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Dear Boni,

My life is changing rapidly and everything I have intended is coming true! Should I be nervous that my creations are all happening like this?

It almost freaks me out a little bit. I am not fearful at all inside because I know this is all a journey, but it does kind of overwhelm me that I quite possibly can be THIS powerful? Any insight for me on this new feeling I have?

Successful & A Little Shocked


Dear Successful,

Your feelings are absolutely normal. I remember feeling exactly the same way with my first big wins. You are an immensely powerful divine being, having a physical lifetime where you are just discovering the implications of that divinity (meaning you have the ability of the gods and goddesses to create your reality) and that power (meaning there are no limitations on what you can create on this planet). Who wouldn’t be a bit overwhelmed when that knowledge sinks in?

First – Congratulations on your successes!

I know you haven’t been at this very long, and that you have allowed so many wonderful successes in your life and the lives of others near you is evidence of your courage and love for yourself and others. That is really awesome!

Second – Pay attention to your reality and your emotions. 

I suggest that you to pay attention to whether you see any signs of difficulty or a snapback. In other words, things going wrong or recurring fear or anxiety.

Remember, this does not have to happen. And certainly, don’t expect it. But with some people it does. Why? Because sometimes we can’t sustain quick positive changes. Our realities get out ahead of who we think we are deep inside.

So if it does happen, just take some time to figure out why. Oftentimes it is because of a belief like:

“Things can only get so good.”
“I really don’t deserve to have everything wonderful.”

“Any day now, the other shoe will drop.”

And more importantly, a preventative measure: Work on your self-image every day (in the shower is a good time to do this), stretching into the being you want to be a year from now.

Third – You can always slow down or speed up growth.

Sometimes reality moves too quickly for all of us. But we have another choice other than just holding on for the ride. Just ask your higher self to slow things down a bit so you can catch your breath and integrate all the changes that have happened thus far.

Finally – Dream new dreams!

Some people who don’t do this tear down the dream they manifested just so they can create it again. Don’t let that be you. Enjoy what you created, own it, celebrate it, be grateful for it, and then dream the next dream. It doesn’t have to be for you, it could be for those you love, your community, or for the world. But your nature is to dream and create–remember that.

With love

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23 comments to " Is It Too Good To Be True? "

  • Anu




    Your jitters are signals from the chatter of the former you

    Celebrate these wonderful accomplishments !

  • I think that “change” in general can be pretty scary, Boni, whether good or bad. Through these years, I’ve been through many changes in my life: moved to a new house, lost my uncle, got the vacation I’ve long waited for, and got a new dog (and new responsibility… an adorable responsibility). As long as you don’t let them, nothing can stop you from moving forward and achieving your dreams, so keep up the good work Successful! This a beautiful post, Boni! Great job! More power to you and your blog!

    • Boni


      Yes, change can be petrifying. Sometimes the good change is scarier than the bad. The trick for me has been learning how to deal with the fears, panics, feelings of inadequacy when faced with obstacles, etc. Once you have tools it does get easier. IF you remember to use them! :)

      And thank your for your kind words, Mike!


      • April

        Boni, have you or are you planning on writing anything about fear of change and how to soften that fear? This is a bit of a problem for me, and I’d like to hear what you have to say about that.

        • Boni

          Hi April,

          I haven’t written anything specifically addressing fear of change although I’ve touched on the subject here and there. I will write about it though…I think it affects many of us! Thanks for the suggestion!


  • Hooray to self empowerment!

  • Charm

    Lovely blog you have here, Boni! Keep up the good work!

  • Great article, Boni! I think that sometimes negative emotions have become so habitual that when they’re gone, a small part of us subconsciously misses them…

    • Boni

      I agree Cloris. We are oftentimes happy to settle for what we know than to risk the uncomfortable feelings of change. But luckily we’re also dreamers, hope-rs and love-rs and so we keep searching, yearning and growing. xo

  • Enjoyed this post. Funny how we can be afraid to accept so many blessings!

    • Boni

      Thanks Deborah. Yeah, it is funny and kind of sad too. People would be astounded to realize the scope and breadth of their own power. So we let it in little bit by little bit. And that’s ok too. :) xo

  • Lynnae Bowen

    Thank you. I really needed to hear this. I created and then realized that there was another belief about “controlling the manifesting ” , crazy lol. I was reminded to work on self image and to ask my higher self which I always forget . Another belief that I have to do this alone. Great stuff.

    • Boni

      Thanks Lynnae! Control is one of the biggies for all of us. Trick is to recognize it, which you have done. Congrats! xo

  • tammy

    Incredible. I can see myself in each of the things you share. I seem to keep going around & around in the same circle. I am going to continue to continue. Love this article.

    • Boni

      Tammy, I love “continue to continue”. If we keep moving forward, even incrementally, we WILL get there. (And sometimes a circle is really a spiral!) xo

  • Vee

    Thank you! That is the truth nothing can stop you from what we want to accomplish! God is great!

    • Boni

      Vee, WE are the only thing that can stop us from what we want to accomplish. And that’s great news!! xo

  • Ellie

    Love this post!

    • Boni

      Thanks Ellie!! xo Boni

      • Colleen

        What about the sick starving terminal ill dying how come it doesn’t work for them when they pray, ask, plead and beg for help and cures to no longer suffer to have food to end war etc.?

        • Boni


          It works for everyone. Pleading, begging and asking to have it “created for you” will only attract more realities to plead, beg and ask to be lifted from. These people are creating “unconsciously”, not consciously. Of course they don’t “want” those realities. But in order to change them they must come from a place of empowerment, not victimhood. I hope this helps Colleen!


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