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You love.

Not only do you ‘love’. You LOVE. Your ability to love is profound. And that love can have incredible positive impact on others and on your world.

Naturally you are going to want to do what you can to help others – especially when you see someone you love in pain – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

“Well, if our love is that powerful wouldn’t our world be in a better place right now?” you may ask.

Well, I never said it was easy. I said it is possible. And yet there are ways to improve your success in creating positive change for those you love. Here are just a few:

Heal & empower yourself.

The more powerful you are in your own life, the more powerful the impact you will be able to have on others. Why?

If you aren’t strong and powerful, how can you be strong and powerful for others? Think about an old, weak, handicapped man in an airplane crash. If he can barely get himself out of the plane he probably won’t be of much help to anyone else, right? Creating is analogous.

Honing your creation skills to make your life more and more beautiful will result in changing beliefs that could be limiting, such as beliefs about your deservability, about your power, and about the universe itself.

It isn’t that you have to wait for everything in your life to be perfect before you help others, but the better you learn to consciously create a life that is perfect for you, the more skilled you will become at influencing the lives of others.

Let go of control.

Just like creating for yourself, if you let the universe handle the details the results will be much more elegant. If you allow the universe to work its magic and focus on the essence of the creation instead of deciding how it should look, ultimately much more magic will occur.

For instance, if a friend of yours is hoping to be hired at a certain company she’s applied to, you could focus on her working for that company, or you could focus on her being extremely happy about her job. Who knows, there may be another job offer right around the corner, and one she never would apply for if she received an offer from the first company.

Or, she could be a hair’s breath away from learning the biggest lesson of her life, and being hired by the first company could rob her of that and her ultimate happiness could take much longer.

Trust the universe. This brings me to another important point:

Don’t assume you know what is going on with the other person.

I had a huge wakeup call recently, when I attended a seminar by a channeled entity for whom I have the utmost respect. They were talking with a woman about her former alcoholism. The wise channeled entity told her that she should not judge herself for that period in her life, and that in fact, if she hadn’t used alcohol to numb the pain during that time, she would have likely died. The alcohol abuse kept her alive until she was strong enough to deal with the core issue.

What did I learn? Deciding how a person should be living their lives may not serve them at all, and it could even harm them. You just cannot know everything about what is happening with someone at the deepest levels. Trust that they are on their own soul’s journey, and their soul knows better than you what they need.

Don’t attach.

You’ve heard the word… codependence.  If your happiness is dependent on your loved one being healed, happy, employed, thinner, heavier, in rehab, whatever – they aren’t the one with the problem – you are. Well, maybe they have a problem too, but until you let go of the need to take responsibility for their lives, they may be holding onto their problem to help your growth.

Get the help you need to practice compassionate detachment and you will not only be more powerful with all of your creations, you may release your loved one from having to be in your “play” and enable them to finally move forward.

Let the love flow.

Emotion = creation. The more you flow the energy of love, joy, excitement, etc. into your desire (any desire and any problem too for that matter), the quicker and more elegant the shift.

Here is a wonderful way to offer love and light:

Sit quietly and imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature, at night, with a fire burning in front of you. Sit and wait… wait for your loved one’s higher self. Mentally call them to you. They may look like your loved one, or they may look very different, or even like a being of shimmering light. You may not see them with your eyes at all… you may see them with your heart, or feel their presence, or hear their words.

When they arrive, tell them what is going on with your friend. Let them know of your love and your desire to help. Imagine light flowing from your heart, to the heart of your friend’s higher self. Ask them to use the love, light, and energy you are sending in the highest way possible to benefit your friend. Then, when you feel ready, thank them, watch them fade away, and open your eyes.

Know you are having impact.

No matter what – your prayers, your words, your thoughts, your feelings have impact. You may have read my other posts with stories about creating for those you love. In one, my efforts worked miraculously. At another time, my efforts seemed to have been for naught.

Yet I knew, in my heart of hearts, my intention to have impact, my desire to help, and my love, all made a difference. Love always make a difference.

Just do it.

The bottom line is, don’t wait. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Prayer, sending energy, working meditatively, visualizing your reality with them in it, happy, healthy and healed, will help them. Yes, you can become more powerful, clearer, cleaner in the energy you send, and yes, you can progressively have more and more positive impact on your world. But don’t wait.

If you see someone in need, just do it.

In joyous creation,

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