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I have been consciously creating for a couple of months now and recently have started to focus all my thoughts, energy and time on creating money. So I decided to set my wallpaper as this: “Today is a delightful day. I am attracting money in expected and unexpected ways.”

Now, here’s where the magic happened. I actively trade the equity markets and have been experiencing higher and higher returns through my investments since I started doing this. Then, just last week, when I was doing my accounting for the month, I realized I had a couple thousand dollars worth of shares I had miscounted for just sitting in my account. And to beat that, they had grown 9% from their purchase price! Talk about money coming in through expected and unexpected ways!

Rest assured I am not changing my wallpaper anytime soon. ;)

Link of the wallpaper I used:

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2 comments to " Attracted money magically! "

  • Victoria

    Thank you for the link! Very nice of you. :)

  • MelloMel

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this story. I downloaded the wallpaper and I enjoy looking at it everyday. Will be returning to this story as I continue to consciously create the life I desire.

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