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You have the power of the gods—the ability to make magic from nothing except your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Yours is an astonishing superpower. It doesn’t get better than this.

However, when you look at your life… is it amazing?

Not totally, eh?

One thing I know for sure is:
Your life can be amazing.

But just like Clark Kent, the mild mannered reporter, if you don’t use your superpower you may as well not even have it.

So what gives? Why would someone who knows they can consciously create their reality not create a stellar life?

Of course the reasons are different for every person, but there are some explanations that top the list.

If you’re serious about creating a stellar life with your superpower, take a look at these possible stumbling blocks (and be brutally honest with yourself):

The top five reasons you’re not creating a super life with your superpower:

1.  You don’t (really) let it in

Either on a conscious level (you can’t let it in—it just sounds too good to be true), or a subconscious level (you don’t really believe it’s possible) you don’t think you can create your fabulous dream life. Beliefs are the culprit here, as they are in so many reasons why you don’t create your dream.

But folks, it’s time to address these beliefs and change them. You have the tools. You know what to do. DO it. Find those beliefs and change them. Your (super) life depends on it.

2.   You don’t love yourself enough

Self-love isn’t taught in schools or often at home. And yet the lack of self-love can and does sabotage all that is possible. If you believe, on a subconscious level, that you aren’t good enough, deserving enough, whatever enough, to warrant the life of your dreams, you won’t create it.

Someone who truly loves him/herself believes he or she is fully worthy of all that is good in the world, and is motivated to take the steps necessary to get there. Make learning to love yourself a priority in your life. Of course beliefs can be the underlying obstacle to self-love too, as can be a painful past that needs to be healed and moved beyond. But again, you have tools—you have resources. Set an intention today to love yourself to the fullest degree you possibly can and do the work to get yourself there.

3.  You don’t trust yourself enough

Have you ever found yourself uncertain as to how to figure out what beliefs stand in your way, or whether you’re creating “correctly,” or whether a sign was a sign, or whether an action was an “inspired” action? Do you wonder whether you’re “doing it right”? Are you challenged with being patient as you create your dream?

Self-trust may be standing in the way of you holding the solid, sure, expectation of your dream coming true. Of course, self-love and believing in the ability to create your dreams have an affect on your trust, but if you truly trusted yourself to move forward and achieve your every intention, it would all be so much easier.

As with self-love, self-trust can be learned and honed. Always start by looking at the beliefs that say, “I can’t trust myself,” and go from there.

4.  Your dream isn’t inspiring you

Too many people dream too small, never fully believing that the sky’s the limit in this illusion called physical reality. Others dream too big—subconsciously they don’t believe they’ll ever get the dream, but they use the fantasy as a way to escape their less than perfect reality. Like a good movie, the dream of “making it big” feels good. These types of fantasies can make life bearable, but they don’t change anything.

How big and detailed should your dream be? Your dream should be big enough and clear enough so that it excites you. But your dream should also be should be small enough to be believable and broad enough to allow the universe to deliver the best dream possible. It may take a while to get the right balance, and you may need to rebalance it from time to time—but the telling factor on whether your dream needs attention is always: “Does it excite you?”

5.  Your resonance is all over the place

Many a dream has been lost when the dreamer loses his or her resonance. I’ve been there—spending ten minutes every morning dreaming the dream, getting excited, anticipating it’s arrival—then taking a nosedive (emotionally) when something went wrong.

Riding an emotional roller coaster is not only exhausting, it will also delay the arrival of your dream. You’ve got to find a way to keep your emotions high all through the day, no matter what happens.

Underlying this type of behavior are oftentimes beliefs, but habit also plays in here. Develop a habit of using this mantra throughout your day: “No matter what happens in my outer reality, I choose my thoughts and feelings. I am creating my dream; and eventually my outer world will perfectly reflect my intentions.”

These are the top five reasons your life isn’t all that it could be. And you have the capability and the resources to change everything and anything that could be stopping you from loving every second of your life.

I do hope you’ll do the work—there’s no better way to spend your time than on the inner work that results in your outer world.

Wishing you a life you love, my fellow superheroes!


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