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toxic smell

There’s absolutely no reason anyone should have negative impact on you. Period. But I’m the first to admit that might be easier said than done. It may take a while to rid yourself of the energy of toxic people but it is doable.

What do you do if you have people in your life who want to argue, gossip, focus on what’s wrong with the world, or who are just downright mean spirited?  Watch this video and find out:

It can be really challenging to shift your reality when you’re surrounded by people who seem to want to pull you down but it can be done!

Thanks so much for watching.

With love,

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1 comment to " How to Deal With Toxic People "

  • Emma

    I have been dealing with this quite often in my life recently. I have been told by many people that I should just let these people go, or that I should stop being such an empath. Neither of these seemed to be the right choice. I definitely needed to watch this video. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I truly appreciate your words. :)

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