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It’s easy to say, “I create my own reality.” It’s another thing to actually take that knowing and consciously create what you want. Especially if you can’t seem to corral your thoughts. Negative thinking creates negative realities. You know it. You’ve watched it happen in your lives and the lives of those you love. And yet …

You can’t get the thoughts of bill, bills, bills out of your head. What’s a creator to do? Watch this video and find out:

You don’t have to be at sufferance of your negative thoughts. You can take control of them and direct them towards the reality you prefer. I did it, and … So. Can. You.

Thanks so much for watching.

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1 comment to " I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Bills!!! "

  • Evelyn

    You made me take notice that I tend to forget about the times when I received what I wanted! About good “fortunate” times! And that I have a habit of worrying!

    All these came to my mind while watching your video. Boy, I need to go back to The Map, have a conversation with my multitude!

    Thank you very much, Boni.

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