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We’ve all had them – days that suck. Days that we wish we had never gotten out of bed let alone ever heard of “creating our own reality’”. All we want to do is pretend we had nothing to do with the day that just passed, and hope tomorrow is a better one.

As one faithful reader writes:

“I have had some days where I felt happy, abundant and productive. I have had other days where awful things have happened, things that push my buttons hard. I have had the sales of my companies go way up and fall way down. What a ride!”

Another wrote:

“I applied the principles taught and at first things seem to go great and then spiraled into the worst phase of my life. I literally went through hell!”

Ok, hear me folks –it does not mean you are a failure at creating your reality if you have a bad day. Complain if you want, cry if you must, but don’t blame yourself.

Wait – you tell us we create our own realities (and you even say no exceptions) and yet you also say don’t blame ourselves if we have a bad day? What gives?

Yes! Don’t blame yourself. And forgive yourself for creating (unconsciously) the bad day. When you have a bad day, please remember three things:

•  You are human. You create your world by making things happen OR by letting things happen. Letting things happen means your day is being created largely by subconscious beliefs and old negative thoughts and feelings that you haven’t fully replaced yet.So how can you possibly blame yourself for what you didn’t even know you were putting out there? That said, I still suggest you forgive yourself for having created it. Have compassion for yourself. You are (we all are) still learning. And love yourself even though you didn’t create the perfect day.

•  Time is a double edged sword. You are physical. That means you exist in a dimension with time and space. Time gives you the luxury of not being perfect at creating your reality. You can have really terrible thoughts like “I wonder what it would feel like to drive right over that cliff…” and not die like you would if your thoughts instantly manifested into reality. The down side of that is until you have all your energy in alignment with what you do want, i.e. ease, safety, success, etc., there are going to be some realities that aren’t that great. This is a process folks. It doesn’t happen overnight. Every day you need to take responsibility, be conscious and make those choices over and over again. Your reality will get better and better though, if you keep at it.

•  Your image needs to expand as your reality expands. I see this happen over and over and over again. It has happened to me. And it will happen to you too. You do a technique, you learn how incredibly powerful you are, or you have a burst of passion and you flow energy into your reality and voila!!! Success! Then, around the next corner, failure! Now this could result from a belief such as, “My life can only become so wonderful, and then the other shoe will drop.” If that rings true for you, by all means change that belief. Also though, your image about who you are needs to shift and change as you create more and more success. If the self-image or self-story you tell yourself and others is one of mediocrity, victim, failure, struggle, then even if you create some good stuff, the reality will slip back into that old image you hold of who you are and how your life works.

So enjoy your successes, forgive and learn from your failures, and above all else, have a blast as creating your illusion! And remember, if you can imagine it, you can create it!

In joyous creation,

What do you do when your day is a bust? part II
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2 comments to " What do you do when your day is a bust? (part I of II) "

  • Hi Matty,

    Welcome! And thanks for reading. I hope the Part II helped! Please let me know if you have questions!

    With love and light,

  • Matilda

    Hi Boni,

    Happened to chance upon your writings (gotta reword that! :)) some time back; look forward to your next article as you promised above- whenever you choose to write it (hope it’s soon though! :)). Would help putting things in perspective.

    Luv and laughter- matty

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