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A lot has been written over the years about the law of attraction. Some of it’s true. And some of it isn’t. And some of it is partially true, which is the most misleading of all.

In 1902 James Allen wrote As a Man Thinketh, an oft-quoted and popular book read by many who desired to learn about the law of attraction. And although Mr. Allen was correct in his assertion that thoughts are important in affecting one’s world, what he left out was the other important piece …


Emotions are key in creating. If you think about money, but if you’re feeling afraid about not having enough money while you have the thought, you will most likely create the lack of money. If you think about love but are sad because you don’t feel you have enough love in your life, you will likely create a lack of love.

Thoughts and emotions create your reality. All of it.

What you think about and the feelings you experience while you think those thoughts, are like magnets, attracting circumstances, things, opportunities and people to you in precisely the way that makes you feel exactly the same way you did when you thought about it…

But it’s not just thoughts that create. We have thousands of thoughts a day. Obviously, they don’t all manifest. What creates our reality is a thought connected to an emotion. And not just one thought and one emotion, but a steady stream of thoughts and emotions. And not only daily thoughts and emotions, but other thought-connected things that produce emotion, such as beliefs (conscious and subconscious), attitudes, perceptions, choices, past experiences, – basically everything that produces emotion around the topic (your thought).

I call this “everything” essence.

What’s it boil down to?

Really, essence creates essence. Are you letting that in? Essence creates essence.

All of what you feel, act upon, believe, and think about in relation to a topic (which is the essence of that topic) draws to it a reality that is in alignment with that essence. The manifestations of that essence may take many forms. But ultimately, the way you feel when you receive the reality will be the same emotions you felt when you created it.

This is the reason visualization alone or thought alone will not create realities that are fulfilling if they create them at all. How many people in our world have focused on money, or jobs or people to love, only to be disappointed – even though they did manifest the thing they thought they wanted?

Applying the law

In order to change your reality and to create something different than you’ve had in the past, you must force the essence of that topic or thought to change.

Instead of performing mental gymnastics to try and figure out what essence you were providing (which is likely lack, fear, hardship, struggle, etc.), figure out what essence you prefer.

If you want something, more money, for example, focus on the essence you are really seeking. What emotional fulfillment will money bring you?








Then, very, very simply put, feel those feelings while thinking about more money coming into your life.

And if you had no other thoughts or feelings about money, you would attract more money. Period. And the money you attract will provide the feelings listed above. How cool is that?

That’s it?

That’s it.

If it is that easy, why don’t more people do it? Good question. Some don’t know about it. Some know about it but don’t practice it (likely because of a belief that it isn’t really true). Others don’t know the secret of essence.

And, honestly, there are complexities – like figuring out what essences the other “aspects” of you are sending out, such as your subconscious mind, your child self, your adolescent self, etc. But there are and lots of posts about the rest of the story (and there will be many more to come).

For now, sit with this for a bit: Essence creates essence. What is at the bottom of what you say you want? Feel that for a while. You may be surprised, at what shows up!

In joyous creation,

PS. While the law of attraction isn’t difficult to do (you do it every single day of your life)–it is complex. And it’s great to have someone who’s changed her life in every regard to show you the way. If you are serious about creating a life you love, pick up The Map and it’s companion The Map Workbook.  You can even sign up to receive 365 days of The Map–these daily emails enable you to progress through the entire book one day at a time! 

As one Amazon reviewer put it: “I love the concept that we create our own life. Very much like “The Secret” and “E Squared.” But Lonnsburry goes further by giving directions on how to do it consciously. I bought a copy of The Map for each of my children. The author has a great, down to earth style. Loved the book.”

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28 comments to " How the Law of Attraction (Really) Works "

  • Shanon Bailey

    This resonated with me. I can do the money = freedom and feel joy. Then I find evidence of money coming into my life. For example, going to lunch with a friend who decides to pay since I picked up the last round, free parking because the system is offline, or getting a random reimbursement from the insurance company. But money = freedom and feeling joy isn’t quite a habit and I sink back into lack. Then I see evidence of more bills, more spending than making and resort to fear. So I will work on this theme in my daily journal and remember to feel the joy in creating. Thank you!

    • Hi Sharon,

      I’m glad this resonated with you. Look at your beliefs too. Often they keep us stuck in feeling less than wonderful about money.


  • ORAnum

    The law of attraction allows us to bring in the energy of the universe to work in our favor. I personally believed in this. When I was young, there are many things I fervently asked from the universe. I put my heart and sould into believing that they would happen. And they did. I believe that if we believe something enough, we can call on the energies of the world to help us make it happen.

  • Tania

    This is really an awesome article ! My partner broke up with me 2 months ago due to my insecurities which harmed our relationship. I was wondering how the heck I’m I gonna beat them using the Law of Attraction and really get back with him in the future…

  • Niel

    Hi Boni,

    Thank You for sharing this article! It makes sense. I know the universe hears my desires for my request for financial freedom and I know I will manifest this desired lifestyle soon someday. Travel where I want, when I want, have the houses and cars I dream of. I see my life getting better and better financially (slowly). Little bump in raise, a bigger house, etc. Is it normal for the universal law to give you what you desire slowly in small pieces until your ultimate desire is manifested? It’s just I want to get out the 9 to 5 office grind and be financially free to do what I like. But I haven’t been getting any impulse to take any inspired action, like for a new idea or whatever is the most harmonious way from the universe? But I still feel the universe has my back.


    • Boni

      Hi Niel,

      You ask a great question! And I think I’ll use this to answer more fully in a video blog later this year…so watch for that! But the short answer is, the universe has no “normal” when it comes to timing. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. What you need to do is trust that it is happening–being fully patient and knowing that it will. But at the same time be on the lookout for beliefs that may be stopping it. It’s a fun dance when you get the hang of it. Lots more on this on the vlog, so be sure to sign up to receive them.

      Until then, be in gratitude for the little changes–celebrate those. And imagine many more of them to come.

      Much love,

  • shaleigh

    Yes, it makes sense!

  • Arty

    I thought positive thoughts about a dream I had and it has and is continuing to become true. I really want to meet a wonderful man who will be affectionate and kind to me. I have previously been very insecure in life about my looks and self esteem and love ….I so want it change this

  • amit

    thank u boni

  • Destinee

    Thank you so much for writing this! I continue to search more & more to find how to really work the LOA. I’m only 16 years old, but I want so much in life. I want it now. I’ve went through so much in the past & I’m just ready for all the things i deserve. I always feel good about money, I love it!! I love to shop & be able to buy what I want, but I don’t see more coming up?? I try to stay positive & happy, but I don’t understand why I should if LOA isn’t going to work either way? When I’m mad, I still have money. When I’m happy, i still have money. Its not mine though it’s my mom. So, I guess you can say I don’t have money no matter what I feel. I’m trying to come up financially & emotionally. I really want true love. I was with someone for two years & he abused me, neglected me, cheated on me hundreds of times & did stuff I can’t say.. I’m so ready to have someone else. we’ve been broken up for ATLEAST 5 months now. I want my soulmate now. My TRUE soulmate. But how???

  • Piya

    wonderful article!! I love a guy, we want to marry each other but currently we are facing issues with from families. Will I be able to solve it and get married to him with the help of law of attraction?

    • Boni

      Hi Piya,

      What’s there to solve? You are adults, right? Be in love. And be compassionately detached with your families. Set your boundaries and love them unconditionally but make it clear your boundaries are your boundaries. Then live happily ever after.

      You may be surprised to find out if you decide you are living in peace, joy, happiness and love now and forever more, and their issues are their issues, that they suddenly become more accepting and easier to get along with. And if not, it’s their choice now, isn’t it?


  • Ronald

    I really appreciate you and your post I hope to meet someone as lovely as you to live my dreams with! I wish my present wife would see my vision she started at first but now she doesn’t think its possible!


    Dear Boni,

    The article is very nice !

    In my personality, lack of thoughts came into my mind and some of are positive, some of are negative so my question is to you how can I control over my negative thoughts?

    Kindly advise !

    Cheers !!

  • Najat abdalla Ahmed

    lots of thx .. best useful thing i hv ever read .. wll b stuck 2 that

  • Leonardo

    You clarified all my doubts. Here´s the missing piece I was looking for. Thank you.

  • Ameya

    Thank you So much for sharing this article. Thanks a TON. LOA Really works…

  • haashoo

    Thank you so much for sharing it, well that was all I was looking for :)
    I am gonna attract you Boni ;)

  • Raj

    That was awesome.. !!
    I was looking for something like this to sum it up for me.
    I am sure i can do this well.
    Looking forward to share my success with you very soon.
    Very Grateful to you Boni !!

    • Boni

      Hi Raj,

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment and for your kind words. And I agree… YOU CAN DO THIS WELL!! It really isn’t hard…it’s just very particular. You cannot cheat the law of attraction. And beliefs are key.

      I’m excitedly anticipating your success stories Raj!!


  • QueenLove

    Thank you Boni. I am blessed to be connected to you. Peace, Loveness & Oneness

    • Boni


      Thank you for your kind words and your love. It is I who is blessed to be connected to you.

      In joyous creation,

  • By Essence do you mean the initial feeling you have when you hear “Money” for example? I can see people having fear just in hearing the word “Money.” I’ve read that by changing the feeling around different topics, or what you want to attract, it influences our Subconscious (Habitual) Mind.

    Its great seeing articles like this that clarify some of the misinterpretations of the LoA. Thanks so much :)

    • Boni

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comments and your kind words!

      And yes, essence could be the initial feeling people have about a topic. There could be more in the nuances of it though. For instance, if someone heard the word ‘love’ they may have a positive feeling, but when they heard the world ‘monogamy’ they may have been betrayed and have a very negative feeling. If they want to ‘create’ love in their lives (and want that love to be monogamous), they will have to change their belief about being betrayed.

      And definitely, you CAN change your reality by changing your feelings about things. Literally change your reality! Isn’t that amazing?

      I hope this has helped Michael!

      In joyous creation,

  • Sarah

    Oh Boni, So lovely and so wonderful! I feel it from my toe nails to the hair follicles on my head … Joy, peace, freedom, security, safety, ease, esteem and love!!! I will keep these feelings out and open myself up to lots of money and a divine relationship!!! ♥ Thank you!!! ♥

    • Boni


      I’m so happy the words resonated for you. It really works. If you work it. Thanks so much for your kind words and for taking the time to post.
      Sending you love and light for both dreams and more to manifest with elegance and ease!

      ♥ Boni

  • Jay Street

    Thank You!

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