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Beliefs seem solid. They seem as if “this is just the way life is”. But it isn’t the way life is. Life is the way you create it being. And your beliefs are the bedrock upon which you build that life. Yes, it seems very solid. But you built it. You can rebuild…you can re-believe…and your life will change.

Choose Your Belief

Determine the belief you want to change. Write out the old belief and the new belief.

Old Belief I have little or limited ability to create the life of my dreams.

New BeliefI have absolute and total ability to create the life of my dreams.


Close your eyes and relax in a quiet, tranquil place. Play soft music if you desire. Relax your body and your mind. Let go of all concerns of the day. Feel yourself in your beautiful place in nature… filled with safety, beauty and goodness. Open your senses to see, feel, hear, touch and taste this place. And then begin to walk and venture forth outside of this space.

Travel the land—perhaps up hills or mountains, along rivers or oceans, through the countryside, wherever the land takes you. At a certain point, you will sense a corridor. It may be a corridor of trees, or an actual hallway, standing strangely in the middle of nature. Enter the corridor. Begin to walk down it. Signs of your resistance will appear… perhaps in symbols, or pictures, or words. See them, acknowledge them, and forgive yourself if you must, but continue. Continue.

At the end of the corridor you will see a large clearing or room. There will be two doors there. One, with the old belief written on the door. Another with the new belief written on it. Side by side they stand. Darkness peaking beneath the limited future…light pouring from beneath the positive one. Go to the dark door. Put your hand upon it. Feel the energy. Imagine what that choice is like. See fragments of your past that reflect that belief. See your future should you remain in that limited future. Forgive yourself, for believing it thus far.

And then you notice… there is a cord snaking out from beneath the door. You follow it with your eyes to a plug in the wall or the ground. And you step over to it, and pull the plug. The dark under the door fades to grey light – then in a blink of an eye, the door is gone. Vanished. As if it never existed.

You feel a sense of relief, of freedom. And you turn your attention to the other door. And it too has a cord coming from beneath it. And you follow it with your eyes to the end of it and much to your surprise, it is not plugged in. And yet light streams from beneath this door. You walk to the end of the cord, pick it up, and plug it in!

Light that was bright is now brilliant. You walk to the door and place your hand upon it. You smile with delight as the loving and light filled energy fills your body and your mind floods with pictures of your future with this new belief firmly active within your life.

You move your hand slowly and deliberately to the handle, turn it, and walk into your brilliant future. A montage shows before you of the way this new belief will touch every bit of your life, the life of those you love and your world. Stay here for a while if you like. Watch and enjoy where this new belief will take you.

And when you are complete, close your mental eyes. Thank you, you whisper. And count to five 1…2…3…4…5. When you reach five, open your eyes-fully alert and awake. Ready to begin your new life.

Conscious Mind Follow-Up

Write, read or say this new belief 5 times daily for 30 days, with as much joy, excitement and positive emotion as you possibly can.

Share Your Success

Please let us know what you are creating with this new changing beliefs technique! Visit our SUCCESSES page and inspire others!

With love,

PS – another great tool to use during your belief changing work is the Changing Your Beliefs Guided Meditation.

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1 comment to " The Doors to Beliefs Technique "

  • Raquel

    All I can say is….. THANK YOU…..THANK YOU……THANK YOU.
    I lost faith for a period of time in my life. ..when everything was getting so hard…..this is where you come in….you helped me through the toughest times in my life and we have never even met! I don’t know you but I owe you so much….I cannot thank you enough…you use the power wisely ….you share the gift with all who are willing to see and hear. I ask for even more blessings in your life as I know you will use it wisely!!! Have an AMAZING day my friend…

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