? Remodel the basement? Send your child to summer camp? Don’t forget other abundances as well—love, creativity, fun, etc. But make sure these five things are things you really want.

3. Expand your possibilities (10 minutes, just once):

Many people get stuck trying to figure out how money will enter their lives. This holds them back, because money can come in a million ways, and once you let that in, you open to receiving more of it. So expand the possibilities …

Write down 10 (unexpected) ways money could come to you. For example: “Your boss calls and says that the company had accidentally been taking an extra $50 a week from your paycheck for an insurance policy that was no longer active—for over a year!” (That really happened to one family the day after they made the choice to consciously create abundance!)

Just play with this. Imagine scenarios such as: A long lost relative dies and leaves you a million dollars. You have an idea and build a business that skyrockets overnight. You find an ancient relic worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in your backyard.

What would you do with the money? How would your life change? How good can you imagine life being? This exercise may also point out some beliefs you may want to change if you find yourself thinking along the lines of: “That could never happen to me.”

4. Own your current abundances (5 minutes a day—but you could do this anywhere—even in the shower!):

There’s nothing like feeling abundant to draw in more abundance. The more you feel grateful for the abundances you already have, the easier even more will come in.

What? You don’t have anything to feel grateful for? How about blue skies and sunsets? The freedom to move? The faces of loved ones? Do you have a roof over your head? Food in your belly? Do you have clothes on your back? Why, I’ll bet you even have more than one set of clothes!

There is always something to feel grateful for. And the more you pay attention to the abundance you already receive, the more abundance will show up in your life.

5. Imagine you already have everything you want (on and off throughout the day, totaling 5-10 minutes a day):

Spend a day imagining that you have your dream life now. Drive your car as if it’s your dream car. Wear your clothes as if they’re designer duds. When you wake up in the morning, pretend that you already have the money, the love, the success, and the fun that would make your life a dream come true. How would you act? What would you think? How would you feel?

Remember, friends, it’s your emotions that are the creative force. Simply imagining having the things you want will cause a resonance shift, which will cause more wonderful things to appear in your reality. It’s not conjecture—it’s physics. And when you start seeing things change …

6. Acknowledge the “signs” that your world is becoming more abundant (5 minutes a day):

What’s a sign? A sign is something changing in a positive way around abundance—and it’s a message from the universe that you’re on your way to creating your dreams. At first the signs may be small, but if you keep the energetic changes coming they will get bigger and bigger.

A sign of greater monetary abundance might be that you go to the store for a specific item and it’s on sale. Or your friend gets a raise. Or your mom treats you to lunch. Or you find some money in an old pair of jeans.

Signs are indications that you’re shifting your energy around money and abundance. Keep track of them and celebrate them!

7. Pick up The Map to Abundance – The No Exceptions Guide to Creating Money, Success, and Bliss!

If you purchase this book, you’ll get The Abundance Ritual Meditation and dozens of other bonus gifts free!

If you see changes in your financial world by these simple shifts (and you will if you actually do them), imagine what you can create if you dedicate more time and energy to creating abundance? Imagine if you changed the subconscious beliefs that say it’s not possible? Imagine if you changed your image from someone who struggles to someone who receives abundance?

The sky is the limit—and that’s no exaggeration. Take it from someone who went from rags to riches by consciously creating it. If I can (and thousands of other have), you can too.

With love,


This article was first published in Aspire Magazine.

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6 comments to " 7 Ways to Increase Abundance in Your Life – TODAY! "

  • Donald Graves

    I’m disabled I do the best now I can do , we take care of my Altimers elderly mother with a prayer what we have we can make it through. its important we keep a eye on her but as I type I will pray the right things finds love me anew.
    With a future be correctly saw as a honest word I’d spiritually renewed , keeping faith and happy does her best with the mate I pray sees a as life as i do. My Best foot forward promises I make intentional thoughts so with the patience of understanding true. I love to write just I knew who, as I found another moment to share with Just all of you.
    God Bless Thank You for your time~seems I goof off a lot but direction always appreciated I love what spent time doing and just stay in eyes view. its love what is what I do.

  • Ideally, these recommendations will help you grow your appreciation and work
    with the way you perform.

  • Maureen

    I have read and reread The Map and used the workbook. I love Messages from Your Unseen Friends and The Art of Extreme Self-Care and look forward to this new book! Will you let us know how to secure a copy of your new book by next Friday? You are truly an inspiration. Thank you, Boni.

    • Maureen

      How do I respond to the message that my “User is already taken”? Am I not allowed to make a comment to this new message from Boni?

    • Gwen

      Hi Maureen – we are thrilled you would like to read The Map to Abundance! The book officially launches on Thursday, October 5th. We will be sending out a few emails that day with the link to order the book so you can receive the 25+ bonus gifts that come along with your purchase of the book on launch day. I double checked and you are subscribed to our email list, so you will receive those emails on Thursday with links to order.

      If you have friends and family that might enjoy reading this book, please have them sign up to receive the emails on Thursday so they too may enjoy the book AND the gifts. Here is the link you can send them to sign up:

      Hugs and smiles!

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