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Part I of 7 Steps to Healing Your Body

Yes, we all face body challenges sooner or later. One savvy reader suggested changing that belief. And although theoretically you could—not all beliefs are worth the time and energy they would take to change—especially when they serve you.

What! Illness serves me?

Yes. Stop thinking of “body messages” as illness, disease or injury. They are simply messages, and the less weight you assign them the quicker you can heal and be on your way.

Lets think about all the energy it would take to create a reality where your body never, ever felt bad. It would take you a lifetime to empower yourself enough to create that. Wouldn’t all that energy be better spent creating a life you love?

You are human. You are going to get out of balance and mis-create and your body is a beautiful messenger to let you know how to get back into balance—if you’ll only listen.

But that isn’t to say “invite disease.” Heck no. I encourage you to hold the belief that you are healthy, filled with energy and that you rarely, if ever, catch even a cold. But please don’t feel like a failure if you do.

And if you do, it helps to know what to do after you become sick or injured:

5.  Look for the message the illness/injury is bringing

Illness and injury do not happen by accident. Cold drafts don’t cause colds; bad genes don’t predict illness and bad luck doesn’t really exist. Does that mean you want to be ill? Of course not.

What it does mean is everything that goes on with our body is a message to us. And it’s our job to figure out what that message means. Getting a cold may mean you need to slow down for a few days. Twisting an ankle may mean you’re afraid of moving forward in an area of your life.

I generally start with taking a look at Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body. She lists the mental/emotional reasons for disease and how to use your mind to heal your body. This gets me in the ballpark of “why” I would create something. From there I may need to ask for more help or meditate to figure out the reason.

For instance, last week I dropped my cat’s scratching post on my toe. And although that sounds innocuous enough, it felt like a brick. My toe was black and blue for days and it still hurts. Louise’s book offers: “Toes represent the minor details of the future.”

Yes, I had been stressing about how much I “had” to do in my business. Her suggested affirmation is: “All the details take care of themselves.” Ahhhh…that feels better emotionally. And of course, emotions create realities.

But don’t stop at knowing what caused it…

6.  Honor the message

Your body sends you little messages at first, but if you don’t respond to the little ones the messages become bigger and bigger and bigger until you have no choice but to respond. If, for instance, you ignore the message your cold is giving you to slow down you may end up being forced to slow down by something far more serious.

Our universe is responsive. It responds when you are out of balance and responds when you are in balance. If your body is giving you a message, respect it (and thank it) by responding with love and doing what you need to do to get your equilibrium back.

For me (and my sore toe) it simply means remembering I don’t have to worry about the intricacies. My intention and choice to let the details sort themselves out are all it will take to heal.

But sometimes it takes a major lifestyle change to respond to what your body is trying to tell you.

But if I’ve been “like this” my whole life, why is my body responding with a serious disease now?

It may be because you chose to accomplish certain things in a lifetime. And your soul remembers those choices and  is “reminding you” that there is more you wanted to do.

Or it may be you’ve been getting little messages for years and ignoring them. The only one who truly can know what your body’s message is is you.

So when your body speaks, listen to it and change what you are called upon to change so that you can heal. That is what to do on the emotional/mental front. But you don’t have to heal without help. The next step is…

7. Choose your healing strategy

From taking an aspirin to traveling to South America to see John of God, there are unlimited ways to facilitate healing. This writing is not meant to cover all the possible strategies.

Choose the strategy that will work for you. If you believe you must see a doctor to eradicate a disease, see a doctor. Don’t pressure yourself to do something more holistic if your belief system isn’t there yet. Honor where you are and let that be okay—with no judgment.

Ultimately you are the healer. Practitioners, products and procedures facilitate healing, but you and that beautiful body of yours are ones that make it happen. Remember that as you go about the process of healing.

And you may be wondering…

Where do “healthy” lifestyle choices fit in?

If it’s all about beliefs then can we ignore eating right, exercise, detoxification, etc.?

Well, you can, if you believe you can. It’s another one of those things that will take a lot of energy to accomplish, so why bother when there are so many more fun things to create?

But also, it is important to remember that while you are physical you must respect and honor the physical. That’s why action is one of the steps to The Map.

Of course beliefs and action fit hand in hand. What do you believe about supplements, exercise, eating, etc.? I know some who are so fearful of getting sick that their “healthy lifestyle choices” become rigid and inflexible.

They more than likely have a belief that they are “always at risk of becoming sick”, so they must protect themselves at all times through “healthy” lifestyle choices. And of course they create getting sick.

Your lifestyle choices should feel good—not punishing, invigorating—not exhausting, fulfilling—not depriving. Just because someone says something is healthy, doesn’t mean it is—and it doesn’t mean it is for you.

Honor what you know about yourself and your body, and develop a truly self-loving plan that works for you.

And what about the ultimate healing—death?

Death gets a bad rap—seriously. It’s not failure folks. It’s your soul calling you home. Physical reality is an illusion—and only an illusion. It isn’t real. And someday, every one of us will be done here—and we will move on.

You can change your beliefs about death. You don’t have to die a painful death, for instance. But you will die and that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve long imagined that when I die there will be those who say, “If she was such a great conscious creator then why did she create dying?”

And this is the answer (Hey, this is fun—reaching back from my grave! Or would it be ahead to my grave?):

Death isn’t something you create consciously (usually), but a higher aspect of you does create it—your soul—and not before you finished what you came to do. Death is graduation from “creation school” and it is not, repeat, not a failure.

If you’ve ever consciously been with a person who is passing over at their time of death, you know it can be a beautiful and transcendent experience. Death is a time of reuniting with your soul and honoring the lifetime you are leaving.

Granted, it’s a bitch for those left behind—no matter how enlightened they are. But a lifetime is like seeing a movie—it’s captivating for a while although you don’t want to sit in a movie theater forever—you’ve got other things to do.

The bottom line is…

Health and healing choices are as individual as you are

Take the time to find the right ones for you and remember—everything is healable.


See Part I of 7 Steps to Healing Your Body here.

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5 comments to " 7 Steps to Healing Your Body – Part II "

  • Leah

    Hi Boni,

    This is an amazing post! I am in the middle of reading The Map, and I’ve been thinking lot lately about applying the law of attraction to healing my body, specifically physical scars. These scars have had me very distraught over the past few years and have deeply impacted my self-esteem, as they are highly visible especially in intimate situations. I am aware that they have deterred me from closeness to people (physical and otherwise), and that I also have some underlying shame tied to the skin issues that caused the scars in the first place. I have worked hard to heal the skin problems via nutrition and exercise, and have successfully done so, but now I am working to heal scars so I can feel more comfortable in my body. Several doctors have told me there is absolutely nothing that can be done to heal them or lessen their appearance. I believe deeply in the law of attraction, and want to use it to flow energy towards healing, but where do you suggest I start? Should I start with the feelings/beliefs that have grown from the skin issues, or should I focus more on visualization/affirmations about clear skin, etc.? Any advice you have or stories of success around this would be so appreciated!!

    Thank you so much!!

    • Boni

      Hi Leah,

      I suggest you start by healing the shame associated with how you got the scars. There are several books on shame, and Lazaris has some AMAZING shame tapes I highly recommend. I’d work on self-forgiveness for creating this reality. Then I would work on the beliefs that say you can’t heal this. I know you can either heal the body or the mind (or both) around this. Either way you’ll be free to feel good in your body again.

      I have a friend who was on a boat that exploded. He was covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He visualized and meditated on a scar-free body all the while he was in the hospital, and today he is totally scar free. Your mind is that powerful.

      Sending you love and light for healing Leah!



    Thanks BONI,

    Stop thinking of “body messages” as illness, disease or injury. They are simply messages! is really a powerful tool in conscious creation.
    Many thanks as this is going to be my strategy as I’m too keen about all such messages.
    Thanks again!!

  • Sheryl

    I so love your daily emails and the BOOK!! Thank you for all that you contribute to my daily life!

  • Judith

    Thank you, again, Boni, for sharing such meaningful, helpful healing concepts. Trying… Judy

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