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I love miracles! The only thing I love as much as experiencing them in my own life is hearing about the miracles others have allowed. Recently I received this email from a reader:

“You probably won’t believe this. Back in March I lost one of my favorite necklaces that my husband gave me. I thought that it was the victim of my toddler son’s loving grasp while we were out and about. I have looked everywhere for it, under things, all of my bags, etc. I had already resolved to living without it. I was getting ready for work just now and when I went to put on my earrings there it was right on top of my dresser in plain sight. Coincidence, I think not. Have a beautiful day.”

– S

How awesome is that?! S allowed her reality to love her in a beautiful and fun way. But S wasn’t following The Map on creating this one. Yes, she desired it, but as she writes above, she had “resolved herself to living without it”.

So, if we create it all (we do) and she didn’t create this (she didn’t) – what gives?

Well, remember the seventh step in The Map? The seventh step is asking for help from your unseen friends.

Although sometimes that help comes unsolicited and you allow a reality that is even better than the energy you are putting forth. That is a miracle.


  1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.
  2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment.

You don’t create miracles. But you can encourage them in your reality! How?

1.  Be hopeful of miracles – Hope is an easy thing to lose. And once we’ve lost it, it can be hard to regain. It is our responsibility to keep our energy field in a state of hope and receptivity. It’s nice if we can have our hope accidentally raised, but we can “stack the deck” by making sure we surround ourselves with the most positive and inspiring people, books, thoughts, etc.

2.  Believe– The phrase “believe in miracles” has become so overused and cliché that I hesitate to even go here. But it’s true nonetheless. And honestly, it is a stretch to believe reality can work this way – miraculously. But miracles happen every day. Stretch your belief that miracles can happen to you. How? By imagining them. Right now, think of five things that could happen to you tomorrow that would be flat out miraculous!

3.  Ask – Such a simple little thing and yet so forgotten. We increase the ability of our unseen friends to assist us exponentially by simply asking. Personally, I do a “blanket request”. Each week I read and review my intentions for my life, and at the end of the list is this statement: “I request and intend to receive help from all of my unseen friends to manifest all of my intentions even greater than stated (i.e. miracles), with harm to none.”

4.   Expect – Now that you’ve asked, keep your eyes open. Look around. And notice when things happen to you that are better than you expected. A miracle? Yesyou can choose that it is.

5.  Be grateful – A wise intuitive once told me, “There are only two prayers – please… and thank you.” It’s not that your unseen friends require recognition in order to help you, but that the energy of gratitude acknowledges the miracle, strengthens the belief, and sends a message to your subconscious mind that you live in a loving and benevolent universe. Be grateful for everything wonderful in your world but especially for miracles.

Isn’t this so cool? Not only do you live in a world in which you can consciously create your reality… the only caveat to that is it can get even better than that!! (Be still my heart…)

And all you need to do to change your world is to change a bit of you. Why not begin now? Come on, right now, ask. Ask for a miracle to show up in your reality. (And ask to know instantly that it was a miracle.)

Life is delicious folks. Start tasting.

In joyous creation,

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6 comments to " 5 Ways to Encourage Miracles "

  • Thanks! This is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful encouragement! It helps to have these steps to take to promote miracles.

    I have had a number of times when I lost something and then re-manifested it. The most common for me seems to be a piece of important paperwork. I will look everywhere it could possibly be, then I will look again, and then look again. (By the second or third time there is no way I am missing seeing it.) But if I keep asking for the paper and keep looking, it sometimes appears right where I am looking.)

    • Anderia Felder

      Hi the same things have happened with my keys and misplaced paperwork it really is awesome once I realized what I was doing after trying it over and over it works( still practicing and learning) I learned from Marketing class(power of attraction) in 2007 in NY, I started searching for deeper enlightenment…. just been introduced to the teachings of Abraham Hicks May 2011 my life has changed this morning I was looking for the Abraham Hicks Group on facebook their page lead me to yours.

      • Hi Anderia,

        Welcome to my blog! I am glad you found us. It is amazing how the universe works isn’t it? We are so blessed to be here and to begin to awaken to the power we have within us. I hope to hear from you again!!

        With love,

    • Hi Sally,

      I am super glad you are encouraged! We are SO loved and supported… and sometimes it is easy to forget that.

      And don’t you love miracles??? Sounds like you are no stranger. Keep up the great work there!

      much love,

  • Hi Bonni
    I submit to you the idea that ‘S’ just relaxed – she stopped affirming that her necklace was lost (and stopped the energy of keeping it lost) and she was looking forward to being OK without it (moving forward with her life and getting ready for work) and so her relaxed energy of “I’m OK,” brought it back to her.
    I also want to mention that there is a woman in CA who writes a newsletter about lost articles coming back. It is called Reality Shifters and her name is Cynthia Sue Larson. It is one that I enjoy. (No affiliation with me.)
    Enjoying your articles – thanks.

    • Hi Lorna,

      I’m sorry I didn’t see this post sooner. I agree that relaxing sure does help the whole process. She had relaxed about it also when she gave up on it as you pointed out.

      Thanks for Cynthia’s info and the kind words!

      Happy creating!

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