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Dear Boni,

There are a lot of things I’d like to have in my life… more money, a job I really love, a relationship that works better than the one I have now, more happiness, fewer problems, the list goes on and on.

But I have to admit I’m a little skeptical, hell, I’m a lot skeptical that I can have the kind of impact on my life you (and others) say I can. I mean, come on, do we really create our entire realities? And if we do, why don’t the visualizations I do work more often?


Want to Be a Believer



Dear Want,

Skepticism is healthy. All of us are skeptical, especially in the beginning of our growth. I certainly was. I was in law school as well as pursuing a masters in business – two extremely linear paths with very logical thought processes. I was the definition of skeptical. I felt everything I came across needed to be proven before I believed it.

Yet, I was open-minded enough to let the “proof” in. I had been on a spiritual path a number of years before I came across the concept that we “create our own realities.” When I first read that phrase I was blown away! “Imagine the possibilities,” I thought.

I remember the first time I tried to manifest something. I wanted to go to a seminar that would cost over $1,000, which was a great deal of money to me at the time. I did a short but powerful manifesting technique every day for about a month. Within 48 hours, my first “sign” appeared. A check was delivered to me, but addressed to another person an entire state away! I knew that didn’t happen by accident–I caused that check to be placed in my mailbox. It indicated my energy around money was changing.

The following week, a $100 check arrived in the mail from a relative for absolutely no reason. “Just wanted you to have this,” my stepmother wrote.Two days later, another unexpected check for $65 came in. Not all of the money had manifested by the time of the seminar, but enough of it had to buoy my belief that it would. Within a month after the seminar, another $20,000 yearly income entered my life. It blew me away, and I knew I was much more powerful than I had realized.

But even though that story had a very successful ending, all of my manifestations have not proceeded as smoothly. Some dreams have taken a decade or more to be realized. But not because the universe is slow–because I sent mixed signals. I felt desire for my dreams and fear that they would never happen.

Your visualizations won’t work for you every time either. Why? Because you may not fully believe they can, for one. Another reason may be that you need to process more around what you want, such as making sure you really want it, getting clear on why you want it, making sure the reason why  you want it is really ok with you, and whether you honestly believe you can have it without negative consequence of any kind.

Also, new dreams are just that… new! If your energy were already in alignment with the dream you would already have it – so obviously some shift has to happen. And it sometimes takes time to manifest. This is a good thing. Imagine if every horrible thought you had manifested instantly!

Does it mean the techniques aren’t working if you don’t have your dream the next day? Absolutely not. And yet many sabotage their manifestations because they don’t see instant results.

It takes time, patience (don’t you hate that word?) and perseverance to become masterful at conscious creating. But the time and energy spent is worth it!

Here are some things to keep in mind along your journey:

1. Don’t let your skepticism rot into cynicism. It’s healthy to be skeptical. It keeps you discerning what is right for you regarding your growth at any given period in time. It is debilitating to become cynical.

2. Don’t let your doubt stop you from processing the reasons why you don’t currently have what you want. Remember the world is a perfect reflection of your consciousness. What you have is in alignment with the energy you are putting out. If you are thinking, “This probably won’t work. I don’t really have any impact in my world.” You will create a reality within which you don’t have impact and your world seems randomly generated. Discover and change your beliefs about being able to create your reality!

3. Realize it doesn’t happen overnight (for most of us). Creating a life we love is a process… just as it has been a process creating the life we currently have. Our beliefs change in small increments, as does our reality. Want to know a shortcut? Love yourself more.

4. As long as it is going to take some time, enjoy it. We’ll never be “done” creating a life we love. There will always be bigger dreams, deeper healings and greater love to aspire to. That alone, is reason enough to commit to enjoying the journey. But even more importantly, the more you enjoy the process, the faster your dreams will manifest. A paradox, for sure, but nonetheless true.

I hope this helps, Want, to change your name from “Want” to “Believer”.

Much love,

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