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I can hear you now…“What? Me say ‘no’ to abundance??? Not on your life!”

Let me make this simple for you…

If you don’t have unlimited abundance in your life, be it money, resources or love, you are saying “NO” to abundance.

My friends, the universe is ready to give you a bucket load of abundance. Why?

Because the universe loves you and wants you to be happy?

Of course not.

The universe doesn’t care one way or another—the universe is simply a mirror of your emotions and thoughts. You are the one who says no (or yes) to everything in your life.

I know you know this in theory. So why is it so hard to pull it off in real life?

Because you’re not practiced in saying “yes.”

You see, the universe will send you lots and lots of “signs” before it actually dumps the whole entire boatload of abundance on you.

Why does it do that?

Because you set it up that way. You wanted to practice conscious creation (in a very challenging arena, I might add) so you chose an incarnation on earth—a free will planet (that’s the good news) but also a pretty dark planet (that’s the bad news).

Yet you thought you were up to it (and you are). And now that you’re here you’re thinking, “WHAT was I thinking?”


Let me assure you, if you’re here, you’re up to the task. But you have to learn the ropes in order to succeed. And one of the prime ways you say “no” to abundance is, you misread the signs that abundance is knocking at your door.

And because you misread them you respond negatively to them—which in effect, negates them. So when you receive a fabulous sign of abundance, and you react negatively, you take the power right out of it.

Here is a true-life scenario of a fellow creator who, just like you, was challenged in seeing (and responding positively to) the signs.

It’s a long story—but follow along to see where she slipped into scarcity (and where you might too):

Hi Boni,

I’m writing because my experiences over the last couple of weeks have been like a roller-coaster ride: first up with the knowledge that I was experiencing abundance, then down thinking I’d been premature in my exuberance, then up and down, and up again.

Interestingly, there were two parallel experiences going on at the same time—both taking me for a ride!

First, I’d been with a cell phone carrier for several years on what I call “The Old Lady Plan.” This plan was for seniors over the age of 65, and provided 250 minutes of talk per month, zero texts per month, and 2 gigs of data. The basic bill was $59.99; however, with taxes, fees, and a few texts, it has always come to around $77 – $79/month.

A friend told me that another carrier (Sprint) had a “cut your bill in half” offer that not only would cut my existing bill in half, but would give me unlimited talk, unlimited text, and the same data plan (2 gigs) I already had. I went online, and sure enough: for $29.99 I could have unlimited talk, unlimited text and 2 gigs of data.

Filled with optimism…

Boni – Ah, here it is. Her first sensing that this was a positive “sign” of the abundance she had been attempting to create. Lets see what she does with it…

I drove to the closest Sprint office and asked for the “cut my bill in half” deal. The young woman I spoke with informed me that while they could cut my bill in half, I would need to retain my 250 minutes per month, zero texts, and 2 gigs of data. Unlimited talk and text were not part of the “cut your bill in half” program.

I told her that I wanted to get rid of my home telephone, go 100% with my cell phone, so I needed unlimited talk. She told me that in that case she could give me unlimited talk, text and 2 gigs of data for $79.99, which would have been more than I’d been paying with Verizon, but provided a lot more.

I stood there for a moment and thought “Should I leave now, go home, get back on the Sprint website, upload the PDF of my bill again, and bring back a copy and force them to do what they advertised, or should I continue with the person behind the counter, THEN go home, re-input my bill and come back if, indeed, the website stated I could have unlimited text, talk and 2 gigs of data for $29.99?

Boni – It’s interesting that her mind only gave her those two choices. Here might have been another thought:

“Wow, this is exciting! Just like in a movie—I create abundance and here is my ‘negative self’ trying to take it away. Well, I know I create it all and I’m committed to creating abundance—period. I don’t know what will happen with this salesgirl, but I do know if I jump ahead to the end of the day I have a smile on my face because it went far better than I’d even imagined.”

But let’s see what she created next…

I decided I didn’t want to go home, then return and stand in line for another 30 minutes. The gal then said that if we reduced my data to 1 gig, she could give me unlimited talk, text and 1 gig of data for $69.99 base per month. I went for it.

At this point, I had come down from the high of thinking I could create abundance, to thinking I’d gotten a little more than I had with Verizon for only $10 more per month. I could feel the letdown.

Boni – Oh, no! Classic mistake of letting what’s going on around you dictate how you feel (and therefore, what you create). She may as well have let that salesgirl steal her wallet.

But wait, there’s more…

I immediately went home, went online, and realized that yes, Sprint did indeed promise that I could have unlimited talk, text and 2 gigs of data for $29.99/month.

The next day I called to see if Sophia, the gal that waited on me at Sprint the day before, was in the store, as I wanted to cancel the contract from the day before, and pursue the “Cut your Bill in Half” deal. She wasn’t at work.

The following day I drove to the Sprint store intent on changing back to the “Cut your Bill in Half” deal. Again Sophia wasn’t at work, so I explained my predicament to the manager, David, who sympathized and set me up with Christopher.

Christopher was flummoxed. He didn’t understand what Sophia had done the day before, and excused himself to check it out with David.

After 20 minutes, when Christopher had not returned, I looked for David, but he was busy with others. When he was finally free, I asked what had happened to Christopher, and he said he thought he was in the back, and said he’d track him down.

Boni – Is anyone seeing the teensy bit of struggle here? Okay, a lot of struggle. Struggle is a red flag, my friends. Abundance should flow easily. If it doesn’t, ask yourself if you have beliefs such as:

•  I must earn the abundance I receive.
•  Nothing comes easy.
•  It’s hard to create abundance.
•  There’s no free lunch.
•  I must struggle in order to receive abundance.
•  I must work hard for the abundance I receive.
•  Life’s a struggle.
•  Conscious creation is difficult.

Let’s find out what happened next…

After a few minutes, David returned stating that Christopher and the assistant manager were on the phone with corporate trying to figure out what to do about my situation. Another 20 minutes, and Christopher returned to his station, apologizing for his absence.

He explained that Sophia had made several mistakes when she’d waited on me two days earlier. She had not given me the “Cut your Bill in Half” deal, but instead had put me on a new 2-year contract that required me to pay $200 for a Sprint iPhone—which she had neither told me about nor collected.

Christopher explained that the “Cut your Bill in Half” deal required that I turn in a cell phone from my previous provider (my iPhone 4S), and that I lease a Sprint iPhone for 24 month. At the end of my 24-month lease, the phone would be mine.

The lease for the iPhone 5C would add $18/month for 24 months to my monthly bill.  That brought my $29.99 “half-price deal” up to $37.99 per month. If I added insurance (which I thought I should, since I’ve dropped my iPod into the cat’s water dish 3 times in the last 4 years) that would add an additional $11/month, for a total of $48.99 per month, plus taxes and fees. But this was still a pretty good deal for unlimited talk, text, and 2 gigs of data. I once again felt my abundance juices surging!

Boni – At this stage she’s feeling pretty powerful. Yes!

The next morning I received a call from Sarah at Sprint Corporate offices. After introducing herself, she said, “I understand you want to transfer your cell phone service from Verizon to Sprint.”

“No.” I said, “I’ve already done that. I was at your office in Northfield, Denver, and it’s all taken care of. Please don’t change a thing. It took me 3 hours yesterday just to straighten out a mess that was created on Monday.”

“But you don’t have services with us yet,” she said.

“What? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have a Sprint cell phone, I spent a total of 4½ hours at your store over the last three days, and finally I think everything is ironed out. Please. Do NOT change a thing.”

She said, “There are only about 14 of us who know the ins and outs of the new half-priced plan, and I’m here to help you.”

And again, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You’re telling me that in the entire United States there are only 14 of you that know how to set this up and yet you’ve got a national advertising campaign on television?”

Oh my God, I thought, I guess I’m no damned good at creating what I want.

Boni – Well, feeling powerful didn’t last long, did it? She jumped to self-judgment really quickly. We all tend to do that, but staying conscious and re-thinking those thoughts will help.

What might she have thought if she’d caught herself?

Perhaps this: “Whoops. That wasn’t very empowering of me. Okay, I take that back. I am really good at creating what I want. Gosh, look at all the scarcity and struggle I’ve created in the past—I created that as surely as I’m about to create abundance now. I am as powerful of a creator as they come.

“But NOW I know better and I’m going to create consistent abundance. I’m going to look at this whole scenario as an amusing ‘sign’, and whether my additional abundance comes from a better cell phone contract or not doesn’t matter—what does matter is I’m committed to feeling abundant and creating wealth. The universe can decide how it is delivered.”

Back to our story…

“Yes,” she answered. “I received a call from Tish, the Assistant Manager at Northfield and I want to be sure everything is set up correctly.”

So I shut up, and 30 minutes later she’d verified that Christopher and Tish had set things up correctly. I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe I did know how to create, albeit with a little more difficulty than I would have preferred!

Boni – Again, don’t let the illusion push you around. You don’t wait for your reflection in the mirror to smile at you before you pronounce yourself happy, do you? This is no different.

Be proactive with your creating. The key to creating sustainable abundance is to feel abundant all the time no matter what is going on around you.

And the saga continues…

Four hours later, the phone rang again. “Yes?” I answered.

“This is Leah from Sprint, corporate offices. I see that you’ve sent us an email about wanting to take advantage of our “Cut your Bill in Half” offer.”

“No.” I said. “If you’ll check, I believe you’ll see that the email was from Tish, a Sprint Assistant Manager in your Northfield office here in Denver, Colorado. I received a call earlier today from another Sprint corporate person who has checked it out and verified that everything is fine.”

Ten minutes later, Leah agreed all was taken care of and once again my personal reaction went from “I have no idea how to create what I want,” to “Maybe I DO know how to create, after all!”

Boni – Roller coasters never were my idea of fun. And emotional roller coasters are the worst.

But did you know you could get off a roller coaster? Better yet, don’t get on the stupid ride in the first place.

The story doesn’t stop here…

Parallel to the “Sprint experience” is what I’ll call the “Re-fi experience.” Bear with me …

On my birthday, December 10, I received a call out of the blue from Mike O’Hara at United Mortgage Corp. He said, “How would you like to refinance your current mortgage? With the new Obama refinancing, we can possibly offer you refinancing that will lower your monthly payments. In addition, this does not require you to pay for an appraisal.”

I’d thought about doing that for a while, but having been through bankruptcy in October of 2012, which was finally discharged in October of 2014, my expectation wasn’t high.

But hey, why not see what he could do? I spent an hour on the phone with him, told him about the bankruptcy, gave him my current interest rate and principal/interest payment information and he hung up saying, “Let me check it out and I’ll get back to you. By the way, if this gets approved, you won’t owe a mortgage payment until March 1, 2015.” I was thrilled. Maybe I was getting good at this creation thing!

Boni – She actually is getting good at this creation thing. It doesn’t happen overnight, folks. We’ve all spent decades being conditioned to feel powerless. It takes dedication, practice and determination to learn a new way to “be” in the world and to respond to the signs that are happening all around us, all of the time.


Two hours later, he called back stating that he thought he could lower my principal and interest payments by $140 a month. He asked for several pieces of information, which I scanned and forwarded to him.

Much later that afternoon, he emailed me a package to check out and sign. There were 66 pages, many of which needed signatures and or initials. I read everything carefully. (My papa didn’t raise no fool!)

Then I saw the GFE (Good Faith Estimate), and was discouraged to see that included in the price of the loan was $3,015 for “loan initiation fees” to United Mortgage. I called the guy in Denver that put together my current mortgage in 2007 when I’d originally bought it. “What do you think?” I asked Kurt.

Kurt was quick to respond that with a refi, there should be ZERO loan initiation fees from the lender. He also stated that he didn’t believe there was any way I could refinance less than 4 years following a bankruptcy.  I felt like someone had pricked my balloon of optimism. Ah, I guess I really don’t have what it takes to create what I want in my life,” I thought to myself.

Boni – Here we are again…our fellow creator was faced with a choice: “Do I focus on the positive, or the negative?” And she went down the path well traveled.

People, you will never, ever get all positive signs in the beginning. Why? Because you’ve been riding that (emotional) roller coaster, that’s why. You’ve been feeling lack/abundance/lack/abundance for years now. It’s going to take some time to work “lack” out of your energy field.

And by the way, thoughts like, “I guess I really don’t have what it takes to create what I want in my life,” are actually not just thoughts—but beliefs. And you know what to do with those. (Hint: Change the belief.)


I called Mike O’Hara and told him how dismayed I was to see such a high loan initiation fee, and informed him I was no longer interested in pursuing a refinance.

He told me that while he respected the mortgage person I’d been talking with, he felt that Kurt was not familiar with the HARP program started by Obama. However, he didn’t press me to continue, just said he understood and would stop pursuit of the loan.

Again I was discouraged. Not only would I not be able to lower my principal and interest payments as I’d hoped, I would not have two months of no mortgage payments, which would have allowed me to catch up with my Christmas expenditures. Creating is harder than I thought.

Boni – Did anyone catch that belief? Beliefs show themselves everywhere—if you just pay attention.

And beyond that, it’s always best to respond to any sign with the same thought: “Hooray! A sign! This may turn out to be more than a sign, and it may not. And it doesn’t matter one iota if it does. I am creating abundance (or whatever it is you are creating)—this sign is proof. And now I’m going to add to that awesome energy of success by imagining myself totally abundant (or whatever).”

By the way, her story isn’t over yet…

Two days later, Mike from United Mortgage called me back. “Good news!” He said. “I’ve talked with my superiors and they’ve agreed to drop all the loan initiation fees. The $3,015 is gone if you want to pursue the loan.” My head was swimming—did I know how to create what I wanted or ???

Boni – Ah, I feel your confusion, Questioning. You do know how to create—it isn’t even something you learn—everyone is a perfect creator.

Your real question was, “Do I know how to consciously create?” And the answer is, “Yes, and I’m getting better at it every day.”

A little more…

Since nothing is final to until the last signature I said, “Yes.”

So after much back and forth in my optimism/pessimism, yes I can/no I can’t, here’s the question: How does one KNOW whether they are creating something they want or something they may regret?

Boni – Actually I have already answered this question in another post: The Universe Delivered—But How Do I KNOW It’s My Dream?

Back to the story…

And here’s my bottom line: It has occurred to me that I am a bit more cynical than others I know. It doesn’t really matter why that’s true, but just that it’s true. I don’t want to be a half empty glass person, nor do I want to be a Pollyanna who gets into trouble because she’s too trusting. Help, Boni! Where’s the yardstick I can hold up to see if I’m being realistic, cynical, or naïve?

Questioning My Abilities


Dear Questioning,

I understand your struggle with this completely. I remember years ago, participating in a discussion in law school when someone first called me a Pollyanna. I wasn’t sure if I was flattered or insulted.

One of the things that is tripping you up are your beliefs around trust:

•  If I’m too trusting I will be hurt.
•  I have to be vigilant to be sure I protect myself.
•  I must be cynical in order to be safe.

Once you learn to trust yourself and your ability to create, it doesn’t really matter what anyone does. Threats outside of you cease to exist.

At that point you know you will create wonderful realities and those who would take advantage are repelled from you and drawn to others.

And even if you mis-create, you will know you have everything you need to shift your beliefs, thoughts and feelings and turn anything around.

And one more thing, Questioning, there is no such thing as “realistic.” You are creating your reality—and whatever part of it you deem “real” will be real. Takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

I hope this has helped you and others to stop saying “no” to abundance and to begin to say “yes” to an easy, elegant, flowing and abundant life.

With love,

P.S. Questioning did go on to refinance her house and her cell phone works great—all the issues have been worked out. But the best news is she owns that she manifested it (and all the years of struggle as well) and is really “getting” that she is a powerful creator of her reality.

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12 comments to " Are You Saying “NO” to Abundance? "

  • Blessed

    Hi Boni!

    Reading this and integrating all the changes I’ve felt within the past week and a half, I feel like I just deeply and on an emotional level understood something.

    Yesterday, I missed my usual before bed steps (reading intentions, new beliefs, reviewing the day with my unseen friends as the closing step of the morning mastermind exercise etc.) because I was exhausted after a long week and a night out.

    When I fully woke up this morning, I immediately felt I’d lapsed into some old patterns and thoughts especially in the half asleep stages. I woke up and I was starting to slip into worry and self-judgment. Fortunately, all the self-love I’ve learned from here, from my unseen friends and through therapy has embedded itself into me enough that I caught myself.

    Moments like these, I remember the love of my higher self, especially through the downright magical communication of the incident when I discovered the rose quartz crystals. And I get in touch with them and that love, and it was an instant reminder that she loves me always, that I cannot ‘fail,’ that ‘I’ in terms of my feelings and thoughts are what matter in this process, not whether I’ve ticked off a to-do list.

    I asked her about my worry that I’m creating unpleasant realities in unconscious or half-conscious moments. And she replied that even if I do, I can return to conscious creation any time I catch myself and trust that wanted realities will flow from there (I also just realized while writing this out that I can ask her and my unseen friends for help in protecting me from sending out really negative energy.)

    And all that somehow made me realize that for us in our role as humans, what matters is the process. The realities are good indicators, yes, and to be enjoyed and celebrated thoroughly when they are what we want, but the real fun is the process. And it’s true, visualizing, staying in joy, staying in the moment, staying in touch with myself, and especially loving myself, to an extent that I never thought possible and with more to come, is so much fun! It’s slowly transforming my experience of being alive, and for the first time in my life I’m *enjoying* being me. I am so grateful that I created discovering your work and all the other elements that are helping create this state of being for me :)

    So much love!

  • Karen

    Relevant in 2016

  • Linda

    Thanks, Boni. Once again, you’ve been more helpful to me than you may know! Today I again manifested a real “win” which I will post on your Successes page.

  • Kelly

    What wonderful examples. I have created absolute abundance beyond my wildest dreams with my soulmate….now I’m focused on financial abundance, and for some reason I am not as successful, YET. I would love the reminders of the common pitfalls and the outline of what TO do. Thank you for all you do, Boni.

    • Boni

      Hi Kelley,

      Thank you. I’m happy you liked the post. And CONGRATS for creating abundant LOVE! That is absolutely wonderful. And if you can create abundance in one area you can create it in all areas.

      Happy creating!


  • Dee

    Having read this simplified method, everything seems to have “clicked'”. I have been creating a lack of abundance, a lack of progress in my personal, new business and social life because of negative thoughts. Therefore, if I have that power for negativity ( and it would seem that it took considerable power to create all that. Then I must have the same power to create abundance. . Thanks Boni. You have changed my way of thinking about it all now. Thanks so much.

    • Boni

      Hi Dee,

      I’m happy it helped you get clear. You are absolutely right, if you have that power for negativity you have even more power for positivity (positive energy is more powerful than negative by nature).

      Happy creating!


  • Doro

    Wow this is so good for me – I suddenly see more clearly what I did with my beliefs. Thank you thank you Boni your work is so precious to me.

    Love Doro

  • paula

    This article was very interesting and these same situations have created cynical and negative beliefs for me as well. The cell phone situation is always a struggle. I just renewed mine and they told me i was going over my data usage and i could increase it to 10 gig for 130.00 a month and that should be sufficient. Well…now i keep getting over usage fees added and im not using my phone any more than i preciously did but now my bill is 194.00 a month. They get you locked in a contract and there is nothing you can do. So I have formed the belief that everyone is out to get your money and it is such a struggle to deal with anyone these days. I want to go back to the old days when you could trust everyone because morals were stronger than greed back then. So I have a belief that you cant trust people anymore as well. I would like to know how changing these beliefs will repel people who are trying to take advantage of me. I think that having these beliefs is what repels them?

    Now Im confused!

    • Boni

      Hi Paula,

      You attract what you believe, and repel the opposite. So if you belief people take advantage of you, you’d attract people who would and repel the honest ones. And vise versa. Hope this helps!


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