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Starting over could’ve been my middle name. At 30 years old (already late to the “figuring my life out” party) and in the midst of pursuing a joing MBA/JD degree, I quit my trajectory in the direction of corporate law.

Before I’d started law school, I had my doubts as to how I’d do in a highly competitive program, and I shocked myself (and probably a few others) to discover I was not only good at it—I excelled. I had already been working on an MBA degree, and combining the two paths seemed like a guaranteed six figure corporate law job offer at the end of the tunnel.

What I didn’t bargain for were the tragedies that would interfere with my trajectory.

First, my mother, riddled with the most wildly aggressive cancer, died at age 56. I new the loss of a mother was always tough—but this seemed to be devastating for everyone in our family. My mother, even though a bit controlling, loved fiercely—we never doubted she loved us.  Losing her knocked us all off balance.

Six months later a 10-ton construction crane toppled, knocking down my 27-year-old brother, father of four, and his left leg was crushed. The doctors hoping they could save it, harvested veins from his healthy leg to replace the ones damaged in his injured leg.  But three surgeries later, the inevitable occurred—he lost it.

These events hit me hard and I realized life was too short and too unpredictable to do anything other than question my own path—was I following my bliss? The answer was “No.” Heading into my final year of both degrees, I quit the programs.

Fast forward nearly a dozen years. Again, at a crossroads—newly divorced and entirely directionless, penniless, and (I thought…) powerless, I was challenged to reinvent myself once again.

And, just three years ago, I experienced yet another opportunity to do the same.

Most of us are faced with challenges that force us to become “more,” but is there a limit? Is there ever a point where there is no chance of rebuilding your life? The answer to that question is here …

It seems as though we humans continually reinvent ourselves, and that doesn’t have to be as challenging or difficult as it sounds—if we are supported by beliefs that align us with growth, transformation, and triumph.

When did you last “begin again”? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them? I’d love to hear your story…

Thanks so much for joining me here.

With lots of love,

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