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It’s inevitable. You will be faced with “half a dream” come true. You will say, “I created my dream, but…” As in:

I met the man of my dreams… but he’s married.

I was offered a job… but it pays half what I need.

I met a friend who shares my interests… but she lives an hour away.

I finally found a car I love… but I can’t afford it.

This happens a lot. When you think about it, it’s bound to happen. Why? Because…

Dreams show up a little at a time.

Sometimes a dream show up all at once, but that is a rarity. Usually you will receive “signs” that your dream is coming before it shows up in its entirety. There are two reasons for this:

 1.  It takes a while to direct your flow of energy towards (and not away from) your dream. This is an acquired skill. For every new dream, it takes a while to get your thoughts and emotions (not to mention your beliefs) in alignment with your desire.

2.  Time is a buffer in manifesting on this planet. Time lets you practice creating your reality without hurting yourself (or your reality) too much. Most people have a mix of positive and negative thoughts and emotions. Time keeps the really negative ones from manifesting instantly, such as “Oh my God I thought I was going to die when that truck came so close!” If you didn’t have time, you would have died.

Dreams seldom manifest in one big, happy package. They take time. The better you get at this, the less time they will take, but they will always take some time.

One of the best things you can do to become better at conscious creating, is to understand this fact and not be disappointed when you receive “half the dream.” Because you see, half the dream isn’t really half the dream at all; it’s an indication that the whole dream is on its way.

Don’t be like most people …

The way most people handle signs like the ones above is to focus on what isn’t there.

I still don’t have a relationship.

I still don’t have enough money.

I still don’t have a friend next door.

I still don’t have the car I love.

How should you respond? By taking the sign as proof that you are closer than ever! That might sound something like this:

Oh my gosh! I met the most wonderful man… he must not have been the one I’m creating because he’s not available, but I created him in my world! I must be getting closer to my relationship! Hooray!

Yay! I am flowing energy towards a job that pays well and look what happened! I received a job offer! So what that it isn’t exactly what I want yet? I’m celebrating that I created a wonderful sign that the job that is exactly what I want is on its way!

I love this new friend! Yeah, she’s further away than I had hoped, but who knows what will happen next? Maybe she’ll move closer. Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll meet someone I like as well or better who lives next door. It’s exciting creating my reality!

I am so excited I found the perfect car! A month ago I didn’t think one existed, yet here it is. Now to add an ingredient to this dream – affordable! Maybe more money will come in or another car will show up like this one for less… either way I’m so happy that my magic is working!

It will take some practice to get good at responding to your reality in ways that support your dream, but it is doable. And it’s fun and empowering watching the signs appear as you’re flowing energy for the whole enchilada!

Let the half dreams redirect the whole ones!

Sometimes the signs you receive will cause you to refine your dream or even entice a brand new dream.

An example from my world:

I was focusing on creating money some years ago, at a time in my life when money was scarce. Here’s what happened:

•  I created a fun job doing interesting work… but the pay was terribly low. So I focused a little more energy towards being financially secure.

•   Within weeks, I was offered a full time job with good pay… but the drive was too long – so I turned down the job and focused on feeling free as well as prosperous.

•   A few days later the job offer was amended allowing me to work 3-4 days from home and to work hours which allowed me to avoid traffic.  This was ideal for a while… but then I decided I wanted more responsibility and more authority. I began to dream and focus energy on that.

•   Sure enough, within a month I was offered a promotion, a raise, and given many accolades… but I longed for my own company so I would have unlimited opportunity for abundance and freedom; and I began to dream this too.

•   A few months later the company announced it would be closing and my hours were cut in half (gasp… this wasn’t what I wanted – or was it?). I kept my focus – joy, prosperity, freedom, responsibility, autonomy, etc. I was determined no matter how my reality looked, I was ultimately moving in the direction of my dream. Sure enough, within days my boss and I were given the company I used to work for. My dream had come true to be my own boss… but I was back to very little money again. You know the drill… I put more focus on prosperity, abundance, not forgetting fun, etc.

•   The focus worked. The company grew… but my new partner and I had different visions. My dream had grown and so had I. I was at a new level, and needed to dream again. I began to focus on owning it all myself – the joy, the freedom, the fun, the challenge, the creativity, the autonomy.

•  Just six months after opening our own company my partner made me an offer – and although I was still broke, I managed to buy her out. I owned 100% of a thriving company that would gross nearly $5 million just a few years later.

It really is your choice

There will always be a choice as to how to respond to your world when your reality seems less than ideal.  If you can train yourself to respond with hope, excitement, positivity and genuine expectation that the “sign” just put you closer to your dream, you will find it easier, more elegant and more fun to consciously create your world.

With loads of love,

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5 comments to " What to Do When “Half a Dream” Comes True "

  • Ruby

    So this means, unless my dreams/goals are clear I might get something I don’t really want?

    I always experience getting something I want later on but then when it arrives I don’t want it anymore and actually avoid it or shun it away. When it happens/arrives I then get conflicted and guilty for not wanting it anymore. It’s such a dilemma when it happens.

  • Jena Brenneman

    Just yesterday I didn’t get a job that I wanted and I was really down about it. I had decided and visualized myself there and getting the position. So when I got the call I was very disappointed. I did say it was not to be but it’s so hard to be positive when you don’t know or can’t see what is to be. However I have been forgetting to see the positive in all of this.

    Boni you are right! Dreams show up a little at a time and you need to practice staying and being positive. I did create this opportunity. I finally decided it was time to be back in a higher position then I did my resume and started my job search. With 3 simple steps I created in 1 month this opportunity, that’s right I DID! I am ready for the next sign.

    Thank you Boni!
    Jena Brenneman

    • Boni

      Jena ~

      You are most welcome! That is exactly the kind of energy that will bring you something even better than the job you didn’t get. Whenever I want to program for something specific, like a certain job, I always add, “This or better.” And if it doesn’t happen, the excitement can really come in! Even now you can hold that, “OK I didn’t get this job but I created it in my reality! It must have been to prepare me for something even more wonderful!!”

      Now, that all said, we are human, and when we feel disappointment it’s OK to give it some time to feel it. Just don’t wallow in it for weeks or months. (And it doesn’t sound like you are doing that at all!).

      Sending you love and light for the perfect job for you right now!

      ♥ Boni

  • “dreams show up a little at a time” – I LOVE that and will remember that often!

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