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Another Valentine’s Day rolls around and those singles who long for love are emitting exactly the energy that will keep love away: sadness, yearning, and wishing for love but feeling oh-so-alone.

“Well, how else should I feel,” you may ask, “when I am alone and surrounded by an entire culture celebrating not being alone?”

 Let me let you in on a little secret, “In order to create what you want, you have to ignore – totally ignore – what you have.”

“What?” you say, “How can I ignore being alone when I’m alone?”

Well, you may have to play some mind games to make this work.

You could imagine you have the love of your life and a wonderful, fulfilling, beautiful relationship, but he/she is in a different country on business.

Or (and), when you go to bed at night imagine him/her in bed next to you, snuggled close.

Some might call this fantasy… I call it, “Prepping for The One”.

You see, it’s the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that make realities appear, so if you can think, feel, and believe that you have something already, you will draw it to you.

It’s just a matter of time.

And honestly, what do you have to lose? It’s not like this isn’t a fun ‘game.” It’s super fun to imagine yourself in a loving, supportive, giving, trustworthy, respectful, and joyous relationship – isn’t it?

What to do to bring love to you…

First make a list of the attributes you desire in a mate, and write a list of the feelings you will feel when you have this relationship… such as loved, respected, joyful, playful, secure, honored, etc.

Then, for seven nights, read the list (adding more attributes and/or feelings if you desire).

And when you read the list, feel those feelings. Feel how it feels to feel loved, and honored, etc. And when you snuggle into bed imagine your love behind you, hugging you and loving you through the night. You don’t have to see a face, just know they are there.

Then look for “signs” that your resonance is shifting and you are drawing love to you.

What does a sign look like?

It might look something like:

You notice a news headline such as, “So-and-so Finds Love at Last!”

Or a sign could be a call from one of your friends saying they are getting married. “What!” you might say, “How is a friend getting married a sign for me?”

It is a sign because you drew that reality to you… and drawing it to you at precisely the time you are doing this work shows your energy is shifting.

Another sign might be you receiving a little more attention from the opposite sex. “But I want more than a little…” you may complain.

Remember, these are signs, not the relationship itself. In order to bring the full relationship you will need to continue emitting those emotions (by feeling the way you will feel when you have it) for however long it takes for it to manifest.

“What if it takes forever?”

Now that is your adolescent self talking. It won’t take forever but it will take a while. And in order for you to allow it in you will need to continue working on it.

And the signs should help. They will show you that your energy (in the form of thoughts and feelings) does have impact.

And once you begin seeing that, it will give you the encouragement and determination to take the next step and the next! Remember, the only limits on what you can create are you.

Wishing you love in abundance,

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7 comments to " The Secret to Creating “The Love of Your Life” "

  • Laura

    Hi Boni,

    Thank you for putting this in such easy terms to understand. I started last night imagining what he is like and that he is just away on business right now. Brilliant!

    Namaste and Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • always you are clear, clean and to the point. I love, love, love, your work and words. You are the inspiration….I know your life and encourage people to pay attention…this is how it works everyone! You are in your Mastery and your Great Work! Love, Jackie

  • Angela Hamilton

    Hi Boni,

    It is so true that you have to imagine it, feel it, speak it in order to manifest it. I’m in the process of doing this now and I know he is there, just haven’t seen his face yet. Good stuff. Keep it coming.

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