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Dear Boni,

Can people miraculously cure themselves using your methods?  Can people say, regrow lost limbs because they change their beliefs?  

How do you know when you are giving people something impossible to strive for?  

Can people use conscious creation to walk after being wheelchair bound their entire lives?  Also, don’t people learn lessons through physical difficulties, like being in a wheelchair?

Also, how should we protect the environment in today’s world, according to your philosophy?



Dear Curious,

You ask some great questions! I’ll bet everyone wonders exactly how far he or she can take this “conscious creation” concept. Well, here’s the short answer:

What you believe you can create is what you can create.

And although they all follow the same theme, let me answer your questions individually:

Are miracles possible?

Can people miraculously cure themselves using your methods?  Can people say, regrow lost limbs because they change their beliefs?

Yes, absolutely miracles are possible—although you and I may be defining “miracle” differently. I suspect you mean, “Can we create miraculous realities?” And when I use the word “miracle” I define it as a reality that is provided by our unseen friends, even better than we are “creating”.

Both definitions of miracles are possible. I know a woman in her 50’s  who decided to grow two inches, and she did. I know people who reversed terminal illnesses—instantly. I can’t say I personally know anyone who has regenerated a limb, but if you read Autobiography of a Yogi you’ll read about many instances of limb regeneration and Paramahansa Yogananda actually taught methods to accomplish that.

The only thing that stands between you and creating anything at all, is belief. And I’m the first to admit, regenerating limbs is a stretch for nearly all of us.

When is the dream too big?

How do you know when you are giving people something impossible to strive for? 

No dream is too big, Curious. However some dreams are too big for us right now. I encourage people to dream dreams that are exciting but not too huge a stretch. Not because they couldn’t manifest, but because usually you need to build up to creating big dreams.

If you’re dreaming of being a millionaire but you’re $20,000 in debt with no savings or equity, that dream might be a tad too big (it will depend on the person). But if you begin with a dream to be debt free and own a home of your own, you’re less likely to be disappointed because the leap of belief isn’t as big.

Once you started seeing your reality change, then you could dream a new dream for even more abundance. Your dreams should be realistic but still big enough to be exciting.

Can a birth defect be healed?

Can people use conscious creation to walk after being wheelchair bound their entire lives?

That is the one exception to “anything is possible”. If you’ve chosen an abnormality from birth, it’s a Soul choice, and you may not be able to change it during this lifetime. But then again, you may. You would have to talk with your Soul about that.

What about the lessons we must learn?

Also, don’t people learn lessons through physical difficulties, like being in a wheelchair?

If you have created a reality in order to learn a particular lesson (this again would be a Soul creation), you will learn that lesson in the process of creating a different reality.

For instance, if someone wanted to learn a lesson of self-empowerment, they may choose to enter the life as a “victim”—perhaps being born into an impoverished country and/or family. The lesson might be: No matter what my reality is like on the outside, I have complete power to transform it into any reality I desire.

You’d need to learn that lesson in order to move beyond the struggle.

How can we create a healthier planet?

Also, how should we protect the environment in today’s world, according to your philosophy?

As you grow and become empowered, you will have greater and greater ability to have positive impact on your world. But don’t wait until you become fully empowered (that day will never come as you’ll always be becoming more)—start now.

Imagine a world that is loving, compassionate and conscious. Imagine an earth that is being lovingly cared for by everyone on it—an earth that is clean, healthy and whole. There is (almost) nothing that is impossible to create.

You can do this. You were born to it. We all are.

With love,

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29 comments to " Is Anything IMPOSSIBLE to Create? "

  • flower

    i also wanted to comment on the woman who grew two inches. this would be a sign for me, as you talk about , because when i was younger i was so abused and put down i decided i didnt want to be any taller and wanted to disappear to avoid all the judgment, etc.

    i had decided i want to have my height back that i would have been had all of those things not happened.
    now that i have stepped out of that paradigm and situation, its only natural i can be all of me again, and this is just one small part of that… so i have already put it out there without any attachment and am allowing so many things i would not have in the past. putting yourself first by truly valuing and loving yourself has been so important for me in this process of healing.

  • flower

    you ask can people walk after being in a wheelchair? yes they can. you can see a qi gong master or find a doctor of oriental medicine who specializes in scalp acupuncture and you can walk again. i find physical ailments to be very easy and fast to treat, but you have to decide its okay to get better and allow it. too many people are attached to their diagnosis and are afraid to let it go and be healthy.

    anything is possible and it truly is only our limiting beliefs that dont allow this. i am really loving these articles thank you boni.

  • Rich

    Once again your writings inspire me and help me remain focused. You truly are a kind, loving person who genuinely cares about those of us that need guidance. Why else would you spend so much time responding to our questions and writing such inspirational words. You ask nothing in return. I want to say “thank you” and I am truly grateful for all you do.


  • Rachel

    Wonderful answers. I especially like your advice about choosing a small enough belief that we can wrap out minds around as a spring board to realizing that everything is possible.

  • Teresa Morrow

    I like how you talk about how dreams can be created but how the dream we may be dreaming at the time may not be right for us at that particular time. Not that it can’t happen but it may just take time to come to full circle. Not sure if I believe about the woman who grew two inches because she believed she could, however, on the other hand, if she truly believed it, who knows? It does come down to belief in what you want and if you will take the divine inspiration & inspired action to make it a reality. I do know that I have seen what others call miracles (I like to call it divine intervention) happen in my life and those around me that have truly amazed me. And I don’t doubt those things, I embrace them and “inhale” the blessings when they happen. Great post!

    • Boni

      Thanks Teresa. You offer some great comments and thoughts. Yes, it does come down to belief–and yet belief alone isn’t enough. It’s not difficult, but it is complex.

      It’s nice to have you here Teresa!


  • Matilda

    Hi Boni,

    Would be cool and interesting if you could get us connected.
    Shouldn’t be too difficult in today’s day and age with the sort of global internet connectivity we have and deserve- not to mention your potential as a conscious creator!

    • Boni

      Matty, When I get a moment I’ll see if I can…however you already have everything you need in The Map. Know that.


  • Shann

    Boni, What a gorgeous and creative way to address manifesting! Big Love and Blessings, Shann

  • Shanon

    Hi Bonnie, you made some great points. Sometimes the dream is too big right now, but never be afraid to dream a bigger dream. We have our whole lives to work toward them. I also manifested a husband. I manifested a whole new life (husband, baby, house, relocation) within 12 months. The marriage did not last. I speak to others about being mindful of your intention. Don’t just manifest a partner, think about the characteristics of the partner you want to spend your life with. Then manifest a great partner! :)

    • Boni

      Hi Shanon,

      Congrats on manifesting your whole new life! It shows your power.

      I agree about being clear on partnership (and all) intentions. And when we create different from what we thought we were creating, it’s great feedback about our beliefs.

      Wishing you much success!


  • Kimberly Moore

    HI Boni! What a great unfolding of POTENTIAL! Working in tune with our core intentions and manifesting miracles is all about being human. Glad to have found your site!

    • Boni

      Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you so much! It is exciting, isn’t it? What we can each do with our thoughts and emotions! Makes me want to dream bigger!


  • Debra Reble

    Wow Boni we are definitely in sync. This article hit home for me as I absolutely that we invite in miracles every single day. And we do this with one loving thought, word and intention at a time. Love the answers to these questions! Thank you for being a beacon of light on the planet.

    • Boni

      Hi Debra,

      I so appreciate your comments. And your comment is so true: “We [invite] miracles one loving thought, word and intention at a time.” Thank you!


  • Peggy Nolanan

    I manifested the love of my life. True story. And it took 6 weeks from intention to creation. We’ve been married 8 years going on 9. Since December 21, 2014, when I sat down and created my intentions for 2015, I’ve landed a paid blogging gig and I’m being asked to teach more yoga in the salt cave and at two different martial arts studios.

    I am creating the life of my dreams – I set my intentions, capture the feelings, and then let the Universe deliver. And by the way, I grew 1/2 an inch from practicing yoga :-)

    • Boni


      I love your story. I too, manifested my husband very deliberately (but not as fast as you! Congrats!). Intentions are powerful, aren’t they?

      Thanks so much for sharing!


  • kimberly

    Lovely article! So full of wisdom and wit. Very timely, too. Thank you! I loved what you said about not waiting. Just do it now!

  • Tina van Leuven

    What a delightful and fabulously creative way of addressing this juicy topic of manifesting Boni! Thanks and many joyful blessings, Tina

  • Lisa

    Bonni A great read! I love talking about manifestation with the helpers and artists I work with. I also shared it wit them on my business page. I wanted to share a quick story. My mom was partially paralyzed after a stroke which affected her whole right side of her body. She intended to get her right hand to move again. A week before she died she moved her right thumb for the first time in four months. It was a miracle and one she worked on everyday with her mind.

    • Boni

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your comment and especially the story about your mom. The mind is an amazing thing. I have a friend who was in a boat explosion and during the months of hospitalization for his many third degree burns he visualized a healthy scar free body. Today, he has one. There are no limits except our imaginations and beliefs!


  • Matilda

    Hi Boni,

    Just found it really interesting to read when you wrote, “I know a woman in her 50’s who decided to grow two inches, and she did.” Interesting, ’cause I’ve always wanted to be a couple of inches taller myself (standing at 5 feet 4″ and pushing my early thirties)and I wanted to know if this woman- whether she undertook any limb-lengthening surgery to accomplish that or was it based on the power of belief alone? Did she have to put in any physical effort like stretching exercises and stuff- cause though realistically that doesn’t really make any difference it can make you look a couple o’ inches taller in the morning lol.
    Just curious and would also appreciate if you could e-mail me her details- would like to get in touch with her. Does surely help strengthen one’s belief when someone else is able to achieve something like that with the power of desire and belief!

    Cheers Boni!!

    Long-time follower,


    • Boni

      Hi Matty,

      I don’t know exactly what she did, and I’ve lost touch with her. I’ll see if I can reconnect and then connect you both.

      with love,

  • Christie

    This goes to the second question, is this dream too big. I remember you said in one of your materials, can’t remember which audio it was, that if youre living in your parents’ basement but wanting to manifest millions in money, then its not a dream- its a fantasy. I remember it struck me as funny, like it wasnt the truth. At least for me. So then i asked the universe to show me if that is true or not. Bc my situation is that at 32 i do live at my parents due to a health problem which is now beginning to resolve. I do want a lot of money so i can move to a natural location and have lots of time to myself to have my creativity unfold. Art and healing and psychic work. Im not ready to start those as a job bc i have not had ample time from dealing with my health issues for the last 12 yrs. And im still young, healing and psychic work do take time to develop. Which im fine with, i want to enjoy the ride anyway. So for me i want that time, in a natural location, in a home i love, and just let myself be myself for once, finish healing, and hang out with like-souls. Without the chaos of city or other demands. Do i want to work for money? I have never found any job that resonates with me. I dont think the world is there yet, to have jobs that allow for a natural flow. There is not a single job ive seen that id feel like myself at, and not feel restricted in some vital way. Remember, openness, time to myself, and creativity is what im wanting to manifest. To “have to make money” is not openness. And i definitely do not want half of my waking hours to be spent at something i dont feel deeply inclined to doing in my soul and heart. And, as i said im not ready to start my own business as a healer or artist bc it needs time. I think many young spiritual people feel this way. They are highly creative and brilliant, are sometimes labeled autistic or asperger’s, have very creative aspirations, and cannot fit the typical environments or “have to’s”– bc we are not meant to, we are bringing in the new world. We are so highly sensitive to any given environment, unless its open free gentle energies which allow us to follow our own internal guidance and inclinations. So a typical job, or any job really, has a slim chance of fitting the “new children” of the new world. I think in decades to come the very nature of employment will be much more life and soul affirming.

    So with that being said, i want more than enough money to do, and have what i just described. I dont think any job could fit my desires for what i want to do everyday. Thats actually an understatement- i think any job would cause a great dissonant pain in my soul that i just cant “tough it out” for a few years till i can do my own business. And i think im meant to feel this way, as are other sensitives, bc we are not meant to fit the typical work environment. We are here to do and offer things of a different nature. So… i had been feeling for a long time that i would just like to manifest all the money i could need or want, while still having full free-time and doing only what i feel to do everyday.. Then when i heard you say in an audio that expecting lots of money when you now have nothing would be a fantasy. So when i asked the universe if thats really true (at least for me)… it responded the very next day. I walked into a drug store, had forgotten about my question, then its like my eyes were literally pulled to a nailpolish stand with the brand name of it being “Fantasy Makers.” I had to chuckle!! So i felt like i could have the situation i want. I could have money without working for it. I really do want it this way, anyway.

    So maybe for some, who can believe it, they can start big? Theres not too many other options for me, it would seem, than to think big.

    So you are saying that we should start smaller. But many law of attraction teachings say, start with what you want, dont play small. So where am i supposed to start? Especially given that i dont want to work for my money.

    • Boni

      Hi Christie,

      ANYTHING is possible. If you want to start with a big dream, by all means, go for it. But here’s the deal: your reality won’t lie. So the test to whether any dream is too big is: Is your life changing?

      If it is, the dream isn’t too big. If it isn’t, it may indeed, be a fantasy.

      Happy creating!


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