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Dear Boni,

I believe in the laws of attraction and keeping thoughts positive. I was first introduced to this through the Secret.

One day a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years said to me, “Everything you wanted you got”. I then realized it was true and I hadn’t ever realized it.

Now I try to practice training my thoughts. When something negative from the past comes to mind I just say, “God don’t let me think about that. I have forgiven and it is your place to judge the person. It is not my place,” and replace it with a happy thought.

My question is, is consciously creating one’s reality in any way against my belief in God? How do they work together? Could you clarify this?

God Loving


Dear Loving,

Consciously creating one’s reality is in no way against a belief in God. In fact, just the opposite. Who do you think set this whole universe up? And yes, He (and She) created us in their images… as creators.

Does God (and Goddess) enter into our manifesting? Yes, absolutely. How?

What we are here to do is to remember the divinity within us. We are a piece of God. We play this “earth game” to have the fun of remembering that. When we become successful at it, we experience “heaven on earth” — precisely what we planned to do (when we planned out this lifetime with God, Goddess, our Soul, higher self, etc).

When we take our power back, own our divinity and our God-given talents, strengths and gifts (yes, everyone has these… no exceptions), we can then co-create God’s dream for us and this planet.

But we can’t co-create until we own who we are. So those people who say, “I just want to do God’s will,” are missing the point. It is God’s will for us to fully actualize ourselves, and then and only then are we powerful enough to co-create with God.

Imagine you had a business, and you decided it would be fun to have a partner. Would you ask a newborn baby to become your partner? A kindergartener? Even a kid fresh out of college with no experience? Heck no. What would they bring to the table? Nothing.

It’s the same with a partnership with God. While we are spiritual infants, powerless and needy, any type of co-creation is a lie. But when we have proven our creation skills by manifesting a beautiful life, with joy, success and love, then we have some impact to add to the co-creation, and then and only then are we ready to co-create with God.

And paradoxically, we realize that finding our own success, our own joy, our own love of ourselves and others, is God’s plan for us. And becoming successful and happy benefits all those around us. The most loving and giving thing we can possibly do, is add the highest resonance possible to this energetic mix of consciousness on this planet. Remember everything we do are are affects everything in the entire multi-verse.

But, He has other ideas as well, not to be revealed until we have received the gift He (and She) have bestowed upon us… the gift of life with the ability to manifest our personal heaven.

I hope this helps Loving!

With much love and joy,

P.S. Just because we aren’t ready to co-create with God until we are powerful, does not mean we cannot receive His/Her guidance, help, love and support every step along the way. The deal we made coming here is that They won’t interfere unless we ask. So ask, please, just ask.

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6 comments to " Where Does God Fit In? "

  • Evelyn

    No problem here, I don’t believe in deities. 😁

  • Mark

    Really enjoyed your “Where does God fit in post.

  • Dana rissman

    I am always trying to form a relationship with God. I like the idea of co~creating. I wonder though if other peoples negativity can affect me if we do indeed affect everyone else with what vibrations we send out to the universe. I used to be a really negative person and turning that around has not been an easy task. I have heard “either God is everything or God is nothing”.

    • Boni

      Dear Dana,

      That is a really good question! Because we are all a piece of God and Goddess, and All That Is, yes, no matter what we do we affect each other on some level. But, there are a few things to keep in mind:

      First, positivity is vastly more powerful than negativity.

      Second, you have incarnated in a free will universe. This means you can decide whether you want this physical lifetime to be affected by general negativity. The best way to deal with a planet with such polarities as this one is to raise your own vibratory level so that negativity has no impact on you.

      Third, there are those people in our lives whom we are more vulnerable to, who can impact us negatively far more than a stranger on the street. Why? Because we have given them the ability to hurt us by opening our heart and mind to a trusting, loving relationship with them. This is why it is not a good idea to trust people who are untrustworthy.

      And most important of all, by taking responsibility for our own lives, by taking our power back, opening to our gifts and talents, choosing and learning how to consciously create a life we absolutely love, we become not only a way shower for others who long to do the same, but our vibratory level assists all who are near us, whether we say a word or not. It affects the plants, the animals, friends, family, even strangers. Those who refuse this higher vibration will likely find somewhere else to be, but that’s ok. They are on a Soul’s path which is perfect for them.

      I hope this helps Dana.

      With love,

      • Mia

        I love this. I believe it is God’s will for us to be our true selves which we’ve been so unconscious that we don’t recognize His existence therefore believe. I believe so I speak so I create so I see. Thank you.

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