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If you’re familiar with my book, The Map, you’ll remember that taking action is part of creating anything.

“Wait”, you might say, “if I can create anything can’t I create things just falling into my lap and not having to take any action at all?”

Very clever. Although theoretically, yes, you could sit back and do nothing and expect things to fall into your lap, it’s just not going to work as well.  Why?

Three reasons:

  1. Action is a proving ground. Once you have owned your divinity (step one), clarified your dream (step two), and flowed energy towards that dream (step three), then taking action (step four) should feel positive. If it doesn’t, it’s a clue to go back to understand why. If taking action doesn’t feel good, or you aren’t motivated to take action, something is wrong and needs tending to.
  1. Action intensifies the energies, speeding up the manifestation. Positive emotion (such as excitement, happiness, freedom, love, etc.) directed towards a thought (i.e. your job, relationship, finances, etc.) with supporting beliefs (i.e. I believe I can have this, deserve it, can create it, etc) are what creates realities. If you felt joyous about what you wanted and believed you could have it, you would want to get out there and begin taking action towards that end—preparing for it, researching it, taking steps towards it, etc. Those actions create more positive energy which creates what you want faster than if no action were taken. 
  1. Action is (or should be) part of the fun. The old adage “it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey” is a critically important concept in manifesting your dreams. It’s the energy of fun, excitement, and fulfillment you feel along the way that draws to you the reality you desire. Action helps. You know you’re on the right path when the journey towards your dreams is a blast—and that includes the action steps.

So what’s going on if you don’t feel like taking action?

One of two things is likely going on:

Either you don’t really want what you say you want, or

You don’t believe you can have what you want.

If you really want what you say you want, and if you believe you can have it, nothing would be able to stop you from taking action. You would be so excited, so juiced, so enthralled with getting this thing and expecting it to show up that you would be preparing for it every chance you got.

Case in point:

When I was in the midst of manifesting a loving partnership, I began thinking about the partner I intended on creating. I imagined him staying over, doing things together, and eventually this future love moving into my home.

The action: I cleaned out and reorganized my closet. I bought a dresser for him. I bought hangars. I added some Feng Shui touches to the bedroom.

The result: Within a couple of months he came into my life.

But if you aren’t excited, if you don’t feel inspired to take action, look deeper at why not.

Maybe it isn’t really what you want

I know someone who said he wanted to be a doctor. But he hated the idea of spending years and years in medical school.

When he looked deeper into his motivation, he realized he didn’t really like much about being a doctor at all. He was really after money and prestige.

Upon further self examination, he realized he wanted the title to prove to others that he was valuable.

He worked at healing his self-perception, he changed the belief that he wasn’t valuable without the degree, and eventually he realized that money flows where there is most excitement and passion (if you believe it can). He discovered a career path he loved and became quite wealthy as a result.

And if you’ve looked at whether you really have the desire, and you do, then –

Maybe you don’t believe you can create it

One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to act is the fear of disappointment. They don’t, on a subconscious level, believe they can really create the thing they want.

Oh they want to believe it. But they don’t. And they don’t want to admit that to themselves because then the disappointment would be too much to handle. It’s safer to hold onto the fantasy, even if it never manifests, then to face the fear that it never will.

Beliefs can be changed though, folks. Brutal honesty with yourself is the only way to discover what holds you back.

You can create anything whatsoever you can imagine… one step at a time.

Suggested action steps:

1.  Take action on a part of your dream this week.

2.  And if you don’t want to, discover why not, change either the dream or the beliefs.

You can do this.

In joyous creation,

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9 comments to " But what if I don’t feel like taking action? "

  • Shay

    Hi this article is really helpful to me, and right now I’m having a very tough question,

    Here it is ,
    I applied law of attraction to get 4A’s in my A levels in 2016 but ended up getting 1A 1B and 2Cs which is super unbelievable and not the truth.
    As I was kinda obsessed with evaluation processes in exams I thought I should apply for it this time because I deserve 4A’s . Although the evaluation process is really hard in my country it wasn’t a problem for me. People appeared magically from nowhere to help me in different stages of applying for it.

    And as my parents are strictly telling me I had to attend classes for the second attempt while the results are out.
    Actually It doesn’t feel right and I can puke whenever I see those books and stuff.i feel like that it is not the inspired action.
    What do you think about my problem????? Please please please help

    • Bobbie

      Do you need 4 As? 4 A levels is quite an achievement in itself. Could you choose another path with the results you already have? It might be a silver lining to the cloud.

  • J

    Hey Boni, can you outline the action steps you would take when youre trying to manifest a romantic relationship ? That’s been my focus for awhile, but im feeling stuck not attracting anyone. I’ve tried online dating, and I’ve asked friends to help be on the lookout, yet nothing has come of those actions and I honestly have no idea what to do next.

  • Hi Boni, great and helpful article that I just happened to stumble upon. I'm very much into personal development. I work on me everyday and that's why it's soooo frustrating not to be able to figure out my purpose or passion. Then when I think I may have

    Thanks Boni

  • Linda H

    Boni, I agree with your comment that “Brutal honesty with yourself is the only way to discover what holds you back.” I have a sense that the easiest way to be brutally honest with myself is to do it through journaling, but I’m wondering if you have any clues as to the questions I can ask myself to get to the bottom of this feeling that “it” (whatever it is that I want) can happen for someone else, but probably not for me.

    • Boni

      Hi Linda,

      I think journaling is a great idea! I would journal about how it will be when you ‘do’ have what you want.

      And as far as discovering what is holding you back, I would ask myself this question: “What am I getting out of staying stuck?”

      You see there is always a payoff so to speak, for staying in a constrictive reality. For instance, staying in poverty may have the payoff of providing safety (if that were the case I would suggest changing the belief underlying that choice – which would be something like, “becoming successful and wealthy would mean…”). Another payoff might be a hit of power when you complain to myself and others in your life… “look how awful I have it… my awful is awful-er than your awful.” Yet another payoff might be a feeling of self-righteousness which might look something like, “See… I’m special. Reality creation works for everyone but me.”

      When you discover what your payoff is, forgive yourself. Choose another path, and move on.

      Another suggestion is to meditate with your child and adolescent self and find out what their problem is with you being successful in what you are trying to manifest. Their objections generally can point to beliefs which need to be changed before you will allow the success.

      These are all suggestions for discovering where your flow is being impeded Linda, but don’t forget to do the “flowing energy” techniques also.

      I hope this helps! Sending you energy to move forward with grace, ease, joy and success!


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