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I manifested the love of my life. True story. And it took 6 weeks from intention to creation. We’ve been married 8 years going on 9.

Since December 21, 2014, when I sat down and created my intentions for 2015, I’ve landed a paid blogging gig and I’m being asked to teach more yoga in the salt cave and at two different martial arts studios.

I am creating the life of my dreams – I set my intentions, capture the feelings, and then let the Universe deliver. And by the way, I grew 1/2 an inch from practicing yoga :-)

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  • lindahen

    I LOVE that you “grew” 1/2 an inch through the practice of yoga! (Of course I loved the rest of your story as well, but this just proves that it’s possible to change what others tell us cannot be changed!) Thanks!

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