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I LOVE this technique. And I use it often. “Jump the Gap” is useful when you want a positive outcome but you’re not sure what that might be—you just know you want something to turn out well. It’s always best to leave the “how” to the universe—especially with this technique.

The technique:

Usually I find myself in a state of worry or fear before I do this technique. I use it when there is something in my life that I really want to go well, and I’m stressing that it won’t.

This technique shifts your energy to allow the magic of the best possible outcome and takes the worry away.

Simply imagine yourself in place in time after the event that you want to turn out well—it could be later that day, or the next day, or even weeks or months in the future. In this visualization, the future you is thinking about the event (which has already happened in their life), and saying to yourself, “THAT went far better than I even imagined!” You are smiling to yourself and thinking—“I needn’t have worried at all!”

Sit for a while in this energy—feel the relief, gratitude and joy. If you like, call upon your unseen friends to help in this creation.

That’s it. That is the technique.

Oh, and one more thing…AFTER the “thing” you were worried about actually happens, think back to this technique, and feel gratitude, feel powerful, feel joy.

“Jump the Gap” in action:

I have used “Jump the Gap” several times this week alone. Here are a few examples of how it has worked in my life:

•    It works when things seem to go wrong

Years ago, before money had officially taken up residence in my life, I won a weekend in the mountains in a raffle. Excited for the unexpected windfall, I invited another family to join us. I called and reserved the room and my friends did the same.

When the date came, my friends headed up early and when they inquired about the rooms, were told they had their reservation but not ours. Not only that, but the hotel was booked solid.

She called me in a panic. We didn’t have the money to rent a room elsewhere, and we had all been looking forward to this getaway. “Do some magic!” she instructed.

Of course I “jumped the gap”. I imagined myself, later that night, happy as a clam, celebrating with my family and friends in the mountains. Of course I had no idea how this would happen. It seemed impossible. But you don’t have to know how. You only have to jump!

My friend called back an hour later. “Are you ready for this?” she asked. “I am sitting in your room…they upgraded you to a full 2 bedroom condo overlooking the slopes complete with kitchen and fireplace!”

•    It works when many would give up hope

During the Boulder 100 Year Flood, my son called in a panic and told me the storage unit we shared had collapsed. He had some keepsakes in that unit from his childhood, and from his grandmother (my mom) that were dear to his heart. My heart hurt just feeling his pain.

I asked him how he knew and he sent me the photograph his friend took. Sure enough, it looked hopeless—the building had collapsed.

He messaged me through the night, describing more and more things he valued that were lost in that unit—irreplaceable art, keepsakes and mementos. I found myself in despair with him. Then, I remembered…miracles happen every day. Why not today? I told him not to give up hope.

I “jumped the gap” and imagined calling him in delight! I imagined telling him all was safe and sound after all! I imagined someone finding his bins of childhood mementos downriver somewhere, and tracking him down to return them to him. Then I reminded myself, “You don’t know how this might happen, so don’t limit it. It could be better than you can now imagine.”

The next day we drove to Boulder, and sure enough, it looked pretty bad from the front. But we drove “off road” and around to the back (thanks to my husband and his “never say never” attitude). He climbed up on a low building and took a photograph. Just feet away from the collapsed building stood—you guessed it—our storage unit. Safe and sound.

•    It works when you fear an event

Recently I had a “procedure” which, according to what I read online, was fairly painful. I found myself worrying about exactly how painful it might be. I considered canceling—I don’t do pain well. And then I remembered, “I create my own reality!” (Yes, I still have to remind myself of that awesome fact.)

So why can’t I experience NO pain? “OK,” I thought, “Maybe I don’t really believe THAT is possible…but how about very little pain and much less than I’d initially feared?” Yeah, that was totally believable to me.

I “jumped ahead” to sitting in that chair during the procedure and smiling to myself, feeling nearly no pain at all. “All that worry for nothing,” the future me was thinking.

Sure enough. It was laughable how pain-free the actual event was.

This technique is simply awesome. It’s quick, easy, fun and it works! So, go on—get jumping!

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8 comments to " Jump the Gap Technique "

  • Alicia

    Since I started consciously creating a couple of years ago my life has changed so much. Cracks appeared in my marriage and it fell apart quickly but I am much happier now. We had money problems but since we separated much needed money has appeared out of nowhere for me. I got a job at a company I never thought I could be able to. Now my siblings are contesting my father’s will (he left most of his modest estate to me when he passed away recently) even though they are well off and I have next to nothing – and it is going to court. If I lose, I could end up with next to nothing. I had decided to visualise a good outcome but then I just saw this technique – it’s exactly what I need. I love your anecdotes, they are inspirational. Thank you Boni!

    • Celso Antonio de Almeida

      Hello, Alicia!

      I’d love to know how this situation with your siblings turned out, please…

  • Jotten

    I am going to do this I have this job I really really want that would be a amazing opportunity for my daughter and I. I’ve been waiting for the email offer for almost a week. I’m jumping ahead now.

  • Jaz

    Thx Boni, this technique really does work. I really wanted this job that was right down the street from my house and the manager told me that I was going to be the one that she was going to hire so I was so excited! So I called like a week later and they told me that the position had been filled! I was so upset I was like wth?! Lol so I came to your site and found the jump the gap technique and I imagined myself already hired at the job getting paid and everything and guess what? They called me the very next day! lol I got the job! I am telling you guys this stuff really does work. Thank you Boni!

    • Boni


      That is an awesome creation story! It’s truly amazing how powerful we really are, if we just learn how to use it. Thanks so much for sharing!


  • Shubhaangi Kundalkar

    Yes; I tried this, and it works. I get fearful while on flights. I do the jump technique imagining myself happy landing at the destination airport.

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