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Lets face it—our lives would have been so much easier if our parents had taught us about conscious creation from the time we were little.

We can’t blame our parents—most of them didn’t even know the law of attraction existed. But you don’t have to make that mistake with your children.

Here are ten tips to keep in mind so your kids grow up educated, enlightened and empowered:

1. Treat it as a normal part of everyday life (it is)

If you are committed to your growth and work on honing your expertise as a conscious creator, it will be fun and natural to share that with your child. Obviously the more complex aspects can wait until they’re teens, but there is a lot you can share, such as:

• Our world is magical and our thoughts affect what we draw to us.
• Anything can be healed and our minds are our most powerful tool for healing.
• You are unique—there is no other like you anywhere—and you have your own special gifts to bring the world.
• You are unconditionally loved, not just by your parents, but also by God/Goddess/All That Is (or whatever words you use) and scads of unseen friends.

2. Make intentions a daily habit

Making intentions a part of daily life is a fun way to get kids used to conscious creating. In the morning, help them to set intentions for their day. Remember to encourage your kids to be as general as possible in their intentions. Emphasize the emotional rewards of life more than the physical ones.

Perhaps create an “Intention Box” that they put their intentions into in the morning and take out to review at night.

Share your intentions with them as well. And encourage the entire family to support each other in their dreams.

At the end of the day, talk about what happened and whether how everyone’s intentions manifested.

Also (over time) help your children set an overall intention and core intentions for their lives. Together formulate intentions for the family. Intention setting can be a rich, rewarding and fun ritual that not only brings your family closer, but also educates and enables all of you to create more success in every area of your lives.

3. Make creating part of every day life

Conscious creating isn’t something to be saved for writing resolutions on New Year’s Eve. It’s a way of living — a way of life. You can help your children the most by making your metaphysical and spiritual growth your highest priority.

Share your successes with your children and be excited about theirs. Also share your disappointments and your failures. Your kids will feel them whether you talk about them or not, and if you speak of them openly you give your children a great example of how to deal with disappointments themselves.

4. Encourage them to (appropriately) express their feelings

Ultimately it is our feelings that create our world. And stuffing feelings does far more harm than good. Help your kids to be comfortable honestly feeling what comes up for them and expressing those feelings in appropriate ways.

This will make it much easier in the long run for them to troubleshoot their own realities as adults.

5. Remember that kids grow into their ability to create

Kids are natural creators, but because they are not yet mature they don’t have the power that they will have as adults. Remind your kids often that nothing is impossible, but sometimes it takes a while to create our dreams — especially our big dreams.

6. Help them stretch their imagination

Our world doesn’t lack in will, it lacks in imagination. Helping your children to think out-of-the-box will be one of the best gifts you ever give them.

Make imagination games part of your play with your children. For instance, brainstorm all of the possible ways to use a baseball. Dream up as many possibilities as you can for how a new car might come into the family. Think of 10 wonderful surprises that could happen next Saturday.

Exercise your family’s imagination muscle as often as possible—and your kids won’t be the only ones who benefit.

7. Make discovering his or her passion a priority in your children’s lives

Be passionate about passion in your family. Encourage your kids to try out everything that even slightly interests them— and ideally you do the same.

Expressing, honoring, and following your passion is the best way to honor the divine in you. Expose your kids to as much of the world as you possibly can. And encourage them to open to the limitless possibilities of excitement that exist.

8. Never use LOA to shame your kids (or yourself)

People have been known to use the law of attraction as a weapon. “Why did you create this?” is a question that you should never ask your child.

Adults can handle that question, kids cannot. And even as adults, it should never be asked in the midst of crisis.

Conscious creation is a skill we will all work at for the rest of our lives. And sometimes we will mis-create—because we’re human.

When your kid mis-creates, teach them to forgive themselves, to look inward for why they might have allowed it (if appropriate–depending upon their emotional maturity), and to choose again.

9. Introduce them to their unseen friends

Your kids may surprise you in their ease and ability to connect with their higher self, counselors, and soul. Gently and lovingly introduce these concepts to them. Perhaps take them through a short, guided visualization.

And remind them often that they have unseen friends helping them, watching out for them, and loving them. Encourage your kids to connect with their unseen friends often and to form relationships with them. It will serve them for the rest of their lives.

10. Expect your kids to teach you a thing or two

Your kids may be better at conscious creation than you’ve ever been. They haven’t had the forceful separation that you had from the truth, but also, kids these days are different. They hold more light, they remember more, and many have less damage than their parents and grandparents.

Let the practice of conscious creation be a light, fun and joyful custom in your family. Your entire family (not to mention the planet) will benefit.

Happy playing!


P.S. We know that it can be a complex task helping little ones open to the idea that they have the power to create their reality. That’s why we are so excited about our Crystal Creation Kit for Kids!  This kit has tons of great support and information (including an entire parent’s resource page!) as well as some powerful and loving crystals, so parents have some tools to work with their kids and on the magical journey of creating a life they love.

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