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Everyone seems to underestimate his or her power. It just seems to be the way it is. So when I tell people about this technique, they generally respond, “It can be that easy?”

But I disagree. It CAN be that easy.

Simply list 10 things you want in the next week. That’s it. And a week later, check the list. Notice how many things on your list have manifested. And write a new list. It is that easy.

The list can be a combination of tangible and non-tangible items, but make sure at least some of them are tangible. That way you know for sure when they manifest, and you begin to strengthen the belief that you are a powerful reality creator.

Don’t believe it?

Change the belief that says:

“I don’t create my entire reality.”


“I do create my entire reality.”

Or you may have this belief:

“It is difficult to create what I desire.”

Change it to:

“It is easy to create what I desire.”

Or you may have this one:

“Manifesting must take a long time.”


“Manifesting can take a short time.”

You’ve got this. Remember to have fun!


P.S. When you write these, if you can imagine how you will feel when they happen, you will super-charge your list!

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