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They say when we dream of houses, the houses represent us. I think this is true, as I recall early on in my spiritual quest I would dream often of houses with hidden rooms or hidden wings. I think these dreams represented the parts of me I’d yet to uncover.

The House of You Technique similarly asks you to imagine yourself as a house. What kind of house would you be? Is it ramshackle or majestic? How big are you? What is your general condition? As you enter the House of You, how much light is there inside? Is there space to move around? How much clutter is present? Let this visualization tell you about you.

Close your eyes and imagine, walking down a road or a path, out in nature, and coming upon the House of You. Take a look at your “house”. And use your imagination, to expand this house. Make it bigger. Make it brighter. Make it glow with light. Make it fancier, or plainer. Know that as you expand this “house” you are expanding your own capacity for success.

Then enter this “house”. You will find placards on the doors, which name the rooms. You’ll find your “Relationship Room,” your “Money Room,” your “Health & Well Being Room,” your “Room of Creativity,” “Life’s Work Room” and any other room you can imagine.

Whether you are working on overall success, or specific successes the House of You is a fun and effective way to “shore up” your life. By shoring up your house.  Here are some ideas of visualizations to shift your world:

•  Want to increase your overall success? Imagine the House of You however it comes to you. Then improve it. Make it bigger, grander, and more beautiful. See it being filled with light and love. Pop the top! Add a swimming pool, staff, cars and garages. Make it a mansion!

•  Want to improve your relationships? Give your Relationship Room a good cleaning…throw away keepsakes from old relationships, and decorate your Relationship Room with a sexy bed, satin sheets, fresh flowers and soft lighting (maybe complete with a room service bell?). Then imagine someone special tucked under the covers!

•  Want to improve your financial status? Sweep out the cobwebs in your Money Room! Clean under the furniture. Better yet, throw out the old furniture and imagine new stuff being delivered. Watch as the walls expand outward, making more room for more money in your life!

You get the idea. EXPAND your options by metaphorically expanding your reality. Let it be more than just an exercise. Watch for the signs, and expect your world to change.

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