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I discovered this website just a few days ago, definitely no coincidence. I have been interested in the Law of Attraction for about a year, and powerful changes are happening. Meeting Boni a few days ago was one of those powerful, anything-but-coincidence things. I need something to do while I wait for the book, so I spent much of yesterday reading posts here. One post suggested that I write down “10 little things” I’d like to have happen this week, so I did. Two of them were “Get a beautiful, unexpected compliment,” and “An unexpected hug.” Last night a friend invited me out to a restaurant to meet her sister. There were 8 people total, and although I had a met a few, they were casual acquaintances at best. When I arrived, my friend was there with her sister. My friend gave me her usual enthusiastic hug, and then her sister popped up and said, “I want to hug you too!” One down… We sat down to eat, and the woman sitting across from me said, “You have the most amazing skin I have ever seen. It is absolutely radiant. It’s like – you are glowing!” Two down… Now, all I could think was, “It’s not my skin. It’s the energy I have been moving all day shining outward!” I never think about skin – I certainly don’t do anything special to my skin, although recently I have been moving energy toward the health of my body, staying young and vibrant. But I just thanked her profusely and smiled and felt the love. The guy next to me was saying that he had no idea how old I was. Wow. As the meal ended and I got up to leave, I heard my name called from behind me. It was two friends from a business mastermind group I was in quite a few years back. More hugs, more tales of success on all sides. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the list!

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