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Have you ever thought about how fun it would be if all you had to do to manifest your dreams were to fill out an order form and send it to The Universe? I’m not sure if the mail would deliver it, or if it would take a carrier pigeon, but it sure is fun to think about the ease and elegance inherent in the idea.

Well I’ve thought about it…and it got me thinking…why not? Eventually, we will all become so good at manifesting, it will take even less effort than this to make something materialize. So why not create an “order form” technique?

So I did…a few years back. And people were very successful when they did the technique. So here it is for you to use to “order” your dreams too.

Instructions for the Universal Order Form:

Before filling out the form – Stop. And be still. You can’t expect to just jot something down without intention and attention and expect that the universe deliver it. But you can tell the universe what you want and know because you are a god-being that the universe will oblige. Two very different approaches. Choose the later.

While you fill out the form – Let it be fun. Let it be exciting. Let it be real. Remember it’s your energy that is making this work.

After filling out the form – Okay folks. When you order something online do ever assume it won’t be delivered? Of course not. Once you order something you’re pretty darn sure it’s coming.

This order should be no different. Don’t you see—it’s the expectation that makes manifestations happen. Not false expectation, but true, determined, knowing expectation.

How do you get that if you don’t have it?

Beliefs, my friends. Beliefs. It’s your beliefs that tell you, “It’s not coming—no matter how many blasted order forms you fill out.”

So if this exercise is feeling not so “sure”, let it be an indicator that you have some beliefs to change first. And for crying out loud, change them. As Lazaris says, “Nothing changes until you do.”

Otherwise, lets continue to…

The form:

My order (one item per order):





What beliefs would someone have to hold to manifest this in their life?




_____  Yes, I will commit to change the above beliefs.


How will my life be different when I receive this order?





I would like to request help in manifesting my desire order from:





Order options (choose none, any or all)

_____  Deliver with ease and elegance
_____  Send sign of acceptance within 72 hours
_____  Bring conflicting beliefs to my consciousness gently

Payment options. I choose to pay for my order by (choose three):

_____  Giving up seeing myself as a victim (including giving up my self pity).
_____  Giving up feeling like a martyr (feeling unappreciated and/or misunderstood).
_____  Giving up control (about how it will look when it manifests).

Note – For faster delivery – include gratitude. It doesn’t matter about what… about everything. Make a list.

I am grateful for:

1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
3. ___________________________________________________________________
4. ___________________________________________________________________
5. ___________________________________________________________________
6. ___________________________________________________________________
7. ___________________________________________________________________
8. ___________________________________________________________________
9. ___________________________________________________________________
10. ___________________________________________________________________
11. ___________________________________________________________________
12. ___________________________________________________________________
13. ___________________________________________________________________
14. ___________________________________________________________________
15. ___________________________________________________________________
16. ___________________________________________________________________
17. ___________________________________________________________________
18. ___________________________________________________________________
19. ___________________________________________________________________
20. ___________________________________________________________________
21. ___________________________________________________________________
22. ___________________________________________________________________
23. ___________________________________________________________________
24. ___________________________________________________________________
25. ___________________________________________________________________

(25 things are too many? Seriously? What exactly is it you want again? And how do you plan on paying for that without gratitude? Small price, my friend, small price…)

You can download the Universal Order Form here.

Play, dream, have fun dear fellow creators! And when you’ve manifested a dream or two or three, let us know on our Success Page!

Much love,

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9 comments to " The Universal Order Form Technique "

  • Your Name

    What do we do with the ordr once it is printed an full?

    • Sneha

      Hello Boni,
      In the order form there’s an instruction regarding what beliefs would someone have to hold to manifest this in their life. Followed by i will commit to change these beliefs. Are we mentioning the positive beliefs which will help in manifesting the dream or the negative belief which is not letting the dream to get manifested.

      Thank you

      • Hi Sneha,

        The form refers to figuring out which beliefs are stopping you (negative) but the you have to change them to new beliefs (positive). So writing down both would be perfect!


  • Gayla

    It would help if one could always be able to print out.
    Pictures do so much for me.

  • Sunniva Fjugstad

    I love this so much!!!

  • M

    Yeah! Another fun treat from Boni! Thank you so much for sharing this with us all; looking forward to receiving.

  • Elena

    Awesome!! ♥ Thank you Boni!! ♥

  • Your Name

    i absolutely LOVE this! So simple! So elegant! And so true!!! I’m tingling all over with excitement!

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