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Most people hate the thought of money leaving their life. They cringe when the bills come in and resignedly write checks at the end of the month. What they don’t realize is, every time they think of money and feel lack, they are pushing away financial abundance. Every time.

It is as natural for money to come in and out of your life as it is for a tide to ebb and flow. And when money leaves, it is a great time to feel as if it will return to you multiplied.

When you write a check or hand over cash for anything, practice thinking, “I release this money into the universe, and it will return to me multiplied.”

Imagine it coming back to you doubled, or tripled, or even 10 times more! Write a little dollar sign in the notation area of your checks, and when you do, imagine every little dollar sign you write is “ordering” the check amount times how ever many dollar signs you have written. If you write one $, you are expecting double your money back—ten dollar signs, 10x your money back from the universe, etc.

As with every technique, it should feel wonderful! You will begin to look forward to bill paying because it feels fun to “order” more abundance in your world.

Can it be that easy?

Yes. It can. And if you have trouble believing that, you likely have a belief that it can’t or you aren’t powerful, or you don’t create your reality. Change those beliefs!

And begin to love when money leaves your life!

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2 comments to " Loving Money Leaving Technique "

  • Bobby

    This indeed, works! I do something similar to this. Whenever I give money, I say to myself, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you for this 10-fold (for example) 50.00 return’. Just the other day, I was a stop light. There was this homeless man standing begging for money. I gave him a $5.00 bill. I immediately said my lil chant. I pulled off, stopped at a gas station to get gas. I also bought a scratch off ticket. I won $50.00 in less than 5 minutes!

    • Boni

      Hi Bobby,

      Thanks for your story…it is GREAT! I teach this stuff, I live it, I hear about it all the time, yet every time someone tells me about it working in their life, it delights me. Yes, it DOES work!


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